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NBA Award Winners Who Didn’t Deserve Their Awards

NBA Award Winners Who Didn’t Deserve Their Awards July 26, 2018

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    Not every NBA accomplishment is held in the same esteem as the equivalent from another season. Just ask Kevin Durant. Narrative and the results of previous years play laughably large roles in determining stuff like Most Valuable Player. Which is why LeBron James doesn’t have an MVP trophy for each finger. Because voters just get sick of picking the same guy every year. Here are the most questionable NBA awards ever, in chronological order because I don’t need to give any of the exceedingly large men featured, like Charles Barkley, any more reason to want to crush me. (On second thought, Barkley could never catch me. Bring it on, Chuck. I dare you.)

    Bill Russell, 1962 MVP

    IMAGE BY: Wikimedia Commons

    Not one but two players should have beaten Bill Russell — pictured here defending Wilt Chamberlain — out for this award. Chamberlain averaged a record 50.4 points per game that year and managed to outrebound Russell, who pulled down 23.6 boards per game. Oh, and Oscar Robertson averaged a triple-double. But this was the height of the “best player on the best team” philosophy of MVP voting, and Russell was that.