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The Most Hilarious Feats of Engineering That Have Ever Been Accomplished

The Most Hilarious Feats of Engineering That Have Ever Been Accomplished October 15, 2021Leave a comment

The world is starting to see more and more of these amateur engineers everyday who solve their own problems with creative ideas. In some cases, these feats are so perfect that you'd swear they were done by a professional. But in other cases, they're so bad that they might give you second hand embarrassment.

But whatever the case may be, you have to admit that these folks found their own way to come up with a solution and we can't fault them for that... even if some of them burned their entire home down in the process.

Lego Man Kept Two Red Audio RCA Connectors in Place


Red and white RCA connectors are often used to connect the audio of a game console or an old VCR to a flatscreen TV while the yellow RCA connector is used to connect the video feed. But in this photo, there is a Lego man keeping the two red RCA connectors in his hands. It’s not exactly the best option but it will definitely work until this home owner can buy himself a new RCA connector.

The Makeshift Flat-Screen TV

Reddit / lorddissapointment

Before flat-screen televisions became popular in the 2000s, some folks resorted to spending a lot of money on gigantic TV sets. Remember those days? "The bigger, the better" was all the rage when it came to TVs. They were so big that there was no need for a table or a stand. They were simply placed on the floor and were chest high in length. But they took up a lot of space in the living room, so this person made a hole in the wall and shoved their TV through it until only the screen was visible. 

The DIY Plastic Bag Pool

Reddit / [deleted]

Above ground pools are expensive, though not as expensive as creating an underground pool. But this person didn’t want to waste time on either one of these options. So instead, they created an above-ground pool of their own by using PVC pipes for the framework and an enormous plastic bag to hold the water in. And to ensure that the pool didn’t cave in when it got filled with water, they used wooden boards to support the pool’s pipe framework. I mean... we're scared for anyone willing to take a dip in this thing!

The Makeshift Screwdriver


There’s nothing worse than looking for a tool like a screwdriver or hammer but not finding it in the toolbox. But instead of heading home, knocking on someone’s door to borrow a screwdriver, or buying a new one at a hardware store, this person made one by inserting a piece of flat metal into a wooden block. Fortunately, he only needed the simple blade type for slotted screws and not a Phillips screwdriver for cross-recess screws.

How to Switch Between Cable and Apple TV

Reddit / r/techsupportmacgyver

It looks like someone in this household, most likely grandma or grandpa, wasn’t sure how to switch back and forth between cable and Apple TV. So, one of their family members covered all of the buttons on the remote control with blue tape, but left the two important buttons exposed. Then they drew a couple of arrows to show which one is the On/Off button and which one changed between cable and Apple TV. Call it what you want but this is nothing short of genius!

This Wheelbarrow Pool Heater

Twitter / Conaw

This person really wanted a heated pool, so they placed a wheelbarrow in the water and lit some kindling on fire. What happened next was that the metal from the wheelbarrow got really hot and eventually warmed up the water in the pool. That was a pretty ballsy move considering that they set the wheelbarrow up in an inflatable pool. Luckily, it was far enough from the edge that it didn’t melt the plastic material or the whole pool would have deflated.

The BBQ Pool Heater


When a person wants to use their pool in the winter, their immediate thought is no way because the water’s too cold. Then again, that’s why someone invented a pool heater. But this person didn’t have one of those and didn’t feel like investing in one. So, they had their pool pump pass over a makeshift BBQ pit to warm up the water before it gets shot back into the pool. The process then continued until all the water in the pool was warm and comfortable.

They Linked Bluetooth to a Wireless Mouse

Twitter / Alfie John

This Smartphone’s glass broke, which disabled the touchscreen features that allowed its owner to tap and use the apps. Now some people would have simply tossed their old phone in the trash and bought themselves a new one. But this person attached a micro-USB to their phone with a regular USB outlet on the other end. Then they attached the USB to the Bluetooth and used the Bluetooth to link to the wireless mouse. And much to their surprise, this gave them access to the phone apps.

Use the Amish to Move a Farm Shed


A farm shed is a lot bigger than a conventional backyard shed. It’s also pretty heavy too, which is why you’d need Superman’s strength to lift one with your bare hands. Now the Amish people in this photo weren’t superheroes but they were determined. So, using their combined strength, they were able to lift the entire farm shed and move it to the desired location. Now that’s what we call manpower.

Cable Managing With this Spoon Hack


Keeping your cables organized can be a total nightmare. Just ask anyone who has ever owned more than one computer. They SUCH a P-A-I-N! And the more cables you've got lying around on the floor, the higher the risk that someone will trip on them. Luckily, there are lots of ways to manage all those cables with items like zip ties. But this person didn’t have any of those, so he connected a plastic spoon under the desk and left enough space so he could insert the loose cable and it has held up very nicely. 

The Soda Bottle Showerhead

Reddit / [deleted]

Anyone who has ever lost a shower head knows that showering without one is like hosing yourself down with a hose in the yard. And that’s exactly what this person wanted to avoid, so when they lost their shower head, they replaced it with a soda bottle. It was really easy to do, too. All they did was poke a bunch of holes in the bottle and then they secured it to the wall hose. It might not have provided them with the best water pressure, but it was better than nothing.

He Turned a Pipe Wrench Into a Step Ladder

Reddit / donttakeanyofmycommentsseriously

This truck owner needed a step ladder to climb aboard and dismount from the back of his truck safely. Unfortunately, he no longer had a step, so he created one by welding a pipe wrench onto his vehicle. It might not be the most aesthetically pleasing hack but at least it worked. And so what if some drivers honk at him and make fun of him when they notice his makeshift step ladder?

This Alarm Clock’s a Real Shocker


Not everyone’s a morning person, which explains why some folks have a hard time waking up even when their alarm is wailing on their night table. This person’s one of those people, so rather than risk being late for work or school again, they attached a series of wires from the alarm clock to their arm. That way, when the alarm goes off, it will send over a mild electric shock that will really wake them up.

The Makeshift Remote Control Holder


When the TV remote goes missing, TV addicts panic and start turning every sofa cushion until they find it. But this person found a simple way to ensure that their remote control never vanishes again. All they had to do was grab a piece of lumber and create a pocket using transparent plastic. Now their remote control sits comfortably in the plastic pocket and is impossible to miss thanks to the large wooden lumber.

He Kept His Controller from Drifting

Reddit / chieftimur

One of the worst experiences a gamer can have is when a controller drifts. In other words, their on-screen character will continue to move even if the player isn’t touching their joystick. This can happen when a controller is old or gets damaged after it’s dropped on the floor. Other times it’s the result of a glitch. But instead of buying a new controller, this person used a series of rubber bands to keep the joysticks on the controller from moving.

MacGyvering Some Hanger Lights

Twitter / Make_It_Right

MacGyvering is the process of making or repairing an object in an improvised and inventive way, making use of whatever items are available. And that’s exactly what this homeowner did when they needed some extra lighting in a room in the house. So, they grabbed a wooden hanger with a hook, connected the ceiling wires to two lightbulbs and came up with this impromptu chandelier. And although it was only supposed to be a temporary solution, they loved it so much that they kept it.

Replacing a Missing Ceiling Tile With a UPS Envelope

Reddit / r/Osha

A UPS envelope hardly sounds like an adequate replacement for a missing ceiling tile, but when you have no other options, you have to work with what you have. Just ask this person who was told by building inspectors that he needed a tile right away. So, they got crafty, cut the necessary slits on the envelope for the cables to fit through and then placed it on the ceiling. The end result was so good that the inspector was none the wiser.

Dog Can No Longer Escape Through the Fence

Reddit / [deleted]

This dog’s owners didn’t have the money to set up an invisible fence in their yard, but they didn’t have an issue with the dog playing outside either. They just worried that he might get lost or hit by a car whenever he squeezed his way through the fence’s bars. Then they got creative and slid a spoon, like the one a cook uses in the kitchen, onto the pooch’s harness. So now when the dog tries to slide through the fence, it can’t because the spoon keeps him from getting out.

They Used a Wii to Weigh Themselves


This guy’s parents are geniuses when it comes to improvising. They didn’t own a scale to weigh things like their gas canister, but that wasn’t a problem because they had a Wii game console. So, they popped in the Wii Fit game and placed their gas canister on the Wii balance board to get the precise weight. Who knew that game consoles could be such a handy tool beyond entertainment? 

Storage Shed is Wrenched

Facebook / finestxlocksmith

In a perfect world, this person would have used a chain to loop through the latches and then secure the chain with a lock so no one could get into their storage shed. But they didn’t have a chain on hand, so they improvised by drilling a hole through a wrench and then sticking the wrench between the latches on the doors. And to ensure that no one could slip the wrench out, they stuck a lock in the hole on the wrench.

The Broken Wine Glass Solution

Reddit / [deleted]

Generally, people tend to throw broken wine glasses away because there's a crack and they can no longer hold liquids in. Sometimes the rim might be chipped and no one wants to risk cutting their lips on that. But this wine glass broke at the base, so the person tied the broken pieces with straws and rubber bands. Unfortunately, they didn't do such a great job as the glass is leaning to the side and would probably lean or fall off entirely if the person pours wine into the cup.

The Apple PVC Connector

Facebook / Leroy Merlin Tours Sud

PVC connectors, also known as fittings, are used to connect pipes together. There are 12 types of fittings available on the market, but there is also an unconventional 13 that can do the job just fine in a crunch. It's an apple! This person actually used this delicious fruit to act as a makeshift four-way PVC connector. They even used rope to ensure that the apple and the pipes would remain in place until a more permanent solution could be found.

The All-in-One PC Hack


All-in-one PCs are desktop computers that contain all of the components of a traditional desktop PC incorporated into the monitor. So, there's no actual stand on the side of the desk or the floor. But what this person did was install a laptop's motherboard to the back of the computer monitor to essentially create a DIY all-in-one computer. The only things that are separate are they keyboard and mouse. Everything else is a single unit.

The Carboard Airplane Window


It doesn't take an engineer or a genius to figure out that a piece of cardboard on a window isn't going to keep an airplane from depressurizing at high altitudes. In fact, the cardboard will probably get sucked out along with all the oxygen in the cabin. But that didn't stop someone from trying to cover up the window with cardboard for some unknown purpose. And it's amazing that the passenger closest to the cardboard window is so relaxed given that this DIY quick fix could possibly be deadly.

DIY Extra Step

Pinterest / deleted

Like wooden ladders, the metal ones have repeated bars or steps held between two upright lengths of metal, wood or rope and are used for climbing up or down. But this metal ladder was missing a step, so the owner added one using two pieces of lumber and some zip ties to keep them from coming loose. This also served to stabilize the ladder and keep it from wobbling while the person climbed up and down.

Brake Lights On/Off Switch


Brake lights usually turn on and off automatically when the driver hits their brakes or takes their foot off the brake pedal. But this person's brake lights were no longer connected to their brake pedals, so the driver behind them couldn't see when they hit their brake until it was too late. To reduce the risk of getting rear-ended, the driver built a manual on / off switch similar a light switch in homes that they could manually turn on and off. Unfortunately, it was a hassle remembering to turn the brake lights on whenever they hit their brake.

The Hands-Free Soap Dispenser

Reddit / r/shutupwesley

The last thing people wanted to do during the pandemic is touch a soap or alcohol gel dispenser when they came into a store. So, store owners got crafty and created these types of dispensers using pipes. To dispense the soap or alcohol gel, all patrons had to do was step on the pipe and it would dispense the sanitizer solution into their hands. Hopefully, all stores will consider applying something like this.

The Sink-Shaped Bathroom Wall


Sure! This person could have installed the sink in front of the wall, but what would be the fun in that? So, instead, they carved a sink-shaped hole into the wall and attached the sink there. At first glance, it looks like a bidet or a urinal, but it serves its purpose which is to allow people to wash their hands in it. Also, think of all the extra bathroom space this person has because of this DIY sink design.

Tortilla Paint Palette


Tortillas are used for a lot of Mexican dishes. They can be used to scoop up stewed or sauced fillings. They can also be used for tacos or burritos by folding them around the meat, beans and cheese fillings. But it can also be an artist's ultimate instrument, especially if they have no clean palettes. All they have to do is add a blotch of all of the paints they're going to use onto the tortilla and that's it. Problem solved.

The Makeshift AC Knob


When this person's car air conditioning knob fell off, they were utterly enraged because they couldn't put it back on. And after doing some research, they learned that finding a replacement wasn't going to be easy or affordable. So, they stuck a spout knob in the place of the old knob so that they could turn on their air conditioner. And at least they had the other knob to regulate the temperature between hot and cold.

Washable Dusting Pads


Swiffer Dusters are great because they allow users to easily attach a series of disposable dusting pads to the duster and clean floors easily. Unfortunately, there are only so many of those disposable dusting pads that come in a package. They're expensive and they run out eventually. So, this person came up with an easy solution. Instead of buying more pads, they crocheted a pad out of yarn that easily attached, was very absorbent and could also be washed and reused.

DIY Pillar Support Wrap

Instagram / writersposts

This pillar was damaged, possibly by a car that didn't hit their brakes on time. Whatever the case was, the pillar looked like it was about to collapse at any moment. So, the store owner had someone wrap the pillar with plastic to keep it in place. But this is obviously a temporary solution and a very dangerous one, too. Luckily there are other brick pillars around to keep the roof from collapsing on the unsuspecting customers.

The Wrench to Deter Tailgaters

Facebook / krockjosh

Tailgaters are a serious problem because they're always driving behind another vehicle and not leaving enough distance between the vehicles to stop without causing a crash if the car in front stops suddenly. So to deter tailgaters, this person welded a pipe wrench onto the back bumper of their truck so that if anyone tried tailgating them, they'd back off. Luckily, only they know that the wrench is welded, but the unsuspecting driver will change lanes or slow down because they'll be afraid of the wrench flying off and hitting their windshield.

Fixing Cracked Mortar

Facebook / trust.civil

The thing about mortar is that it's nothing more than a paste that hardens to bind building blocks like these bricks. They can be used to seal the irregular gas between them. But mortar doesn't last a lifetime, which is pretty evident from this image. So this person added some more mortar and then added tape to keep the bricks from collapsing until the paste hardened.

They Paid $20 to Move a Mobile Home


Don't let the word mobile in mobile home fool you. They might be easier to move than a conventional house, but they cost about $3,000 if you hire a professional home moving services. But this person was neither willing nor able to fork over that much money, so they rented a U-Haul truck for $20, attached the mobile home to it, and towed it to their desired location. Unfortunately, they might have made their neighbor a little jealous for coming up with such a cost-effective solution.

Turning AAA Batteries Into AA Batteries

Reddit / cZyOlk2Hs09

This may be one of the most useful hacks around. As anyone knows, AAA batteries are smaller than AA batteries. But this parent didn't have any AA batteries for their children's toy and obviously had no time to go to the store and buy some new ones. So, they cut some aluminum foil, folded it, and placed it between the AAA batteries and the conductor to power the toy.

The Makeshift Washing Machine Button Holder


This Kenmore washing machine's start button has seen better days. Unfortunately for the owner, the button isn't working all that great either. So whenever they pressed the start button, it wouldn't stick and the machine would stop. So they used this clamp to push the start button in and keep it from disconnecting. And since the clamp was adjustable, all they had to do was apply the right amount of pressure so that it wouldn't fall off until the wash cycle ended.

Rubber Chicken Parking Sensor

Imgur / DilligafDiva

Parking sensors are proximity sensors for cars and are designed to alert a driver if they're too close to an object like another car, a parking meter or a tree using ultrasonic or electromagnetic sensors. But this person didn't need any fancy gadgets. They simply taped a rubber chicken to their bumper, which screeches when it gets squeezed. It may not be as sophisticated as a conventional parking sensor, but it will do the job.

DIY Document Camera


Teaching and learning online became more popular than ever during the pandemic. But the issue with built-in cameras is that it's difficult to show the teacher your work as you're trying to do it like solving a math equation. So what this student did was use a CD, a pencil and some tape to redirect the camera's view downward so they could show their teacher how they were solving the math problem.

The Multi-Mini-Fan Solution

Reddit / --Kai--

Working on a computer all day or being a gamer can be tough especially in the summer when the temperatures rise to an all time high. But this person found a way to beat the scorching heat by linking a bunch of mini-fans together. At first glance, they look like speakers, but they're actually designed to cool things down. And while it's not a substitute for an air conditioner, it's still pretty cool... literally.

Makeshift Air Conditioning Vents


A small air conditioning unit like the one mounted on that wall can only cool down a single room. And calling someone to install a central air conditioning system costs a lot of money. So, this person grabbed a long plastic bag and taped it to the small air conditioning unit. This created a tube of cool air that traveled all the way to another room. Admittedly, it's not a permanent solution, but it will do until they can afford another air conditioning unit.

The DIY Fork Stand

Reddit / u/bsw000

For centuries, humans have used forks to poke and cut soft foods. Not only are they generally used for shoveling food into one’s mouth, but also for splitting food into smaller pieces. As it turns out, they can also be used to create a DIY fork stand. All you have to do is bend the two tines in the middle upright and voila! You can keep your smartphone or tablet angled while you catch up on your favorite Netflix show.

This Makeshift Concrete Staircase

Reddit / NikNakSukMaCak

Looks like someone needed a staircase in a hurry so they built a series of concrete steps. However, it’s actually quite thin and there’s nothing supporting it below, not even a couple of concrete blocks. So walking up and down these steps is like playing Russian roulette. You just never know when this staircase is going to collapse underneath someone’s feet and cause everything and everyone to come tumbling down.

Use a Shovel to Redirect the Air Vent


Air vents often come with metal flaps that allow a person to redirect the air flow, but this building’s air vent in this section was damaged. And while hiring an HVAC technician to come take a look would have been practical, it would have also been quite expensive. So instead, they stuck a curved shovel into the vent to redirect the airflow to the desired area and saved a lot of money in the process.

The DIY TV Port Holder


There was something wrong with the port on the back of this TV where people generally hook up their HDMI cable and audio visual cables. But the owner didn’t feel like taking the TV to a repair shop, so he used a fork and a pair of scissors to hold the port in place. And the best part of this hack job is that the arrangement is in the back, so none of the family members or house guests will have to see what was done unless they look at the back of the TV.

The DIY Space Heater

Reddit / GrunkleCoffee

Minnesota winters are no joke. Once that temperature drops, it can get very chilly, especially in an apartment with no heater. Well, this apartment did have a heater but the landlord turned it off. So, this tenant got creative and turned on the stove. Then they placed a large fan next to the stove so that it would disperse the heat throughout the apartment. And best of all, the tenant doesn’t have to worry about wasting electricity because they’re not the one paying for their monthly electric expenses.

LEGO Block Phone Stand

Reddit / r/techsupportmacgyver

LEGO blocks are a great way to encourage kids to create structures, shapes, and fine tune their motor skills. But they’re not just for kids which this person proved when they built a phone stand out of LEGO blocks. And they used it over their computer monitor to act as some sort of makeshift webcam so they could conference call their place of work, their family members, and their fellow gamers.

The Day Clock

Reddit / Buffer_boy

One of the first clock watches was invented by a clockmaker from Nuremberg named Peter Henlein in the 15th century. In order to keep it running, the person needed to wind the clock every now and then to keep the tension on the mainspring.  Then in the 17th century, a Dutch polymath named Christiaan Huygens designed the pendulum clock. Both of these inventions were used to tell the time, but no one ever thought about creating a day clock to figure out which day it was like this super useless device.

TV Stand of Crushed Cans

Twitter / UmarKhanPBN

Don’t throw those used cans of soda or beer away. Recycle them by turning them into a makeshift TV stand like this person did. All you have to do is place them on their side and crush them in the center with your TV and it will hold your display in place. It might not look very chic but it will certainly saved you $1 or $2 dollars. Who are we kidding? What an eyesore!