Here Are The Funniest Sports Star Cameos In TV History

Here Are The Funniest Sports Star Cameos In TV History June 1, 2018

tv cameos by athletes

    What are the funniest TV cameos by athletes?

    Being a professional athlete is hard, requiring countless hours of commitment. Which is why it isn’t shocking that so few pro athletes can act — you try learning a brand-new craft after a lifetime in the gym. But certain athletes can pull it off on the strength of their charm alone, particularly in the comedy arena. And likewise, some showrunners are masters of bringing the funny out of jocks who otherwise couldn’t draw a laugh from their own parents. Check out our list of the funniest TV cameos by athletes, in no particular order.

    Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams in "Seinfeld"


    When George’s girlfriend gets mono in “The Abstinence,” he’s forced into celibacy for six weeks. But the imposed dry spell has a side effect — undistracted by sex, George masters everything from Portuguese to hitting home runs. “Hitting is not about muscle. It’s simple physics. Calculate the velocity, V, in relation to the trajectory, T, in which G, gravity, of course remains a constant,” he tells Jeter and Williams before smacking a dinger. “It’s not complicated.”