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Uniquely Interesting Photos of Real Life Nature

Uniquely Interesting Photos of Real Life Nature December 15, 2020Leave a comment

Nature is as beautiful as it is unpredictable. And sometimes, it’s even a little weird, too.  From jagged peaks to waterfalls that pour out of caves, there’s really no way we could ever get bored exploring nature. Check out these unbelievable photos of nature that were shared by Redditors on the community r/mildlyinteresting.

This Albino Deer

Reddit / @u/boBByHiLL-4prez

Albino animals are truly rare. They're among the most beautiful creatures on Earth. Just look at this albino deer. It’s almost like someone made a sculpture out of ivory and placed it in the forest for the world to admire. The photographer even managed to capture a rainbow in this pic which makes this deer seem like its in some sort of magical land.

The Itsy Bitsy Maple Leaf

Reddit / @u/bukunothing

This Maple Leaf is so tiny and adorable, one would swear that it’s fake, but this is actually just another one of Mother Nature’s many miracles. Now most maple leaves are about the size of a human hand but this one makes the person holding it look like they’ve got giant hands.

Sunflowers Growing from the Sidewalk

Reddit / @u/Batholith_forge

Notice those plants full of sunflowers growing from the crack on the edge of this sidewalk? Who wouldn't? It's not everyday that we're lucky enough to run into such a beautiful sight.

This Moss is Color Blending

Reddit / @u/littlewrenbird

The moss framing the bricks on this path is creating an ombré effect that goes from green to orange, which is eerily reminiscent of the color changes leaves undergo when the seasons change from summer to fall.

This Driftwood is Oh-So Twisted

Reddit / @u/roccobaroco

This driftwood by the shore of this lake looks like a giant rope, but it’s not. And chances are, the trunk is no longer alive because this process tends to happen when a plant called English Ivy twists around a tree trunk, essentially killing it.

This Icy Umbrella

Reddit / @u/VigoureusePatate

Mother Nature gave this bird feeder a total makeover by turning it into an icy umbrella. The air was so cold that the water dripping from the top created icicles that look similar to fringes one would see on a fancy lamp.

This Mossy Looking Frog

Reddit / @u/mdjunaid2495

This is a Vietnamese Mossy Frog, which earned its name because it obviously blends in quite well with moss. But most people would probably walk right by it in the wilderness without realizing it’s there which is why this photo is such a rare treat.

Flowers are Blooming in the Atacama Desert

Reddit / @u/unnaturalorder

Most people think of deserts as dry and airy with virtually no vegetation except for a few cacti here and there. But the ground in the Atacama Desert in Chile occasionally has purple and yellow flowers blooming from the cracks in the ground.

Mt. Fuji Has a Hat

Reddit / @u/jpba1352

Everyone needs a little break from the sun now and then, even Japan’s Mt. Fuji. Fortunately, Mother Nature was there to help and created this lenticular cloud over it which looks an awful lot like an enormous white hat.

This Petunia Looks Like A Night Sky

Reddit / @u/shady_robot

This might look like one of those fake flowers sold in novelty shops that use fiber optics to light the petals up, but it’s not. This Petunia flower is called Night Sky because it’s blue but has white discolorations on the petals that look like a cluster of stars.

This Yellowish-Pink Moth

Reddit / @u/danit23

Moths are generally dark, but this beautiful and rebellious babe looks like it dyed its fur yellow and pink. And yet this is completely natural which helps it blend in with its natural surroundings.

This Cabbage is Showing Its True Colors

Reddit / @u/Schology

Who said all cabbages are green? This one has leafy layers of different fall colors that would make a great centerpiece. Whoever grew this cabbage deserves an award for owning such a colorful thing.

The Itsy Bitsy Frog

Reddit / @u/okgodlemmehaveit

Frogs come in all shapes and sizes, but this one’s really fascinating because it is smaller than the size of a human fingernail. While it might not seem like a big deal, it’s certainly quite a rare discovery to make.

This Army of Baby Grasshoppers

Reddit / @u/atomos-kairos

Grasshoppers in the spring and summer months are nothing out of the ordinary. But how many people can say that they’ve seen an army of baby grasshoppers all congregating in one place? This is so cute!

This Tree Grew from a Silo

Reddit / @u/Wlverenefan

Although the silo itself was old and abandoned, it still served a purpose. It housed and protected a tree that grew from the bottom up. But no one really knew this was happening until the tree branches grew beyond the remnants of the silo.

This Skink Lizard

Reddit / @u/icantspeakesperanto

This skink lizard is utterly adorable with its black and white stripes that run parallel to each other all the way from its head down to the rest of its body. But what makes this creature even cuter is the striking blue tail. What a beauty!

Spoiler Alert! It’s Not a Cooper Tree

Reddit / @u/connor_clark07

The tree growing outside of that structure is actually a Tibetan Cherry Tree. But why does it look like it’s made of copper? It's obviously not, but it does trick the eye, doesn't it? The copper-colored skin tends to shed during the winter time, but during the summer months, it’s all shiny and silky.

Meet the Parrot Waxcap Mushroom

Reddit / @u/Browndog888

Although most mushrooms tend to be grayish and kinda dull, the Parrot Waxcap Mushroom is anything but. It's a stunning fungi with a waxy and transparent green top and a yellowish interior. Even the stem looks oh-so unique.

These Trees Have Ice Shelves

Reddit / @u/RegalBeartic

The trees appear to have shelves or benches for people to sit on, but this actually happened after the river flooded and partially froze. When the water went down, it left a series of ice shelves behind.

This Squirrel with a Squirrely Blonde Tail

Reddit / @u/AcadianMan

This squirrel is the talk of the park and the rest of the squirrels are undoubtedly so jealous of its luscious blonde tail, which is pretty unique. We bet this cost a fortune at the salon!

This Burnt Tree Continues to Thrive

Unknown Reddit User

This tree suffered some serious burns in a fire. In fact, the damage is visible on the bottom area which is completely charred. But the tree’s will to live is clearly strong because the branches above have continued to grow and the leaves are as green and as vibrant as the neighboring trees in the background.

This Geyser’s Going to Blow Any Minute

Reddit / @u/DreamLanding_RL

It looks like some kind of alien space ship about to ascend from the Earth’s surface and fly off into outer space. But it’s actually a geothermal geyser that’s just about ready to erupt while spectators eagerly wait for the event from a safe distance.

This Lone Cherry Growing from a Tree

Reddit / @u/Hyrla

We’ve heard of cherry trees, which have tons of cherries growing from them. But this one is a total rebel and decided to stay all by itself and appears to be sticking out of a branch in the middle of the tree.

The Saddest Rock Formation Ever

Reddit / @u/exoduscv

Sometimes, nature creates unusual rock formations with patterns that our minds try to make sense of. Well, in this case, this rock formation looks like a rock who is terribly sad and in need of a friend.

A Red Rainbow in the Night Sky

Reddit / @u/junn0

Someone took a snap of what appears to be a red rainbow while taking their boat out on the water at Midnight in Finland. Usually, rainbows offer various colored arches, but the other colors decided to stay home this night.

A Shadow From Another Tree Completes This One


The lighting in this photo is perfect, because not only is the shadow of another tree perfectly in place to complete this tree, the shadow itself also appears to be green. If you just took one glance at this photo, you might have even been fooled by the illusion and thought that there were two trees in the shot.

New Growth Stands Out on This Fir Tree


It’s easy to see where this tree started growing after it had a good trimming. The new bristles on this fir tree grew in lime green colored, a far cry from their original forrest green hue that is still evident at the inner edge of each bristle.

A Painting From 1892 and The Same Spot in 2020

Reddit / phelyan

Over a hundred years after this painting was finished, this spot in Porvoo, located in Southern Finland, is nearly untouched by modern structures. Even the roots of the tree in the forefront seem like they haven’t moved an inch in a century.

Condensation on the Leaves of a Blackberry Plant

Reddit / redrocketinn

This photo actually showcases a progress called guttation, by which plants exude water from structures called hydathodes on the margins of their leaves. This is nature’s way of allowing plants to relieve some water pressure built up inside leaves.

This Tree Has Just One Branch of an Apple Tree

Reddit / Olyverr1014

This might seem like an absolutely other worldly occurrence, but anyone can get a tree of two different varieties in one by utilizing the process of grafting. By inserting a piece of one tree, or graft, into the trunk of another tree, both can continue to grow together.

A Colony of Fairy Inkcaps

Reddit / DrFetusRN

Fairy ink caps, or tripping crumble cap, is a species of fungus that resembles small, upside down thimbles. This species of fungus is also edible for most humans. The species was given their name in 1939 by Jakob Emanuel Lange.

A Single Red Rose Growing Through Ivy

Reddit / i-lack

Roses typically grow in rose bushes, so this flower was probably the only one to bloom because the rest of the plant was obstructed by this massive wall of ivy. It looks picture perfect, like a scene out of “Beauty and the Beast.”

An Ecosystem Growing in a Beer Bottle

Reddit / Concheck_

This beer bottle was found laying abandoned in a patch of land in the woods and thank goodness that the person who picked it up glanced inside of it. It was teeming with life, growing a few plants right out of the soil that accumulated inside.

This Pile of Snow Rolled Up Like a Hay Bale

Reddit / Brannigans_Laww

Under the right conditions, snow that’s laying on the ground can freeze to itself. If this happens it can stay together if rolled up gingerly, like this young girl was able to do, amounting in a pile of snow that’s as tall as she is!

A Bunch of Bunches of Grapes


These grapes grew into an absolutely huge bunch to be sold at a market. There is a biblical story about bunches of grapes like these, called Grapes of Canaan, that grew so big that they needed to be carried by two men.

A Close Up Shot of a Chameleon

Reddit / Sofacamaa192

This isn’t a shot of orbeez, a slime ball or Dippin’ Dots ice cream, this is the skin of a colorful chameleon. Chameleons have different types of color-bearing cells which are organized in layers on their skin. The upper layer of skin has yellow and red pigments while the lower layers have black or brown pigments.

This Leaf is Patterned Like a Weather Radar


If the pattern on this leaf is familiar to you, that might be because it resembles the television screen during a weather segment. The leaf was transitioning from one color to the next when it got a fungal infection, turning segments of the leaf dark brown and splotchy. 

This Palm Frond’s Patterns


Palm fronds’ patterns are typically simple segmented designs, but this frond looks like it was cramped inside of a shell for a while without room to properly grow, causing this amazing crimped design when it finally came out and saw the light of day.

The Inside of This Orchid Resembles An Eagle

Reddit / kYlejAEnz

The inner petals of this flower really look like a bird swooping down to catch its prey. The details are so perfect that you can see the face, eyes, beak, wings and talons of this fictitious bird even from afar. It’s amazing how nature can resemble other natural things.

A Tree With a Face

Reddit / smuch1994

This tree looks like a sleeping man, but he is in desperate need of a haircut! If you look closely you can see what look like sleeping eyes, a nose, and a closed mouth underneath a huge green head of hair. This tree man certainly picked a picturesque place to fall asleep standing up for the night.