Company Picks Dog As “Employee of the Month” 15 Times in a Row

Company Picks Dog As “Employee of the Month” 15 Times in a Row September 17, 2021Leave a comment is an online retailer that sells personalized pet products like bandanas, mugs, pillows and bags that can all be customized to feature anyone’s favorite pet. And their love for pets goes far and wide, as their customers noticed on their social media recently as they announced that for the 15th month in a row, the company’s owner’s dog Lottie was announced as the company’s Employee of the Month. 

Instagram / yappy_com

Yappy’s owner John Smith set up his online marketplace in 2018 and while he has 25 staff members who work at the company with him, they don’t mind that the eight-year-old Collie is getting some well-deserved attention. During lockdown in 2020, Smith sometimes struggled to find moments of peace among many stressful situations, and Lottie was always there to remind him to stop and sniff the flowers. 

Smith explained in a press statement, “Lottie was a lifesaver and kept me going with cuddles and constant entertainment. I decided to start sharing photos of our days with the team to keep everyone smiling. Lottie was a total star and definitely deserved to be awarded ‘Empawee’ of the Month for simply making the whole team smile on busy days and for keeping me company.”

Some of the photos of Lottie and her owner are pretty hilarious, such as the April 2020 photo, where the owner dressed up as “Tiger King” star Joe Exotic. Lottie’s May 2020 photo features her amongst a hoarded pile of toilet paper rolls and October 2020 shows the dog dressed up for Halloween in a custom orange bandana featuring her face, which is available via the retailer. It’s anyone’s guess who will win Employee of the Month next month, but they will probably be pretty furry.