Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Wife, Bianca Censori Spotted Together

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Wife, Bianca Censori Spotted Together March 29, 2024Leave a comment

Bianca Censori, Kim Kardashian and two of Kim's children at Ye's album listening party.
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new wife Bianca Censori, were spotted together at the rapper’s Vultures 2 album listening party in Los Angeles in 2024. 
  • This is the first public appearance of the two women together since the news of West’s relationship with Censori went public.
  • Kim attended the event to see her eldest daughter North West perform, as she is featured on her father Kanye's album.
  • Bianca Censori is an Australian architectural designer who has been working at Kanye's fashion brand Yeezy since 2020. 

The Whole Family Was Together

Bianca Censori, Kim Kardashian and one of Kim's children at Ye's album listening party.
Image Source: DJ Pharris/LIFESTYLOGY /TMX

The media and fans have long been interested in the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but after their divorce, both have continued living their lives, publicly and privately. A new development about their relationship and parenting style is now making the rounds in entertainment news after Kardashian was spotted chatting with West’s new wife Bianca Censori. 

The Skims founder was seen being friendly with Censori at a listening party for West’s newest album in collaboration with fellow rapper Ty Dolla $ign “Vultures 2” in Hollywood. This surprise meeting has caused fans to inquire about the nature of Kim and Bianca’s friendship. 

Is Kim Jealous of Kanye's New Relationship?

Kanye West wearing black and Bianca Censori wearing red.
Instagram / angelina.censori

The moment when the two women were seen together at the event has led to many questions about their connection, including queries about how Kim feels about the new relationship. After all, she has frequently been spotted with Kanye’s children, who he shares custody of with Kim. Online sleuths are curious about Bianca Censori—who is she? What is her background? Has her presence changed Kim’s relationship with Kanye? The public is eager to know more about this meeting, and what it means for the three celebrities going forward. So, let's jump into the details and study this interesting twist in Kardashian-West story.

The Unexpected Encounter At A Listening Party

Bianca Censori sitting on a couch in a sweatshirt and tights.
Instagram / Ye

As per the Daily Mail and people who were present at the event, it seems that Bianca Censori - Kanye West's new wife - was seen with Kim Kardashian at a "Vultures 2" listening party in Los Angeles. This surprise meeting occurred at Chase Center and this was their initial public appearance together. Videos posted on social media depicted Kim and Bianca standing together within a secured section of the arena. Kim, wearing simple all-black clothes, and Bianca with gray tights and a pink tank top, appeared friendly in one another's company. The observation has prompted fans to wonder about their connection and the vibes in their friendship.

Behind the Scenes: Kim and Bianca's Meeting

Bianca Censori, Kim Kardashian and one of Kim's children at Ye's album listening party.
Image Source: DJ Pharris/LIFESTYLOGY /TMX

Behind the scenes, Kim Kardashian's presence at the “Vultures 2” listening party was motivated by her desire to support her eldest daughter, North West, who is featured on Kanye's album. According to an eyewitness, Kim stood next to BiancaKanye wife for the entirety of the night, indicating a friendly bond between the two strong women. Despite their divorce, Kim and Kanye have maintained a respectful co-parenting relationship, and this public appearance suggests that Kim is open to maintaining a peaceful separation with her ex-husband.

Bianca Censori in a mirror selfie.
Instagram / bianca.censori

Their children, all of whom were also present at the event, seemed to enjoy themselves, receiving high fives from their dad during his performance. Kim's presence at the listening party and her camaraderie with Bianca indicate that they are navigating the complexities of their blended family in a positive and supportive manner.

From Melbourne to Hollywood, Who is Bianca Censori?

Bianca Censori, an Australian architect and designer, has recently gained attention for her sudden marriage to rapper Kanye West. Censori has been working at West’s fashion brand Yeezy as the head of architecture since 2020. 

Bianca Censori wearing a halter top.
Instagram / bianca.censori

Born and raised in Melbourne, Censori studied architecture at the University of Melbourne and worked on various design projects between her time at school and joining Yeezy as a design consultant. While not much is known about the personal life of the Australian student architect prior to her relationship with Kanye West, her work as an architectural designer reflects her obvious passion for creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing spaces, including the stark and expansive sets seen at Yeezy runway shows.

Bianca Censori wearing a halter top on a rooftop in Los Angeles
Instagram / bianca.censori

Bianca Kanye wife has a tight-knit family, which includes her sisters Angelina Censori and Alyssia Censori, and mother Alexandra Censori. Her unique background and expertise in architecture have contributed to her rise in the fashion industry and her connection with West.

Censori's Extended Family in Australia 

Bianca Censori wearing a risqué outfit in a design studio.
Instagram / bianca.censori

What is known about Censori is that she has completely captured Kanye West's heart. While Censori's family isn't as public as the Kardashian clan, the social media photos posted by every member of her family show nothing but respect for Kanye and wife Bianca. Censori hasn't been seen sporting a wedding ring yet, the couple has been seen traveling to every corner of the world by TMZ and Daily Mail Australia to show off their new relationship.

Bianca's background and relationship with Kanye

Kanye West taking a photo of his wife Bianca Censori on his phone.
Instagram / ye

Censori's relationship with Kanye West began shortly after his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Reports suggest that the couple had a private, unofficial private ceremony in December 2022, just a month after Kanye's divorce was finalized, although the new couple has not yet filed an official marriage certificate. The couple went Instagram official when Kanye posted a song inspired by his new flame on social media, title "Censori Overload." Since then, she has been by Kanye's side frequently, supporting his music and fashion endeavors. 

Instagram Official, Kanye and Wife Bianca

Bianca Censori wearing a light pink tank top and lacy white tights with kitten heels.
Instagram / ye

Kanye wife Bianca is often the subject of West's frequent social media posts and she has posed for his camera countless times, often in outfits that leave little to the imagination. Although the details of their relationship are kept private and neither party has made an official statement regarding their relationship, their public appearances together indicate a strong connection and a shared passion for eclectic fashion choices. 

Insights into Her Career and Personal Style

Bianca Censori wearing a green sequined bikini
Instagram / bianca.censori

As an architectural designer, Kanye West wife Bianca Censori brings a unique perspective to the fashion industry. Her work at Kanye's fashion brand showcases her talent and expertise in creating aesthetically pleasing and innovative designs. 

Bianca Censori wearing a bikini in front of an art instillation at the Burning Man festival
Instagram / bianca.censori

While her signature style is notably eclectic and risqué, she has also been seen in outfits that are understated and elegant. With a preference for neutral colors and streamlined silhouettes, Bianca Kanye wife has been known to make bold fashion choices, as seen in her recent appearances at fashion events. She often wears outfits that leave little to the imagination, and many people on social media wonder if her husband has been dressing her in strange getups for his own pleasure. 

Is Kanye Her Personal Stylist?

Bianca Censori wearing a pink tank top and white lace tights.
Instagram / ye

Bianca Kanye wife's fashion sense reflects her confidence and willingness to take risks, aligning with Kanye's avant-garde approach to style. There’s no doubt that she has a say in the racy outfits she wears out in public, because her style has been unique for years. Her most popular outfit to date was a nude-colored bodysuit under an oversized fur coat that she was seen wearing last year.

Bianca Censori in a mirror selfie wearing mirrored sunglasses
Instagram / bianca.censori

Long before she was associated with Kanye, she showed off her figure in revealing and skimpy clothing on social media for her fans and followers. As an influential figure in the fashion world, Kanye wife Bianca Censori has a personal style that is continuing to evolve, and will no doubt leave a lasting impact on the fashion industry.

Is Bianca Kim’s Lookalike?

Kim Kardashian wearing a black gown on the Emmy's red carpet

When news of the new relationship relationship hit the internet, the first thing that fans noticed was her resemblance to Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Kanye West new wife Bianca Censori has natural dark hair and an olive skin tone that is similar to Kardashian’s complexion, and the two women both love to make surprising fashion choices. But Bianca Kanye wife doesn’t have any public facing social media accounts, so it’s hard to know exactly what her personality is like, and how similar she may or may not be to the reality TV mogul.

Another One of West’s Hollywood Women

Julia Fox wearing an artistic white corset at a red carpet event.

Before West and Censori became an item, the rapper dated actress and model Julia Fox for a hot minute. Social media users will probably remember their many social media posts together in eye-catching denim outfits. Bianca Censori’s fashion choices have often been compared to Julia Fox’s risqué getups and both women have inspired a ton of social media conversations about their wild fashion choices.

Public Reaction to Kim and Bianca's Meeting in Los Angeles

Bianca Censori and Kim Kardashian at Ye's album listening party with two of Kardashian's children
Image Source: DJ Pharris/LIFESTYLOGY /TMX

The public reaction to Kim Kardashian and Bianca Censori's meeting at the “Vultures 2” listening party has been blowing up on social media. Fans and followers of the Kardashian-West saga have expressed their curiosity about the unexpected encounter. 

Bianca Censori wearing chainmail on her head in a selfie
Instagram / bianca.censori

Bianca Kanye wife was recently seen at Disneyland with 10-year-old North West, which led many to wonder how often Kanye’s children spend time with his new wife. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Kim Kardashian react to Kanye's new marriage?

Kim Kardashian has not publicly commented on Kanye's new marriage. However, her social media posts suggest that she is in a good mood and focused on her own life. She has referred to herself as being in her "quiet girl era" and has been active on her Instagram page, sharing glimpses into her daily life and various projects.

Has Kanye wife Bianca Censori been involved with the West children?

Details about Bianca Kanye wife involvement with the West children are not publicly known. However, their public appearance together at the Vultures 2 listening party indicates a friendly relationship between Bianca and the West children, including North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

What can we expect from Kim and Bianca Kanye wife's relationship moving forward?

The future of Kim and Bianca's relationship is uncertain. However, based on their public appearance together and their commitment to co-parenting, we can expect them to continue prioritizing their children's well-being, along with Bianca Kanye wife.

Are there any upcoming public events where Kim and Bianca might appear together?

As of now, there are no specific upcoming public events where Kim Kardashian and Bianca Censori are scheduled to appear together. However, given their recent public appearance, it is possible that they may attend Kanye West, also known as Ye’s, future events together in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills. Fans can stay updated through social media for any potential appearances. Kim and Kanye both have active Instagram accounts, but Bianca has recently set hers private

How does the Kardashian family view Bianca Censori?

Insider opinions about how the Kardashian family views Bianca Censori are not publicly known. The family's dynamics and opinions regarding Kanye's new marriage and Bianca Kanye wife involvement in their lives remain private. It is difficult to speculate on their views without direct statements from the family members involved. There have also been no public comments from Censori's family about the relationship.