Group of 31 People Have Sleepover While Stranded at IKEA Overnight

Group of 31 People Have Sleepover While Stranded at IKEA Overnight December 6, 2021Leave a comment

31 people, including 25 IKEA employees and six customers, were recently stranded at an IKEA store in Denmark and the impromptu sleepover between the strangers was surprisingly heartwarming. The group spent their night watching movies, playing card games and eating some of the food available in the store before retiring in the showroom on beds that are on display for customers everyday. 

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” store manager Peter Elmore told Insider. While most people might find the situation to be stressful, spending the night in immaculately designed rooms with ready-to-sell furniture was quite possibly the best way to spend the chilly evening. 


During the night, three women who worked at a nearby store in the area arrived to seek shelter in the store. According to Elmore, the trio walked 700 meters to reach the IKEA. "Everybody was actually calm, and we were able to make it nice and cozy. Our values are to take care of each other and so we had a nice time and enjoyed the evening,” said Elmore. 

Come morning, the group was well rested and replaced the sheets on their beds before being treated to coffee and cinnamon buns by Elmore. Each person who spent the night in the store was also gifted a free pillow as a memento of their unforgettable evening.