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Here’s Everything That Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day

Here’s Everything That Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day February 17, 2020Leave a comment

After Jennifer Lopez's Superbowl Halftime performance with Shakira, a lot of attention shifted to the 50-year-old performer. Many were left in awe as to how J-Lo could still look this amazing at 50! So, let's see what it takes to look that good; this is what Jennifer Lopez eats in a day to maintain her beauty and physique...

She Eats a Balanced Breakfast

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Unlike a majority of the population, Jennifer Lopez starts her day off right by not skipping breakfast. She ensures that this meal is well-balanced, as it sets the tone for the rest of her day. It's crucial to eat breakfast as it provides one with the essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals and energy needed to get through the day.

A Fruit-Packed Smoothie

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Jennifer loves starting her day with fresh fruit. According to her food diary published in People magazine, her breakfast smoothie consists of protein powder, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, Greek yogurt, honey, lemon juice and ice.

She Mixes Up Her Carb Options

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If she opts out of her morning smoothie, then Jennifer goes for complex carbohydrates. These are found in whole foods and they are high in fiber; we're talking about oatmeal, 100 percent whole-wheat bread and quinoa. One of Jennifer's favorites is oatmeal topped with fresh berries.

Jennifer Never Drinks Caffeine

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Jennifer gave up caffeine years ago. She has said that it wrecks your skin as you get older, so if you want to look as flawless as J-Lo, cut the caffeine now. However, that doesn't mean Jennifer has completely cut coffee out of her life. She does occasionally drink decaf.

She Doesn't Drink Alcohol, Either

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Jennifer does not have any vices; she doesn't drink and she doesn't smoke. Although, she has said that she will drink on celebratory occasions. She says that it's weird toasting a special occasion with a glass of water, so at those times she'll pour herself a glass and only take a small sip of alcohol.

She Drinks Lots of Water

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Jennifer starts her day with a glass of water. She usually puts fresh-squeezed lemon juice in it as well. She then stays on top of her water consumption throughout the day, aiming for at least seven glasses of water in total.

Then, She Drinks Even More Water

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Okay, so on top of the water that Jennifer drinks daily, she drinks more to stay hydrated for her workouts. She told US Weekly in an interview that "drinking plenty of water, especially before a workout, can help you push harder and get more out of your exercise routine."

She Only Eats Healthy Snacks

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Jennifer Lopez is just like any regular person, and she needs to snack throughout the day. However, she doesn't reach for the bag of chips or box of doughnuts; instead, she opts for fruits, veggies and nuts. She tries to carry snacks with her so she'll always have something healthy to eat on the go.

More Healthy Choices for Lunch

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Jennifer Lopez continues her day by making smart choices at lunchtime. One of her go-to meals is salmon. She typically pairs it with broccoli, zucchini and peppers drizzled with a little bit of vinaigrette. This meal is full of protein and nutrients to improve the health of the brain and heart.

Quick, Simple Salads are a Staple


If she doesn't have as much time to prepare a meal or wants something different for lunch, J Lo loves a good hearty salad. One of her favorite salads is one she shared with People magazine; A kale salad made with toasted pumpkin seeds, crumbled queso, minced shallots and a dressing that consists of fresh lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil.

Lean Protein, Like Chicken or Egg Whites

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Jennifer says that when she starts feeling hungry, she eats protein. She says protein helps fill her up and makes her feel fuller for a longer time than carbs would. Her favorite protein options are lean protein, such as egg whites, chicken breast and sea bass. Typically she'll pair any of these options with veggies and brown rice, sweet potatoes, or quinoa.

Jennifer Eats Smart, Always

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J-Lo does not give in to cravings. She is not one who will find herself in front of a vending machine or sitting in the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant. She always eats smart and listens to her body to give it the food it needs to maintain her hectic lifestyle.

She Never Eats Processed Foods


Jennifer does not eat processed foods. She sticks with fresh ingredients and relies on getting her nutrients from whole sources; this also includes any dressings or vinaigrettes that Jennifer uses in her dishes (she makes those from scratch). So you won't find any bottled stuff in her house.

Only Fresh and Organic Options

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All the food that Jennifer eats is organic. Studies over the years have proven that eating organic foods is much healthier than eating non-organic. It has been found that organic foods have higher antioxidant levels as well as lower cadmium levels and fewer pesticide residues.

More Simple, Nutritious Meals for Dinner


One of Jennifer's favorite easy meals for dinner includes grilled, boneless, skinless chicken breasts. She then pairs this protein choice with sauteed Brussels sprouts and baked yams with a pinch of sea salt. Though, if you wanted to add healthy fat to the meal, you could also use grass-fed butter.

She Likes to Recreate Meals From Her Childhood

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To some, Jennifer Lopez will always be "Jenny" from the block. And when she wants to revisit those roots, she does so through food. Another meal that she likes to make for dinner is pork "Puerto Rican style." She prefers to pair it with quinoa because the texture and flavor combination reminds her of eating rice and beans in her childhood.

She Eats Healthy at Restaurants, Too

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Yes, Jennifer likes to eat out. She says that she loves socializing and spending time with her family and friends, so when eating out, she does her best to make healthy choices. Her preference is something low calorie, such as a salad or fish served with veggies.

She Splits Meals When She Eats Out


Jennifer and her fiancé, former baseball star Alexander Rodriguez, like to dine at the New York City restaurant Quality Meats, located on West 58th Street and 6th Avenue. People say that one of Jennifer's favorite foods to order here is the crab and avocado appetizer. For her entree, Jennifer splits the porterhouse steak with Alex.

Lot of Veggies, But No Corn

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When she eats vegetables throughout the day, whether as a part of a meal or a separate snack, Jennifer sticks with leafy greens. According to her trainer and life coach, Dodd Romero, she tends to stay away from corn and carrots as they have higher sugar content.

She Limits Her Intake of Red Meat

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Jennifer does enjoy eating red meat, specifically grass-fed beef. However, she does limit her intake of red meat to only three or four times a week. The perks of reducing red meat from one's diet include a lowered risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

She Still Has Weaknesses!

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Jennifer Lopez has a weakness when it comes to food, just like anyone else. The food that she has trouble resisting is chocolate chip cookies. She still eats cookies, but just like any other "unhealthy" food, she enjoys it in moderation.

She Eats Desserts in Moderation

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J-Lo loves her desserts and she has a sweet tooth! Besides eating chocolate chip cookies, Jennifer loves chocolate chip ice cream and birthday cake. To keep on top of her healthy lifestyle, she indulges in sweets in moderation. So occasionally she'll have a scoop of ice cream or a slice of cake to celebrate special occasions.

She Does Not Skip Meals


Jennifer ensures that she is eating food that is not only good for her but will give her the energy she needs throughout the day. The meals that she eats are well-balanced. It is crucial, especially with her busy schedule, that she does not skip any meals.

She Tests New Diets All The Time

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Everyone should try different diets to see what works best for their lifestyle. Back in 2014, Jennifer tried a vegan-based diet for 22 days. Though she enjoyed it, the change in diet didn't give her enough energy to keep up with her workouts. Just last year, Jennifer and her husband tried a ten-day cleanse, in which they both refrained from eating any carbs or sugar during that time.

Her Food Matches Her Workout Routine

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Jennifer has a team to help her with her lifestyle choices, which makes a lot of her diet and fitness goals easier for her to achieve. She has a nutritionist, personal trainer, and life coach, to name just a few. Everyone works together to figure out what would be in her best interest. Her diet is affected by her intensive exercise routine, and both are affected by her life in the spotlight. So, don't beat yourself up for not always looking camera ready like JLo, because it takes a village behind-the-scenes to make it possible!