Sublime Releases First New Song In 28 Years

Sublime Releases First New Song In 28 Years May 29, 2024Leave a comment

Sublime Reunites for new song

Sublime has released their first new song in nearly 30 years, with vocals from both late frontman Bradley Nowell and his son, Jakob Nowell.

The new song, titled, "Feel Like That," includes founding members Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh, along with additional vocals from Scott Woodruff of Stick Figure.

Nowell, 28, was just 11 months old when his father was found dead of a heroin overdose on May 25, 1996, and has long considered his father's bandmates to be uncles. In April this year, he made his debut as Sublime's new vocalist at Coachella.

“This song came about in an organic way. My uncles and I always want to collab with artists in different modern music scenes," Nowell said in a press release. "But hearing my own voice on a track side by side with my dad's voice really feels like the classic Sublime sound stepping into the modern era."

The new song, produced by longtime Sublime collaborator Michael "Miguel" Happoldt, along with Stick Figure members Woodruff and Johnny Cosmic.

"Sublime is who inspired me to make music, being a part of this track is a full circle moment in so many ways. From the vault to the people, this one’s been a long time coming!" Woodruff said in a statement. Before the song's release, he told Rolling Stone that he used old recordings of Bradley Nowell, Wilson and Gaugh from a 1996 jam session to create the track.

"Good things come to those who wait… and wait…and wait…" Gaugh joked in a press statement. "We've been waiting too damn long!!! Now hear this!!! This is the good sh** that make you 'FEEL LIKE THAT!'"

"SoCal music is my family’s pride and joy and our family is getting bigger everyday. 'Feel Like That' captures this new sentiment and we want it to be the first of many," Nowell added. "Who wants to join the family next?"

The band is also set to tour this summer, stopping at several festivals scheduled through the end of the year.

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