The Best Series Finales In Television History

The Best Series Finales In Television History May 22, 2018

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    What are the best series finales in TV history?

    Whether it breaks our heart or fulfills our wildest fantasies, the finale of a TV series is what sticks with us long after the final credits roll. And the best series finales are those that in their own way manage to provide closure. Because audiences develop relationships with television characters. So whether we root for and against them, we care about them and the fate of their relationships. Feelings about series finales are often quite polarizing. But, hey, you can’t please ’em all. Here are the ultimate series finales that leave us feeling complete and satisfied.

    The Wire Series Finale

    wire series finale
    IMAGE BY: Warner Bros. Television

    The last season of “The Wire” is arguably its weakest. No one cares about journalism enough to make that journalist plot gripping. But the rest of the season wraps up all the stories beautifully, giving Omar and Snoop and Jimmy and Bubbles and everyone else left alive a poetic ending to their beautiful, tragic saga.