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The Best Syfy Series You’re Probably Not Watching

The Best Syfy Series You’re Probably Not Watching June 1, 2018

best syfy series

    What are the best Syfy series?

    Syfy isn’t the network it once was. Long gone are the days of bad, no-budget series with one-dimensional backdrops. No more (mostly) must we suffer through a slew of no-name actors who can’t act but get by on their physical measurements. These days, Syfy is all aboard the quality programming train. And it’s pushing out content that people actually want to see before 2 a.m. You know, when they’ve spent six hours drinking themselves stupid before stopping to get Taco Bell they’ll 1,000 percent regret in the morning. Regret like the regret we’re sure Syfy execs felt throughout most of the ‘90s. But no more. Here are the very best Syfy series of all time (that you probably aren’t even watching).

    Sliders (Hulu)

    best syfy series
    IMAGE BY: Syfy

    The premise: A group of people travel — or “slide” (clever, clever) — between different parallel Earths in hopes of making it back to their original home, which they somehow can’t find the coordinates to.

    So technically, Syfy only had the series for its final two seasons, but two seasons is long enough to make it count. If you can get past the cheesy graphics and Kari Wuhrer’s horrendous attempt at acting, Sliders is popcorn television at its finest.