Man Dating Woman With Body Of 8-Year-Old Gets Outed

Man Dating Woman With Body Of 8-Year-Old Gets Outed May 22, 2023Leave a comment

Woman Of His Dreams

For three years, Daniel Jacobs had been searching for the perfect girl. A blind date with Shayna proved to be his lucky catch.

There were, however, some who disagreed. As soon as Daniel met Shayna, his life seemed to only worsen. They whispered and gossiped about him. He'd had enough.



It wasn't at all hard for Daniel to find a date. As far as his friends were concerned, he was a total ladies' man. His friends became understandably concerned when Daniel announced he was taking a break from dating. This was so extremely of character for Daniel.

There was nothing wrong with him; he just needed a little time alone with his thoughts. Additionally, he had been dating someone off and on for four years and desperately needed some time to himself. Suddenly, everything changed for him.

Love Is Blind


His brown curly hair and dark blue eyes deemed him a highly desirable man to swing. Friends immediately acted upon hearing about his apparent hiatus.

An attractive woman had been set up for a blind date. Daniel was initially skeptical about the plan. The fact that they had gone behind his back to set him up was unbelievable to him. Clearly, he wasn't thrilled.

Broken Hearts


Having just ended a bad relationship, he was determined to stay single as long as he could. A change of pace was all he needed.

He would have been well on his way to achieving this if his friends hadn't done all this setup. Because, after all, it was no fault of his date, he decided to go on the date.



In addition to getting a haircut, he also shaved his beard. First impressions mattered to him. Regardless of whether things worked out, he would at least try to have fun.

A mysterious date awaited him at the restaurant. An overwhelming sense of nervousness overtook him.

Hearts In His Eyes


The first moment he saw Shayna, Daniel was captivated. Having long flowing hair and a bright smile, she was breathtakingly beautiful. Astonished at his good fortune, he couldn't believe it. The moment he saw her, he fell in love.

In no time, they were talking effortlessly as Shayna greeted him warmly. She charmed Daniel with her wit and charisma. They were like old friends, and he couldn't help but feel drawn to her.

Mutual Hobbies


In the course of their conversation, Daniel realized he and Shayna shared a great deal of common ground. It was their shared passion to hike, travel, and try new foods. Their company was greatly enjoyed, and they laughed at the same jokes.

There was no way Daniel could have imagined being so comfortable and sharing his interests with someone.

Straight Shooter


Since the very beginning, Shayna has been honest about her appearance. After explaining everything to Daniel, she could see that he was still interested despite the possible implications.

Despite her challenges, she was very happy to know that he was still more than willing to spend time with her.

Being The Bigger Person


His heart swelled with joy when he met Shayna, and he was eager to see her again. It was impossible for Daniel to ignore the whispers and gossip he heard around him, regardless of how happy he was. 

While he and Shayna were out together, he noticed people staring at them. Their relationship was even ridiculed by some. As Daniel watched Shayna becoming increasingly uncomfortable, he couldn't comprehend what people were doing to her.

Emotional Damage


There was no way of imagining how she felt, and Daniel was hurt and frustrated. People were being judgmental towards him, and he didn't know why. The special nature of Shayna was obvious to him. 

But societal expectations continued to pressure him. A lot was on his mind. Is dating Shayna the right thing to do? The answer would only come with time.

Ignoring The Judgement


As he focused on building a relationship with Shayna, Daniel tried to ignore the judgments. As time passed, their bond grew stronger as they kept going on dates..

It made Shayna happy to spend more time with him despite people's cruelty toward them. Nevertheless, they decided to move on from it. It was nothing new for her.

Someone Special


Shayna had always been hurt by people's comments. The unwavering support and acceptance Daniel showed her made her feel appreciated. 

Despite all the gossip, he stood up for her despite social norms. After a while, she started to feel like she had found someone who was truly unique and special to her.

They Shared Everything 


Over time, Daniel and Shayna began to fall in love with one another. Together, they shared their hopes, fears, and dreams. The two of them developed a beautiful connection that transcended appearances.

Shayna was the most important person in Daniel's life. As time passed, she became his confidante, his best friend, and his rock. His relationship with her was one he was determined to make work, regardless of the obstacles.

Happy For Him


His friends admired his relationship. It hadn't occurred to them that he would fall for a woman like Shayna.

There was no doubt in their minds that he was in love with her. They gave their approval, of course. Daniel had never been happier. It wasn't long before trouble reappeared.



Whenever negative comments were made about their relationship, they defended it. Since they knew Daniel and Shayna were happy together, they supported his decision wholeheartedly.

While Daniel and Shayna endured harsh criticism at times, they stuck through it. They wouldn't let people ruin their happiness.

Building A Life Together


Shayna and Daniel began planning their future together. During their conversations, they discussed traveling the world, starting a family, and building a home together. In anticipation of the adventures that lay ahead, they were eager to start a new life together.

Daniel was thrilled to have found someone who had brought him so much happiness. Nevertheless, he was also experiencing so much hate that he felt he wanted to move to a remote part of the world. He wanted to escape.

His Forever


Despite knowing Shayna was his forever, he also had his doubts about making her his forever.

Almost all the hate was directed at him, and he was surprised at how narrow-minded people could be. Could Shayna really justify all the hatred he received? Was she worth it?

Meeting Her Family


Eventually, Shayna invited Daniel over to meet her family. His nerves were high but he was eager to meet the people who had raised the woman he loved. His discomfort couldn't be denied, however.

As he looked back, he could see the looks he always received when he was with her. However, he was unaware of the consequences.

Her Home


A warm and loving welcome greeted him at Shayna's home. He finally saw where Shayna's kind-hearted nature came from.

His mind, however, still lingered with doubts. He knew what he was doing wrong dating a girl like Shayna. Even though she deserved love, he would be the one to suffer for it. 

A Girl Like Her


It was impossible for him not to wonder if he was doing the right thing. As much as he loved her, he knew that their lives would be filled with challenges.

His mind was filled with doubt and he wished he could have shaken it. However, if he got caught, he would be in deep trouble, since he knew exactly what he was doing with a girl like this.

He Tried


Daniel tried to ignore the stares everyone gave him, but he could never get over them. His context was different from most people's.

He received vile looks like no one had ever given him before. Even though he wasn't used to it, he ignored them. He didn't realize that when he was caught, it wouldn't be the best idea.

Having A Chat


He decided to chat with Shayna. It was extremely important to him that she was aware of what was happening. The last thing he wanted was for anyone to think he was exploiting her.

“Our relationship is a unique one; you know that, right, honey?” With one knee bent, he looked her in the eye.

She Wanted Him


As Shayna nodded, she told him that it didn't matter. Daniel was the only person she wanted to be with over anyone else. While he appreciated the honesty, it didn't diminish its sketchiness.

She would be completely fine if the police were ever called. It would not be so simple for Daniel; he would receive more than a warning.

There Were Risks


Daniel's punishment would be much more severe than anything he'd ever been caught for. In dating a girl like Shayna, he was fully aware of the risks involved.

However, he truly loved her. Why wasn't that enough in the eyes of society and the law? When the cops knocked on his door one day, he soon realized the risks he was taking.

She Was Amazing


Is it possible that people would ever get used to the fact that they were different from other couples? Daniel glanced at his girlfriend. Who could have disparaged him for being with her?

As he stared at her, he almost got lost in the complexity of her eyes. He couldn't help but wonder why things were so complicated. She was amazing to him, but was she to everyone else?

He Didn’t Want To Think About It


His eyes were captivated by her beauty, but others viewed them as circus freaks. He knew exactly why the looks were usually directed at him. 

The only thing he was glad about was that no one had called the police yet. He didn’t want to think about what would happen if someone did. For now, the gossip and stares could be tolerated. However, he had no idea what one woman would do.

Not Letting Them Win


Their relationship remained strong despite the challenges they faced. They knew that if they faltered even a tiny bit, the public opinion would win, and they couldn't let that happen.

They’d let all of the ridicule get to them eventually. Daniel, however, would not allow that to happen.

Screaming And Kicking


Their love for one another helped them rise above the negativity. Daniel knew that the inevitable would eventually happen. 

His only goal was to get away with what he was doing as long as possible. The only way he could get away from Shayna would be by kicking and screaming. Nevertheless, that's what would happen.

Good Intentions 


Daniel only ever had good intentions with Shayna. It was clear to him that what he was doing had implications. Society was definitely against it, but her family was okay with it. 

He had no idea that the situation would lead to an explosive confrontation. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be the last time. As a result, Daniel would find himself in handcuffs.

Good For A While


Together, they went on dates, traveled, and made memories. It didn't matter what other people thought about them. For a while, everything was good when there weren't any other people involved.

The harsh judgments of society had been absent for some time. However, they knew sooner or later someone would have something to say.

The Near Future


They were about to see the end of their days of peace. There was no way Daniel would be prepared for what he would face one day in the near future.

Daniel soon faced a serious confrontation. It was inevitable that it would happen sooner or later. It came as no surprise that society was insensitive to what he was doing. He couldn't blame them.



A man and woman hurled insults at Daniel and Shayna as they left a grocery store one day. Shayna became upset after they taunted them all the way to the car. 

Daniel was being called the worst names imaginable. As far as he was concerned, they weren't true anyway. The problem was that they bothered his girlfriend. Shayna always hated that people judged him because of what she looked like.

The Question 


His only option was to ignore them and get out of there before someone called the police. But then the woman asked, “Is that your dad? ” 

Daniel was caught off guard by the woman's question. A shiver went down his spine as Shayna disregarded the rude woman. There was no doubt in his mind that Shayna would provide no ammunition to this woman.

Making Her Cry


He tried his best to ignore the couple, but as soon as Daniel saw Shayna's tears, he knew he had to protect her.

The last thing he wanted was for anyone to make his girlfriend cry. Their unique position didn't make sense to them, and they would do whatever they could to tear them apart. Daniel did not anticipate how quickly things would escalate.

Approaching Them


As Shayna ignored the woman, the situation escalated. Daniel was told to stay away from her as she began approaching them. 

His blood was boiling at this point. He was publicly accused of being a monster in front of his own girlfriend. He knew that he had to say the right thing, if he didn't, things would get ugly.

Escalating Things


It was now up to him to make things right. Nonetheless, he had to be careful in a world where he could easily be falsely accused of being a criminal.

There was no point in escalating things unless they were absolutely necessary. However, he did not know that the woman would escalate the situation on his behalf. 

Insulting Him


They shouted at them and said unimaginable things. The majority of them were directed at Daniel.

In order to move on with his life, he just had to let the insults go. However, things didn't turn out as he expected. Even with all his efforts, things would eventually boil over.

Testing Patience 


He pondered what would happen if things got too nasty. Confrontations can be disastrous. But he was unaware of what was about to happen.

The woman thought what she was doing was the right thing because her patience was equally being tested. They were about to butt heads until Daniel got into trouble.

Causing A Scene


“What’s wrong with you, man? How can you date someone like that? You must be one of those creeps.” Daniel was caught off guard by her harsh words.

It hurt him, but mostly it made him angry. He wanted them to pay for what they said. It would be terrible if they got him in trouble.

Making Them Understand


As Daniel stared at the couple, he stood his ground. It was crucial that he found a way to get them to understand before things got out of hand.

In the midst of thinking that, he noticed the woman pulling out her phone. He did not need this in his life. Initially, he thought she was going to dial that dreaded three-digit number he was frightened of.

His Biggest Fear


He was overcome by panic. There was nothing he feared more than this. The police would do him in if she called. He knew that if society had a problem with his relationship, then the cops would too.

Sadistically, she smiled as she knew she now held all the power. In the midst of his despair, he realized something crucial.

Something Worse


Eventually, he realized that the woman wasn't actually calling anyone, but the situation was almost as bad. She pointed the back of her phone at him with an evil grin as he begged her to stop.

Like a deer in headlights, he stood frozen in place. Somehow, this was worse than her calling the police.

Being Photographed


A flash of light blinded his eyes, confirming his fears. He and Shayna were being photographed by the woman. He needed to resolve this conflict.

Despite his best efforts, he wasn't sure what to do to get her favor. Was he supposed to grovel to someone like her? Would it even work? He had no idea what to do next.

His Request


“Please, you don’t understand what’s going on. Please delete it.”  Despite pleading with her, the woman seemed unconcerned about his request.

The truth would have to be revealed once and for all. Few people were aware of this secret. Normally, he wouldn't worry about it, but now he didn't have much of a choice.

An Explanation 


As soon as the couple calmed down, Daniel explained the situation to them in detail. There was no choice but to let people know about Shayna's situation. 

Shakily, he explained her special condition and everything that went along with it to the couple. Despite all that, they weren't willing to budge on their decision.

They Left


“Mind your own business,” was all Daniel could respond with. Getting into the car, he sped off. As he looked back, he saw a couple laughing at them.

It was unclear to him whether he had handled that confrontation appropriately. He couldn't think of anything else he could have said to remedy the situation. There was no way she was going to back down and delete the picture.

Forget About It


As they drove home, paranoia flooded his system. Now that she had a photo of him, what else was he supposed to do? 

Although he told them the truth, they still didn't understand. There were a lot of cards in her hand, but it was not worth worrying about. All he had to do was try to forget about it. He never imagined it would haunt him in the future.

Like All The Others


What would happen if they had to endure this again? As Shayna looked at Daniel, she could see how embarrassed and hurt he was. Her relationship would probably end the same way as all the others.

As a result of her special condition, she had always had difficulty maintaining relationships. Daniel was the only one who was willing to stay with her. As a result, he was marked for trouble.

Letting Go


It was time for Shayna to let go of Daniel. It wasn't fair to let him suffer because of what she looked like. 

It was unbearable for her to think about what was happening to him. Her love for him also meant she wanted what was best for him. A heartbreaking thought crossed her mind.

Ending The Relationship


While she was crying, she hoped she had found her one true love, but things weren't going well, so she decided to end the relationship.

If Daniel found someone normal, he would no longer be ridiculed by the general public. However, she hadn't considered that he might like her. How would he respond to her offer? Would he accept or would he remain by her side?

He Was Surprised 


Shayna's request surprised Daniel. People's narrow-mindedness and insults weren't going to stop him from loving her. 

However, people like that strained their relationship. He couldn't help but wonder if they could stay together forever when people like that existed.

He Made A Promise 


His promise to her was that they would survive this and that they would be able to continue their relationship. He wasn't ready to give up just yet. There was a gleam in Shayna's eyes. 

It was a blessing to have Daniel in her life. The love of her life reassured her that she could always count on him. Just by being with her, Daniel was putting himself in danger every day.

Staying In


Shayna and Daniel's lives didn't get any easier after that. On some days, it got worse, so they stayed indoors most of the time.

Despite Daniel's best efforts to protect Shayna, nothing could prepare them for what was to come. When they sat down to watch a movie, a loud knock shook the house.

Red And Blue Lights


Shayna stared wide-eyed at the door. It was late at night, so who was at their door? It wasn't like they expected anyone to show up. Looking up, Daniel was confused by what he saw.

When they saw blue and red lights flashing outside, they became even more concerned. They soon realized that the police were banging impatiently on the door.

The Truth Was Out


“Open up; it’s the police; we need to talk to you!” In Shayna's case, her heart was beating so fast that she thought it would burst through her chest. It was already clear to Daniel what was going on. 

Shayna had been the perfect girlfriend, but now the secret had come out. His thoughts turned to the couple who had photographed him. It is likely that she reported what he was doing to the authorities.

Under Arrest


Daniel calmed the love of his life down before making his way to the door. Upon opening the door, a police officer pointed a gun at him. 

It was instinctive for him to lift his hands. Daniel's world crumbled when he heard, "You're under arrest for dating a minor." There was no one he could blame but himself. While he was ready to cooperate fully, Shayna had other plans.

She Had To Stop Them


“No, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong!” Shayna screamed as she raced to the door. “Little girl, please step away. This is for your own good.” 

In spite of this, Shayna pushed her way through; she had to stop them before it was too late. Could she persuade the police to let go of her boyfriend if she explained her strange case? Or would they lock him up for good?

The Truth


“You don’t understand what’s going on!” She cried, “I’m not a little girl. I’m 24 years old, and I have pituitary dwarfism, aka growth hormone deficiency. He’s not dating a minor, I’m an adult. Now, please let him go.”

A dumbfounded look crossed the cops' faces as they stared at her. Is it possible for them to listen to her when she looked just like an 8-year-old girl?



Daniel was uncuffed by the officers, and they apologized for the arrest. They were apparently alerted by a couple who believed Shayna was in danger. 

The fact that nothing serious had happened relieved Shayna and Daniel. The two knew their lives would never be normal, but Daniel was willing to take a chance with the one he loved.

Worth It


His local police department now knew about their unique case thanks to the altercation with the police. In his own community, Daniel would not be at risk of arrest.

However, society still looked at him strangely. In spite of his best efforts, they would still pass judgment on him. Shayna, however, was worth it.

 Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.