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Backstage Drama on “Selling Sunset” Spilled By a Crew Member

Backstage Drama on “Selling Sunset” Spilled By a Crew Member December 2, 2020Leave a comment

A crew member working on the series used their downtime this year to let fans of Netflix’s reality show “Selling Sunset” and not a shred of drama was deemed too personal to spill! The production coordinator logged onto a Reddit page about the series and began answering fans’ burning questions.

They started the post by saying, “Hey! I’ve been lurking for a while because I worked as a production coordinator on the show and I’m interested in seeing fan reactions after everything we worked on. I’ve seen lots of questions and inaccurate info floating around, so I thought “why not”. I’ll answer any questions you guys have and I’m ready to spill the tea...”

“Davina is the Most Annoying”


When asked what this mystery crew member thought about the stars of the show, they were quick to reveal their feelings, saying, “I like all of them a lot! Heather is actually the most chill and fun and always in a good mood. Davina is the most annoying, you can tell she’s always anxious. Christine’s husband is awful, but you don’t see that in the show.”

Who is Subject to Favoritism?


It’s no surprise that The Oppenheim Group founders Jason and Brett like to dish out more work to their favorites among their employees and this crew member said, “The twins favor Mary but she’s the most serious worker and in the office all the time. And she sells houses so...”

Christine Isn’t Who She Appears to Be on Screen


Christine Quinn, one of the breakout stars of “Selling Sunset” is known for her towering height, platinum blonde hair, and menacing attitude towards her co-workers. But the crew member had other experiences with her, noting that, “Christine is nice to us but so rude about other cast members.” So, she isn’t really as cold as she seems!

Is Chrishell as Nice as She Seems?

Instagram / @chrishell.stause

One reddit user asked the unnamed source, “Is Chrishell as nice as she seems on TV and Social media? Ive always wondered.” The lurking employee of the show wrote back saying, “Yes she is super nice. During season one she was used to scripted soap operas so she expected certain things and she had moments. But she’s professional and always on time and always nice to the crew. She was even nicer and more chill after the divorce tbh. I think she felt pressure to protect her ex-husbands reputation.”

How Old is Daviana?


Davina Potratz, one of the more dramatic characters of the series may be deceiving her fans. The source said that her true age is “like 42,” not 30 years old, as she has been reported to be. They also said that “Davina is awkward but isn’t purposefully mean, like how Christine is. Davina is just trying to be like Christine but can’t pull it off.”

Is the Show Really Scripted?


Many viewers and fans of reality television often wonder how much of what they see is truly “reality.” Are the glamorous lives of these real estate agents too good to be true? Even some celebrities in Los Angeles wonder if the Oppenheim Group is an actual real estate agency! But according to the crew member, “There’s never planned storylines we just follow what happens.” 

How Often Do They Actually Work?


There’s a lot of footage on the show of the real estate agents working on their laptops in the Sunset Strip office, but do they just show up there to film scenes and then leave when the cameras are off? The unnamed source wrote, “In real estate you can work remotely, and a lot of the time they are out doing showings or meeting with clients. It’s not very 9-5. But they are in the office more when we shoot.”

Davina Claimed the Show Was Scripted, Was She Lying?


One Reddit user asked, “Davina keeps defending herself on her instagram to all the haters by saying that the show is scripted. Was she told to bring up the ‘two sides to every story’ line?” And the unnamed source replied, “They are told to discuss topics but no one is ever given “lines”. From my knowledge no one told her to say “you didn’t get married to get divorced” or that “Justin is a gentleman.””

Who Are the Hidden Employees of the Oppenheim Group?


Fanatic viewers of the show who take a look at the business website for the Oppenheim Group may notice that there are plenty of people who work at the company who aren’t on the reality show. To explain this, the inside source said, “It’s misunderstanding that all the people in the photo on the website are agents. The majority of them are assistants, event planners, drivers etc. I think Jason just wants it to look like a big company. The only other 2 “legit” agents at the company are Nicole and Graham Stephen. Graham is doing his YouTube thing so I don’t think he needs the show.”

Why is Devina Still Around?


Davina has been a breakout star on the show for being one of the series’ most sinister villains, so why does she continue to hang out with people she can’t stand? The source answered, “I know she can’t stand the twins IRL. But I guess she has word vomit and can’t help herself, so that’s good TV.” It has since been reported that Devina left the Oppenheim Group for rival real estate firm Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills. 

What is Amanza’s Situation?


Amanza has a tough personal life, which is often a point of conflict on the series. The source explained that “Amanza is doing fine but she lives in an apartment in Sherman Oaks, and is the sole provider for her and her 2 kids. So she’s doing ok but is probably the least well off out of all the ladies. Lots of her fancy outfits were loaned to her by a friend who is a stylist.”

How Did the Cast Find Out About Chrishell’s Divorce?


One fan asked, “What really went down when the cast found out about Chrishell’s divorce? I understand that scene was reshot. Who found out first and what was everyone’s reaction?” And the source answered, “Christine found out first IRL, everyone was in shock. I know the exec producers out of respect for Chrishell gave her a heads up that we were gonna shoot a scene with the cast finding out.”

Maya Is In on the Drama


It’s obvious that Christine doesn’t get along with everyone at the real estate firm, but Maya may be just as shady to everyone when the cameras are off. The source explained, “Maya makes shady jokes about everyone. I know some of the ladies (Heather) get [mad] about how she gets away with those comments. She [Maya] is def closer to Christine and sides with her. She’s also friends with Davina but you don’t see that as much in the show.”

Romain and Mary’s Relationship Exposed


Mary posts tons of photos of her beau Romain on her Instagram, but are the two as sweet together as they pretend to be in front of the cameras? Apparently yes, as the source wrote that Romain and Mary are “cuter in real life” and “are always affectionate but she doesn’t understand what he says half the time lol.”

Heather and Tarek Are Like Teenagers

Instagram / @heatherraeyoung

Heather’s boyfriend Tarek El Moussa, who is famous in his own right for his reality show “Flip or Flop,” quickly became all that Heather could talk about on season two of “Selling Sunset.” And in real life, Heather’s new fiancee Tarek came by set a couple of times, and the couple packed on the PDAs and are “SO affectionate and all over each other.” They describe them as like “two horny teenagers.”

Christine and Christian Are One and the Same


Christine and her husband Christian are like “two peas in a pod” as they can both be mean to each other and people on set. The source added that “Sometimes they have a decent back and forth. But he’s so awkward and nerdy, and she can be so mean to him. He can be rude and crazy mean to the crew too. So they are two peas in a pod lol.”

Who Sells the Most Houses?

Instagram / @chrishell.stause

In a real estate firm, every employee is in a competition to outsell everyone else they work with. So the obvious question is, who sells the most houses in the Oppenheim Group? The source answered, “Some women sell and work more than others, I think you can tell who… tbh after the divorce Chrishell has been more focused on real estate and in the office more then ever. Christine never works,” claims the alleged crew member.

Most of the Show is Shot in Real Time


For a reality show, “Selling Sunset” is pretty true to real life events. The source explained the show’s filming schedule saying, “Things for 90 per cent of the time are shot in real time. Sometimes we need to reshoot things, like if a location or a house isn’t available – or a cast member is out of town, that’s when will shoot things out of order or after the fact.”

Christine’s Wedding Wasn’t Typical

Instagram / Christine Quinn

Discussing the filming of Christine’s wedding to husband Christian, the source wrote, “Christines wedding was soooo long. They took over 2 hours to “flip” the room for the reception. So guests were sitting out in the cold (December in LA gets cold at night) waiting for them to get the room ready. Dinner took forever to come out. They didn’t do typical reception speeches or anything like that so the reception was boring. It was cool to look at but that was it. There wasn’t like performances or anything.”

Scenes Are Shot Out of Order


Some fans were surprised to hear that although things happen chronologically on the show, scenes are sometimes filmed out of order for the ease of the crew. The source added, “But besides shooting some things out of order, no one is ever ‘fed’ lines. The EPs [executive producers] just tell them what topics or ‘storylines’ they want discussed in the scenes based on what’s going on IRL, and they roll cameras until the conversation runs out of steam.”

The Show is Heavily Edited


It’s not a surprise that most reality shows edit their footage to make people appear to do and say things that they would never actually do. This makes the shows dramatic, but does “Selling Sunset” utilize these tactics? The source said, “And of course everyone is human and has good or bad days and things are edited, but the cast IS exactly how they come across on the show.”

Filming Days are Long and Can be Grueling


Many people think that being a reality television star would be an easy job, but they don’t know exactly what goes into the process of making a popular show for a large production company. The source explained, “They start [filming] around 8am and shoot till around 6 or 7pm. This is usually two or three big scenes a day, two if it’s something particularly big like a party or event.”

Are Mary and Romain the Most Normal Couple?

Instagram / @themaryfitzgerald

When Mary isn’t selling houses on the show, does she have a picture perfect love life like she would lead people to believe? One Reddit user asked the source, “How is Romain and Mary's relationship they seem the most "normal?”” And the source answered, “Lol yeah Mary and Romain are actually kind of perfect. He can barely speak English but they do love each other.” 

Brett Oppenheim Left the Group


Drama doesn’t only involve the girls on set. It’s been noted that Brett Oppenheim, twin brother to Jason Oppenheim, is no longer mentioned on the website of the real estate firm. Sources say that he recently started his own real estate company to compete with his brother’s business. Reportedly, he didn’t like the way that things were run at the firm and he preferred cameras to stay out of his business.

Who Are the Other People in the Office?


Keen viewers of “Selling Sunset” might have noticed a few unfamiliar faces in the office of the Oppenheim Group. There are sometimes people who have no speaking lines on the show in the background of multiple scenes. The source explained their presence, “Most of the other staff aren’t agents (they are assistants or event planners) OR weren’t chosen by the producers [to be on the show], like Nicole.”

The $75 Million Listing is Still on the Market


Davina is still hard at work at selling the property that would earn her a huge commission. The incredibly expensive house is still listed on the website of the real estate firm, meaning that it is still up for sale and the alleged crew member confirmed that it hasn’t yet been sold, but it is still on the market!

Who Approved Burgers and Botox?


One fan asked about an infamous moment in the series saying, “I just can’t wrap my head around Christine’s “burgers and botox” thing - did it actually get approved by the twins or was that propelled due to entertainment? It was just so wild!!!” And the source replied, “Haha yeah I guess they were fine. I know we had to find a Botox person who would Be willing to be on camera.”

Will There Be a Season Four?

Instagram / Netflix

Because of the current state of the world, fans are worried that the reality show won’t continue for a fourth season. There have been multiple stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures in Los Angeles which would definitely make it difficult to film a reality show. One fan asked, “How is season 4 shaping up with the whole pandemic situation?” And the source replied, “I have no idea if there’s gonna be a season 4 yet!”

Are Karamo Brown and Christine Actually Friends?


Karamo Brown, star of the Netflix series “Queer Eye” and Christine Quinn share some close moments on the show, and as two Netflix reality stars, they might have a lot in common. One fan asked the source, “how can Karamo and Christine actually be irl friends? Is that scripted?” And they replied, “She told us they met after season 1 came out cuz he was a fan of the show.”

How is Chrishell Handling Things?


Chrishell had a lot of tough moments between 2019 and 2020, including the death of both of her parents and a public divorce from her ex-husband, “This is Us” actor Justin Hartley.” One fan asked the source, “Is chrishell doing better now? Like is she happy? Watching her go through that was so hard because she’s one of my favorites. I hope she’s doing better.” And the source replied, “I don’t know, she seems like she’s doing fine but it’s been a crazy year for her.” It’s incredible that she doesn’t let her personal life effect her working life!

No One Can Stand Christine


One fan asked about Christine’s recent public behavior, which has included sharing some choice words about her co-stars on social media. The source replied, “I know the cast is pissed with Christine, no one can stand her right now cuz she’s talking [about] them to the press. So I don’t know if they want her back.”

Everyone is Exactly How They Seem on the Show


Everyone alters their personality a little bit when they’re performing for others, but the cast of this show acts exactly how you would expect them to in real life. The source wrote, “They are all kinda how they come across. The brothers can be more intense off camera then they come across on camera. They are definitely type A.”

The Crew Member’s Answers Were Deleted


The Reddit profile of the alleged crew member who answered all of these questions has been deleted since they dished on the drama behind the scenes of “Selling Sunset.” This has lead many fans to speculate that members of the cast of the show probably found out who the source was and promptly made sure they they wouldn’t be returning as a production coordinator. 

But Fans Had the Last Laugh


One fan even asked the source during their answering spree, “But will you get into trouble if your bosses find out about this?” And they quickly replied, “Don’t tell!!” So they knew that they were in danger from sharing these secrets from the very start. One hilarious fan speculated that the stars of the show may have gotten the page taken down, saying, “Well someone went and reported this guy, his account is deleted. Thanks Debby Downers, aka Christine and Davina.”

Chrissy Teigen Doesn’t Believe That The Show is Reality

Instagram / Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen was very vocal on Twitter about her thoughts on the show after her first viewing. She wrote, "I will say, I look at LA real estate a lot and have never seen any of these people lol either have our agents, who I have obsessively asked. Maybe I also know everyone on tv plays up a character. They’re all doing that. You guys are ... super mad at people who are in on the joke.”

She Didn’t Find the Drama Entertaining

Instagram / Chrissy Teigen

Teigen continued her tweets, saying that she didn’t think that the show was as crazy as fans told her it would be. She continued, “I just watched all of Selling Sunset after watching everyone talk about it for so long! I don’t even think anyone on it is as mean or insane as you guys said? Maybe I’m just so used to it because I live here? This is pretty normal lol some are actually really nice.”

Other Reality TV Real Estate Agents Chimed In, Too


"Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" cast member Tracy Tutor voiced her opinions on the series on her guest spot on “Watch What Happens Live." She said that the series “is not about selling real estate— I think it’s about dating bachelors in the Hollywood Hills.” Ouch! She later took back her comments and said “I wish [the Oppenheim Group] all the success in the world.”

Jason Oppenheim Chimed in on Twitter


Jason Oppenheim, one of the founders of the group that the show is based on thanked Chrissy Teigen for at least mentioning the show on her page. He wrote, "Chrissy, thanks for watching our show! Regarding your agent's knowledge of members of my team, I respectfully don't know him either although that doesn't mean he isn't successful and didn't just sell you a stunning home in Weho (seriously, I love your new house)."

Chrissy Clapped Back


Chrissy is never one to let another person have the last word, so she replied to Oppenheim saying, “Honestly I don’t even know what agency our agent is with lol. Love the show! Pass your office every day, I’m an open house nut and am very sad I missed burgers and botox!" At least she knows how to be kind, unlike some members of the show’s cast.

Oppenheim Got the Last Laugh


And the conversation didn’t end there! Teigen once and for all got to find out that the real estate firm was real when Oppenheim tweeted back to her, revealing that they’d soon be working together. He said, “If you want to see if I’m real, I’ll be showing your house tomorrow morning to one of my clients.” Hopefully she’ll be appearing on the fourth season of the series very soon!