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21 Binge-Watching Hacks For Your Garbage Lifestyle

21 Binge-Watching Hacks For Your Garbage Lifestyle October 27, 2017

binge-watching hacks

    Binge-watching hacks sound about as useful as “overdose tips and tricks.” I mean there’s not really any kind of human intelligence that goes into any kind of “binge.” But hey, they happen to the best of us. One of the healthiest forms of binge is that of the binge-watch. We’ve all done it. It’s like 11:45AM on a Saturday and you’re contemplating who to text or if you even want to go out. So you remember that Netflix show you’ve heard everyone talking about and figure that you might be able to talk about it with someone you meet that night. Cut to 1:37 AM and you’re bawling because your favorite character died. You haven’t showered, you have over 20 unanswered texts, and you forgot you were supposed to be dog sitting. Well here are some binge-watching hacks and tips on how to binge responsibly and intelligently. Even if you’re not a huge binge-watcher, a lot of these Netflix tips are things that most people don’t know.

    Go Shopping Before You Start

    binge-watching hacks
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    You’re a sack of garbage as soon as you start binge-watching something. You’re not going to leave the house for two days, three if you’re unemployed. So grab some food before you start. You’re a human being, technically, so maybe get some fruit or something you can heat up during the end credits.