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The Absolute Worst Netflix Original Shows You Should Just Skip

The Absolute Worst Netflix Original Shows You Should Just Skip April 4, 2018
worst netflix original shows

    Worst Netflix original shows
    OK, try this: Think about Netflix original programming. Chances are good you had no trouble coming up with a list of some of the most critically acclaimed shows going right now. Like Stranger Things. And Mindhunter. And most of the Marvel Netflix series. (Sorry, Iron Fist.) But Netflix isn’t all certified fresh scores and Emmys. Because the streaming service has had its fair share of misses in the television department. And some of them you’ve probably never even heard of. But we love to hate on things. So that’s why we’re more than happy to take the time to run down the worst Netflix original shows the network has created.


    worst netflix original shows
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    Forget the fact that each episode is too short to successfully cram every ounce of information Cooked tries to cram into it. Maybe it’s that the documentary series kind of tries to make us all feel bad about our eating choices. So I’m going to make a run to In-n-Out instead of actively seeking out whatever free-range, grass-fed, ethically raised, hand pressed patties Whole Foods is currently selling. Sue me.

    worst netflix original shows