Whoopi Goldberg Asked Pope Francis To Be In “Sister Act 3”

Whoopi Goldberg Asked Pope Francis To Be In “Sister Act 3” May 10, 2024Leave a comment

Whoopi Goldberg in the 1992 film "Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit."

Whoopi Goldberg says she traveled to the Vatican and personally asked Pope Francis if he would appear in "Sister Act 3."

The 68-year-old EGOT winner appeared on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday and shared some details about her work on the upcoming third installment of the film series in which she plays Deloris Van Cartier, who goes into witness protection as singing nun Sister Mary Clarence.

"You got to meet the pope," host Jimmy Fallon prompted as he held up a photo of Goldberg with Pope Francis. "Whoopi Goldberg and the pope. This is a party I want to go to."

"I wanted to thank him," Goldberg said, noting she'd visited multiple times over the past decade in an effort to meet him. "But every time I'd say, 'Okay, we'll do it,' then it was like I'd step in something and then I couldn't do it."

She visited the pope in October of last year, and brought "Sister Act" memorabilia to give him. Goldberg revealed that the pope "seems to be a bit of a fan" of the original 1992 film.

"Did he ask for, like, a cameo in Sister Act 3?" Fallon asked.

"No, but I offered one," Goldberg said. "He said he'd see what his time was like."

"Do you feel different after you meet the pope?" Fallon asked.

"You know what? I did, because I felt like, 'Alright, he does get it'," Goldberg said.

It turns out that Goldberg is a fan of the pope, too.

"Worldwide, you're the top guy. And when you say something like, 'Listen, we want everybody,' people go, 'No, we don't'," Goldberg said, referring to Pope Francis' positions on issues including LGBT+ acceptance in the Catholic Church.

"And that's what's brilliant about the pope, because he actually remembers what JC said, you know?" Goldberg said, referring to Jesus Christ.

"Sister Act 3" has reportedly been in development for years, but Goldberg confirmed to People in March that the film is "still on the way."

"It's percolating," she told the outlet. "We're still in the process of writing the script."

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