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The Most Insane On-Air Newscaster Meltdowns of All Time

The Most Insane On-Air Newscaster Meltdowns of All Time May 1, 2018

news anchor meltdowns

    Insane on-air news anchor meltdowns
    Being a reporter can’t be easy. If you aren’t lucky enough to be an anchor, you’re just a regular shmo. Forced to go wherever the story is, whatever the story is. And sometimes, the story is total bullshit. But you smile through the pain, because this is your job. And if you can’t make the 14th annual Bulldog Beauty Contest seem as important as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, then goddammit, someone younger and prettier probably will. Even being an actual anchor won’t shield you from the possibility of losing your shit on national television. And if these absolutely insane news anchor meltdowns can show us anything, it’s that that possibility is more real than you would imagine.

    "Am I Talking to thin air?"

    insane newscaster
    IMAGE BY: YouTube/efe tahir

    Have you ever been to a party where everyone around you is only interested in drinking and dancing, and you’re the guy trying to have a serious political conversation in the corner with someone who’d rather be anywhere else? That’s this guy. Only the party is a Reagan-era GOP celebration, and the someone who’d rather be anywhere else is all of America.