The Biggest Oscars Snubs and Surprises Of All Time

The Biggest Oscars Snubs and Surprises Of All Time March 1, 2019

oscars snubs

    The 2019 Academy Awards was a strange sort of ceremony in general. It had a host, and then it didn’t have a host. And then it wound up with a series of sort of hosts that kind of did a better job than a regular host would have done anyways. Also, nobody predicted any of the winners. Because the best picture was a complete toss-up. And yet it was full of surprises. These are the biggest Oscars snubs (and surprises) this year, and of all time.

    SURPRISE: Green Book (2019)

    oscars snubs
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    And, by default, Roma’s and BlacKkKlansman’s best picture snubs. In an awards season that seemed to have little idea which way it was actually headed, Green Book wasn’t really on the top of anyone’s list to take the big prize. Its problematic approach to race relations certainly didn’t help, either.