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Hilarious Parking Fails That Will Drive You Nuts

Hilarious Parking Fails That Will Drive You Nuts September 16, 2020Leave a comment

It’s no secret that the streets and highways are full of bad drivers, but there is also an equal amount of people who can’t park to save their lives. When someone parks badly it can wreck other people's day, too.

You’ll see what we mean when you check out these parking fail photos. By the time you’re done reading you’ll be asking yourself why anyone gave these people licenses in the first place!

This Car Got Too Close to Nature


This driver did a banging job at parking too close to Mother Nature and then they started sinking into the Earth. It’s like the environment is slowly trying to eat this vehicle alive in revenge for all the fumes it released into the atmosphere.

They Drove Over the Curb

Instagram / @heckrazorsvt

This driver didn’t know when to stop and drove over the curb of this storage garage. We’re honestly surprised that they didn’t damage their wheel axle. But if they continue to park like this, their mechanic is going to get rich trying to fix the framework damage on this car.

Dividing Curbs Are for Pedestrians Only

Instagram / @jfashionlove

This driver made two big mistakes. The first one was to drive into this dividing curb that was clearly intended for pedestrians only. The second mistake was not moving their car out of there before this cop ticketed them.

This Driver Had No Boundaries

Instagram / @jchen_tv

Not everyone has a driveway, so sometimes, visitors are forced to drive their car into someone’s front yard. But this driver didn't have a care in the world and drove so close to the house that the car practically kissed the wall.

Make a Wish Parking Fail

Instagram / @2plus1_podcast

You know the old tradition. You toss a coin into a fountain, make a wish and it’ll come true. Well, this driver must have wished for a car wash because the next thing he knew, he was driving right into a fountain.

They Parked On a Roof

Instagram / @ezautosolutions

Whoever drove this car into someone’s roof must have been a fan of the classic “Knight Rider” series. In the show, the car K.I.T.T. had a feature called Turbo Boost that allowed it to jump over tall things. But this driver clearly missed his mark.

They Cemented Themselves

Instagram / @ezautosolutions

Maybe this driver thought their car was so cool that it deserved to leave its mark in the world the way Hollywood stars leave their handprints on cement in the walk of fame. Then again, they might have just driven over a freshly cemented road, which makes this more like the parking of shame.

Driving Over the Edge

Instagram / @blitzgt3

This driver was edging closer to the curb of this gas station parking lot, but he obviously couldn’t tell how much room he had left and went over the edge. It’s probably a good thing it happened at this station because there are probably a few technicians there that can help pull the car out of this jam.

Parking in the Ocean

Instagram / @birgitta2019

For some weird reason, this driver decided to drive his truck off the sandy shores and into 20 feet of water. Maybe he had a few too many but one thing’s for sure, this truck now has a serious case of hydrostatic lock, which means it’ll probably never drive again.

Parked Between Two Boats

Reddit / thatlookedexpensive

Silly driver! Didn’t anyone tell you? Docks are for yachts, not trucks! We feel bad for the people that own these boats. They were probably banking on sailing today, but this truck driver did an awesome job at ruining their day (and their boats)!

This Driver’s a Total Rebel

Instagram / @anothered

Most people know that you’re supposed to park inside the lines. But this driver is a total rebel and decided to laugh in the face of traffic rules and parked in front of not one but two parking spaces. Seriously, what's wrong with people?

Menace to Trees Everywhere


Finding a decent parking spot isn’t always easy, but there was no need for this driver to ram his car into this recently planted baby tree on the sidewalk. Some drivers simply have no compassion for their surroundings.

Parked on a Rock

Reddit / 4×4

4x4 monster trucks are designed to handle just about anything, including driving across flooded areas. But this guy must have gotten a little too distracted and wound up parking one of the wheels of his truck right into that huge rock.

They Knocked Over a Metal Pole

Instagram / @rockmatters

You have to hand it to them for managing to knock over a metal pole with their car. Maybe it was on purpose. They probably saw that handicapped parking sign and thought, “If I knock the sign down then I won’t get ticketed for parking in a handicapped spot without a permit.”

This Driver Took the Stairs

Instagram / @stanleyrobertstv

Most drivers take the stairs up or down after they get out of their vehicle. But this driver thought that they would save some time by simply driving their car down the stairs. Judging from the look of it, it didn’t go so well.

They Parked on a Fire Lane Curb

Instagram / @ryanlavigne5

We’re not sure if this driver reversed his car or drove forward but they’re dangling on the curb of a fire lane. And if their parking fail wasn’t enough of a violation, they also parked in a red zone where parking isn’t allowed.

They Drove Over a Large Rock

Instagram / @sibukop

There’s only one thing that could have led this driver to drive over a rock—distraction. There are so many other places this driver could have chosen to park in but she had to choose this one. Whoever she’s explaining the situation to over the phone must be laughing their butt off.

They Didn’t Hit Their Brakes in Time

Instagram / @swordsmith75

The bigger the car, the harder it is to gage where to stop. This SUV driver obviously missed the mark and went overboard. Either that, or they accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.

They Drove Into a Brick Wall

Instagram / @tomwoff84

This driver set a collision course for a brick wall and didn’t stop until they hit their mark... literally! Either their brakes failed completely or they are one of the worst drivers on the road. We're gonna go with the latter.

They Parked On This Hillside

Reddit / singapore

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side. Maybe that’s what this driver was thinking about when they drove their vehicle into this grassy hillside and left it parked there. Why couldn’t they just park in between two lines like everyone else?

Underground Parking Fail

Instagram / @parkbetterstupid6

Even underground parking lots aren’t immune to bad parking. This person could have driven up a foot more, but instead they decided to just let the rear of their car hang over someone else’s parking spot.

Sticking Out Like a Sore Thumb

Instagram / @parkbetterstupid

Parallel parking sucks! We all know it. But if you can’t do it, don’t try bending the rules by leaving the backside of your car sticking out. Not only is it dangerous for other drivers, but you’re leaving your car exposed to a potential accident.

Not Quite There Yet

Instagram / @parkbetterstupid

Here’s another example of lazy parking. This driver was halfway into their parking spot when they decided enough was enough and just left their vehicle there. But given that the tail end of the car is sticking out, we wouldn’t be surprised if another driver accidentally struck the vehicle.

It Was Right in Front of Them

Instagram / @j_thomas1978

There was an open parking space right in front of them. Was it really that hard for them to drive just a little bit further? This is completely reckless and could possibly cause problems for other drivers trying to get through this parking lot. Some people just want to watch the world burn, I guess!

The Upside Down Car Garden

Reddit / diyhy

One person’s parking fail is another person’s garden project. Someone obviously did a horrible job at parking because their car is upside down. Then for some odd reason, they decided to turn the underside of the car into a garden. All I gotta say is, why not?

It Took a Whole Crew to Get Him Out of This Tight Spot


When this FedEx truck driver parked to drop off a package, he had no idea that his truck would sink into the ground causing it to roll into a house's garage. In just a minute enough damage was caused to warrant bringing an entire fire department crew out to fix this wreck.

What Do You Mean There Are No Parking Spots Left?


Sometimes you have to get creative when you're looking for a parking spot. Most people would choose to park on a nearby grassy lawn or double park, leaving another car unable to move. But this person cleverly decided to ruin their car with this parking attempt.

Neither a Compact Car Nor an Alternative Fuel Vehicle


It's rude to not follow the advice of signs in a parking garage, but it might not be illegal. Technically, a car can only be ticketed for parking in a compact car spot if it doesn't fit between the drawn lines. So, there's nothing anyone can do to stop this truck driver.

Take a Selfie With the Damage


Getting in a car crash like this is usually a once in a lifetime experience for most people, so it's not odd to want to remember it for years to come. And what better way to pass on this memory than by taking a selfie with the damage? His friends are never gonna believe this.

Even Pilots Have Trouble Parking


The passengers of this flight are lucky that the pilot was able to land in the position that they did. Even if the plane landed a few feet closer to the water, it might have been more difficult for passengers to depart the plane, but as it landed here, passengers can leave by the evacuation slide onto the rocks.

A Vertical Park Job


Sink holes are no joke, and they're also impossible to predict! This truck unfortunately got stuck in one, but luckily the driver was still able to exit his vehicle without having to escape that cavernous hole first.

Apology Not Accepted


This bus somehow managed to crash into a storefront, but at least they had the wherewith-all to say that they're sorry. Maybe this is what the future of autonomous vehicles will look like. We'll still have car crashes, but they'll be a little more polite.

Don't Back Up Any Further!


It's hard to imagine how any car could get into this situation without some seriously bad driving or an act of nature interfering. But one thing is for sure, that car will seriously need a trip to an auto repair shop after it gets down from there.

Always Check Your Rearview Mirror


One of the dangers of having a super sleek sports car is that other drivers might not see you while you're on the road. For example, this SUV driver had no idea that they were backing up onto another vehicle. That is, until their rear tires stopped touching the road.

Head First


This truck sadly ended up in a muddy basin after a horrible fall, but luckily the driver was alright. And if that crash wasn't bad enough, he then had to figure out how he was going to get out of that hole! Help soon arrived, but they had to take a picture of the incident first.

Try Putting it in Reverse


When you live in tight quarters with your neighbors, you might have to make a bit of a squeeze to fit into your parking spot, like this driver who drove a little further than he was supposed to and ended up crashing head first into his own house.

Helicopter Blades Got Stuck On the Landing


Landing and taking off in a helicopter are very difficult because you have to account for the wingspan of the rotors above you while you're flying. These blades move at incredibly high speeds, so they can cause a lot of damage to both people and apparently, buildings.

He Can't Believe His Luck


Even though this guy is obviously all dressed up with somewhere to go, he ended up in a pretty serious crash that left his front wheel horribly damaged. That's not a great way to start a night out on the town.

Parking Garage Fail


Even when you're in an enclosed parking garage, you're not immune to extreme parking fails. This person really tested the limits of the building's infrastructure with this parking job and if they backed up any further, they might find out what it's like to fly.

Unknowingly Choosing the Worst Parking Spot


This driver obviously didn't know that their parking spot was going to turn into a swampy pool while they were in the store, but I bet the person who parked next to them feels awfully lucky. If something like this happens to you, you're allowed to take the rest of the day off.

Those Balls Are Made to Stop Traffic Accidents


Those concrete balls are often put in locations with heavy foot traffic to prevent cars from driving onto sidewalks and causing major pedestrian accidents. But somehow this car took them as a challenge and tried to drive right over one.

Which Way is He Headed?


Sometimes cars flip onto their sides, but it's pretty unlikely to see a car completely flip onto its trunk and stay there. This car is probably doomed to the junk yard now, but at least it got to test the limits of gravity while it was still on the road.

That Spot Isn't Meant For You


This hooded area in a Tesco grocery store parking lot is made to store shopping carts, not shield just one car from the rain. This driver obviously didn't know that, but maybe they'll figure it out when people start piling up shopping carts around them.

I'm Gonna Be Late For Work


Telling your boss that your morning train flipped over is a great excuse for being late to work. Just don't say it too many times, or they'll probably get wise to your lies.

He Took the Ground Down with Him


Sinkholes are formed when underground water washes away soft rock like limestone and salt beds. In the United States, most sinkholes tend to occur in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri and Kentucky.

He Took the Guard Rail Along With Him


This crash happened on the passenger side of the vehicle, which the diver was probably pretty thankful for. They must have been driving pretty fast to cause the guard rail to split up and break like that. It managed to obstruct an entire lane of traffic.

Now We Have to File the Report


This police car, containing two officers, managed to break through a gate and fall into a park below. Luckily both officers were unharmed, but now they have to file all of the paperwork about the incident themselves.