Couple Had Their Wedding Reception at the Nicest Taco Bell in the World

Couple Had Their Wedding Reception at the Nicest Taco Bell in the World November 9, 2021Leave a comment

A California couple just celebrated their wedding at a place that filled their hearts with joy— the Taco Bell location in Pacifica, California. Just after officially tying the knot at San Francisco City Hall, Analicia Garcia and Kyle Howser trekked over to Taco Bell for a lavish ceremony.

The seaside views and immaculate interiors of this Taco Bell location make it a must-see for locals and travelers. And the happy couple aren’t the first to celebrate their love at this location; over 500 couples have had wedding ceremonies at the Taco Bell location since they first began offering the service in 2018. A wedding package will cost couples $600 and include a half-hour ceremony, an officiant, Taco Bell branded merchandise and plenty of food and drinks for guests.

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Taco Bell isn’t the only fast food joint to host weddings. In recent years, couples around the world have gotten married at Subway restaurants, Olive Gardens and White Castle locations, too. And when the food is a favorite for your family, it’s a sure bet to make sure everyone is happy with your wedding menu. "The reception was served buffet style," Garcia told Business Insider. "The staff was amazing and constantly brought out fresh items. Of course, since it is a Cantina, we also had the spiked Freezes as well as beer and wine for the guests." 

The couple has fond memories of visiting Taco Bell together. "I remember we used to drive to Taco Bell and go on long drives and just chitchat when we were younger," Garcia told the Chronicle. "The $5 box was too good of a deal for a college budget. It kind of became a date for us,” added Howser. The wedding was complete with a wedding cake lined with Cinnabon Delights, bouquets of hot sauce packets and even Taco Bell branded wine.