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Real Photos Shared By Auto Mechanics to Prove the Strangest Things They’ve Seen on the Job

Real Photos Shared By Auto Mechanics to Prove the Strangest Things They’ve Seen on the Job September 24, 2021Leave a comment

Mechanics see all types of things throughout their day, and many of their stories are nothing short of unbelievable. But there are some instances when they encounter weird and unexplained things like wild animals inside engines, supernatural occurrences, and cars pumped full of bullets, just to name a few!

These mechanics shared some pretty crazy stories of some of the weirdest and sometimes the most adorable things they saw on the job. Even the most experienced drivers sometimes let their maintenance lights flicker for a few weeks too long, and that is the least of these mechanics' problems.

A Car Full of Bullet Holes


Mechanics deal with all kinds of intricate car jobs. Sometimes they have to spend hours bending, twisting, wrenching, and figuring out a problem for weeks on end. Other times they can fix the issue within a few hours. But one thing's for sure! They know how to handle the inner workings of a car. But that doesn’t mean their days are anything but interesting. Take this mechanic who works at a rental company and was present when the cops brought back one of their vehicles loaded with bullet holes.

Pull On String to Unstick Accelerator Pedal


This mechanic gasped when they opened the driver’s side door and saw this note, a string, and a ruler attached to the steering wheel. It’s a good thing he read the note. If he hadn’t, he would have driven into a wall when he drove the car inside one of the shop’s bays because the accelerator pedal kept getting stuck to the floor. Gotta give the customer kudos though for MacGyvering it.

The Prius Owner That Knows Its Limits


This car owner knows that his Prius is environmentally friendly because it’s a hybrid. That means that it won’t release as many harmful emissions into the atmosphere because it uses battery power before the gas in the tank. But the owner knew that Prius cars get a bad rap for not being the most efficient vehicles on the road, so the mechanic just laughed when they saw what was on the back of the bumper.

The Flapping Noise From the Driver’s Side


Mechanics often laugh at the complaints that customers make when they bring in their cars to the shop. One customer claimed that she heard a flapping noise coming from the driver’s side. It was obvious to the mechanic that the flapping sound was coming from the American flag attached to the passenger side window whenever the wind blew on it.

This Dog’s Not So Scary


Dogs aren’t generally scary unless they’re large, barking and foaming at the mouth. That certainly wasn’t the case with this adorable fella. He was minding his own business in the backseat. Then he heard someone open the door and thought it was his owner. But it was just the mechanic who was startled because the owner never told him he was in the back seat to begin with. How rude!

The Soviet Tire


The Soviet Union was a socialist state of multiple national republics that spanned Europe and Asia and lasted from 1922 to 1991. Their abbreviation was USSR, but this mighty empire collapsed in the early 1990s. It’s why this mechanic was so surprised when they read that the tire they were going to be working on read “Made In USSR.” They suddenly realized that the tire was a lot older than they were.

The Turtle Under a Lift


It’s a good thing that this turtle was found under a broken lift inside this mechanic shop. If the lift had been working then this little guy might have been crushed. And as everyone knows, turtles aren’t the fastest creatures on the planet, so there’s no way that it would have been able to walk away fast enough if the lift started to come down on him. Luckily, this kind-hearted mechanic found him and placed him somewhere safe.

Gloves in a Glovebox


It seems like everyone stores just about everything in a glovebox like candy, maps, books, makeup kits, snacks, and even guns. But no one ever seems to put in the one item that that box was intended for—gloves. It’s why this mechanic was stunned when they opened the glovebox and found not one but two pairs of leather gloves. It might not be as big of a discovery as finding the body of Jimmy Hoffa, but it’s still pretty interesting.

Customer Wanted Racing Slicks


A customer drove into a mechanic shop requesting racing slicks. Racing slicks are designed to deliver grip with the surface of the tire at extreme temperatures, but they don’t offer very good traction, especially on a rainy day. So the customer had to sign a waiver absolving the shop of any wrongdoing before allowing her to drive off. She probably just wanted to look at herself on the shiny surface of the racing slicks.

The Car Sounds Like Dory


“MMMoooo..weee...woooooo...Ahhhh...eeeeyyyyyy....WEEee...Mooh,”  that’s how Dory from “Finding Nemo" would probably sound like if she were talking to a whale. And according to the customer, their rear brakes sounded just like Dory. Clearly, this person is a parent who has been watching too many Disney films with their kids. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But they obviously needed a tune-up.

He Found a 4-Leaf Clover


The odds of finding a 4-leaf clover rotted in the fender line of a car are probably a million to one. Well, this mechanic should probably play the lottery because he found a 4-leaf clover, a symbol of good fortune for anyone who happens to own one. There’s even a legend that claims that Eve plucked a 4-leaf clover from the Garden of Eden so she could have a souvenir before leaving.

A Jaguar XJ220


A Jaguar XJ220 is a two-seat sports car that was produced by the Jaguar car manufacturing company from 1992 until 1994. This makes it extremely rare. So, when a mechanic saw one being driven into the repair shop bay, his entire body quivered with excitement. And he savored every moment he had with this car because he knew that the odds of ever seeing one or even working on one were not in his favor.

Customer Got to 1 Million Miles


This customer has been coming to the same mechanic since his odometer read 200,000 miles. He claimed he would someday reach 1 million miles, but the mechanic wasn’t sure if the car would last that long. Then, after years of waiting and hoping, the customer drove up to his shop and asked him to fix one of his tires. And yes! He had his 1 million miles on his odometer, or rather 999999 to be precise.

The Herky Jerky Complaint


This work order is proof that most customers have no idea how to describe what’s wrong with their cars so they come up with their own vocabulary. This customer complained that their vehicle was making a “Herky Jerky” movement and one of the technicians obviously had some fun with the made-up term as it appears all over the work order. He even came up with a few terms of his own like ranky-tanky module, honky-wonky, and nimbly-bimbly.

He Hopped Into the Repair Bay


Car repair shops are so... well... mechanical. There are metallic tools and equipment everywhere. The air stinks with the scent of sweat and motor oil. There’s certainly nothing beautiful to distract a mechanic with the exception of the occasional sports car or beautiful customer. That's why it was such a treat for one mechanic when an adorable bunny rabbit hopped its way into the repair bay looking for a carrot and some company.

This Possum Passenger


When the mechanic pumped the hood of this car, he found that a possum had somehow made itself comfortable inside the engine. It even created a bed made out of dried leaves so it could rest. Now the possum is going to have to make other living arrangements. The poor thing probably barked really loud when he tried ripping him out of the engine. Hopefully, it found another home.

Worst Parent Ever


Mechanics see all sorts of weird things day in and day out. But when this guy walked to the back of this customer’s truck, he read something on the back of the tinted window that made him laugh out loud. “Honk if a kid falls out.” He figured it was way better than reading one of those signs that said: “Baby on Board.”

Two Pups in a Car


When the mechanic went inside the car to press the handle that released the hood of the car, he found two adorable puppies staring back at him. They seemed to be smiling at him as if asking him “Wanna play with us?” The mechanic undoubtedly wanted to stay and play fetch with these adorable pups. Unfortunately, duty called and he had to get to work on that car. Bummer!

Customer’s Pet Raccoon


This mechanic couldn’t believe it when the customer said to them “Let me know when you are about to pull my truck in so I can get my raccoon.” At first, the mechanic thought he was joking, but when the time came, the customer opened the door to their truck and pulled out a raccoon. Fortunately, the animal behaved itself in the lobby until the mechanic was done fixing the truck.

Kitty in the Engine


Cats often hide under cars and since they’re basically natural born contortionists, they’re able to hide inside a car’s engines. Unfortunately, when the vehicle starts, their lives are put in danger. Suffering from serious burns is just one of the problems they face. There are also engine parts that are constantly moving that can cut or crush parts of a cat. Fortunately, this mechanic was able to save this cat from a customer’s engine.

This 1986 Toyota Was Like New


Anyone who still owns a vehicle from the '80s most likely owns a real junker. It probably doesn’t even drive that well either. Right? Wrong! This mechanic was in awe as a customer brought in their 1985 Toyota, which had 211,000 miles on it. And yet, surprisingly, it was still in mint condition. Guess the company’s adage is right after all. Toyotas really are built to last.

BBQ on Wheels


This mechanic couldn’t believe it when someone told them that a customer was going to bring their BBQ in for maintenance. This was a mechanic shop. They repaired cars, not BBQ grills. Then, the customer dropped their BBQ off. It was this long, rectangular thing with brake lights on the end, two grills on the side, and wheels! Now it made sense why they wanted him to work on the brakes and bearings for this thing.

No Tires, No Problem


A customer drove their vehicle into the shop, but the mechanic had already heard the vehicle screeching in. It turns out that one of its tires was missing, so the rim was scraping against the pavement of the driveway. And judging from the side of the bumper, this car hit something.  But who knew that someone could still drive a car without a wheel? Unfortunately, it’s not really good for the metal rim.

Worst Place to Put a Battery

Reddit/ryan malta

Ferraris. They are some of the coolest and most popular sports cars in the world. It’s too bad that changing their batteries is such a challenge. Whoever designed the inner workings of this vehicle didn’t consider how difficult it would be for a mechanic to change the battery, which is in front of the wheel on the front passenger side. If this car ever rear-ended another vehicle, that battery would get damaged beyond repair.

Customer Can’t Find His Keys


This customer drove into the repair shop, but miraculously lost his keys inside the vehicle. When the mechanic got inside to help him look, he found an unusual mess. Now, most mechanics have seen their fair share of cars littered with old food wrappers and whatnot. But this car had N2O cartridges all over the passenger side floor and the center console. Hopefully the driver wasn’t high when he was driving.

This Tailgate Was Spaceballs!


The body paint on cars and trucks aren’t nearly as cool as this is. Of course, anyone who is a fan of the 1986 comedy sci-fi film “Spaceballs” will be familiar with these characters painted on the tailgate of this truck. The film was a spoof of “Star Wars.” While not everyone is familiar with the film, this mechanic sure got a kick out of seeing this on the truck he was working on.

The Decal Collector


This mechanic was more than happy to help an elderly woman out when she asked him to help her apply her 2018 decal on her license plate. Since she could no longer kneel down, he did it for her and that’s when he saw something interesting. It turns out that there were tons of decals from previous years, so for the mechanic, it was like looking at the rings on the trunk of a tree.

Too Many Malfunction Lights


It's not uncommon to have one or even two malfunction lights turn on. They were designed to warn a driver when a car needs an oil change or if it’s low on gas or the engine needs to be looked at. But rarely do this many malfunction indicators light up a dashboard the way they were doing for this customer. When the mechanic saw this, he figured it was a miracle that the car even made it into the bay at all.

Their Car Vibrates at 130 MPH


This customer’s chief complaint was that their car vibrated at 130 mph. First of all, this looks like an SUV. Anyone who knows anything about SUVs knows that they weren’t designed to withstand the sheer force of those speeds. So, it’s no wonder that the car was vibrating. But a mechanic is still required to check the engine if nothing more than to justify charging the customer for labor costs.

Elle Woods, Is That You?


A fuzzy pink steering wheel cover, really? Does this car belong to Elle Woods, the ditzy character from the “Legally Blonde” films? There’s no way that the driver would even be able to see the dashboard to see how fast they were going. Now imagine how they would have explained not knowing how fast they were driving to a cop. That excuse would sound about as lame as that pink steering wheel cover.

The Larger-Than-Life Toolbox


When this mechanic walked into the repair bay, they saw a new, blue and shiny toolbox that was larger than life itself. It was also worth about $30,000. He appreciated the extra storage space for the tools he and his co-workers could store in here. But he couldn’t help but wonder if his boss was going through a mid-life crisis and compensating for something he clearly didn’t have enough of.

Oil Leak


Usually, when a customer brings their car in for repairs, they expect to drive off without any issues. Unfortunately, this mechanic’s eyes bulged out of his head when he noticed that there was some kind of oil leak or transmission fluid leakage where the car had been parked. But he figured there was no need to flag the driver down because they’d eventually figure out that something was terribly wrong.

It Felt Like They Had a Flat


A customer came into the shop complaining that their car was making a sound that sounded like it had a flat. The vehicle was also acting jittery when they drove it. So, the mechanic used the hydraulic lift to take a closer look. Then he gasped when he saw how rust and corrosion had eaten away at the wheel axle. And judging from this photo, this was a costly repair.

This Old Top Deck Tour Bus


This old top deck tour bus has obviously seen better days, but for one mechanic, it was like a page from the past. He swore he’d probably never see one like this again. But there might still be some life left in this old gal. And with a little luck and some repair work, it can probably be converted into a motor home or even a food truck.

The Muffler Was Missing


The mechanic at this repair shop already suspected what was wrong with the vehicle even before the customer got out of their car. The customer claimed that there was something different about the way their vehicle sounded that morning. And when the mechanic went to take a look, he discovered that the muffler was missing. But that wasn’t the most shocking discovery. The mechanic claimed that the muffler wasn’t just missing. It had been stolen.

They Didn’t Have a Spare Tire


Mechanics have heard all kinds of excuses as to why customers abused their vehicles but this one was a doozy. The customer claimed that they had to drive for 3 days without a tire because they didn’t have a spare. That explains the condition of that hubcap. But when the mechanic checked inside the trunk, they found a spare tire and a jack.

The Screwdriver Key


Mechanics are used to seeing things that surprise them, but one mechanic wasn’t prepared at all when a customer turned in a screwdriver and claimed that it was their key. In fairness, some of the older models have locks that are so worn out that pretty much anything can get jabbed in there to unlock a door. This is also a useful way to turn a vehicle on for anyone who doesn’t have the time or money to replace the ignition switch.

The Undercarriage of a Tesla


Most people know what a typical car’s undercarriage looks like. It generally has a series of tubing, mufflers and other metallic gadgets. But what does an electric vehicle’s undercarriage look like? Sort of like this? This is the undercarriage of a Tesla. It’s eerily similar to the undercarriage of those toy cars that kids play around with. It’s flat and not nearly as impressive as a conventional undercarriage, but at least a Tesla’s engine is better for the environment.

He Drove Into the Repair Shop


This customer must have mistaken the repair shop for a drive-thru window. Either that or they needed some brake pads real bad. It’s too bad that they didn’t get their brakes looked at a couple of days sooner. The damage caused to the store is going to cost this customer a whole lot more than just brake pads would cost. Then there is the cost of those pesky tickets that the cop in the store is going to write up.

Mechanic’s Little Helper


Most mechanics have other humans on hand to help them inspect a car, but this mechanic had all the luck in the world. As he was checking codes in the driver’s car, he realized that there was an adorable pooch staring back at him wondering what he was doing in her master’s vehicle. Thankfully, she behaved herself and didn't bite the mechanic. If anything, she stuck around and helped the mechanic finish his code checking.

Hello S***Head


Do they make cars with AI built into them and is this AI on the fritz? It turns out that newer cars recognize the keys of an individual driver so someone can personalize greetings to whomever the key belongs to. But the mechanic that opened the door and got into this car had no idea that was the case. So, when they got in, they saw this horrible greeting waiting for them. Hopefully, it brought some laughter to his otherwise mundane day.

The Odometer Read 999999


This mechanic was delighted when their customer brought their Civic into their shop and showed him the odometer that read 999999. The customer had been bringing their Civic in since they brought it in 2006. He had brought the car to the same repair shop and it still had its original transmission and motor. The service there must have been incredible if the car managed to hold up for all those years.

Stuck Between a Grill and Condenser


When the mechanic started digging through the inner workings of a car’s engine, they heard a faint purring sound. At first, he thought he was hearing things but then he saw it! It was a cat caught between the grill and condenser. Luckily, he was able to get the kitty out without any serious harm. But it’s looking up at the human like it’s a little peeved that it’s inside the claustrophobic box.

Nesting in the Engine


The mechanic told his customer that the repairs weren’t going to be cheap. But it’s a good thing she brought her car in when she did or she would have been hearing the chirping of baby chicks in distress. That’s because a bird had somehow crept inside the engine and built a nest. Then she laid three eggs inside. Hopefully the heat of the engine didn’t cook the eggs.

The Condescending Instructions


The thing about working at a mechanic shop is that everything has to be done right the first time. Otherwise, the mechanic has to spend extra time reinstalling and repairing things. Sure, they can bill the customer extra for labor costs but sometimes it’s just easier to follow instructions when working on a vehicle. But some bosses think their mechanics are morons and supply condescending instructions like this one, which undoubtedly made a few guys roll their eyes at the shop.

The Bulletproof Car


Mechanics see all kinds of weird things in their line of work, like this private security Tahoe which had 1-inch bulletproof glass windows. It turns out that the rest of the vehicle was just as fortified to ensure no bullets ripped into the driver or passenger. Who knew that a vehicle like this existed outside of the CIA, FBI, or a good James Bond movie? Clearly, there’s never a dull moment in the life of a mechanic.

She Paid in 1’s and 5’s


A customer who works at Sonic brought their car in to get it checked out. It turns out that the total repair cost was $1,000. On a fast-food restaurant salary, that’s a lot of overtime, but regardless, she had the money. The only problem was that she could only pay the repair shop in 1’s and 5’s. So, the poor mechanic had to practically count each and every bill that the customer had given him. That must have been quite a headache!

Temperature Gage Read Full Tank


This mechanic probably had a good hearty laugh at the customer’s expense. That’s because the owner brought their vehicle in and claimed that the car had a full tank of gas. When the mechanic took a look, it showed the car was almost out of gas. So, when he asked the customer, the car owner pointed to the temperature gauge, which they mistakenly thought was the gas gauge.

Tire With Sidewall Bubbles


At a glance, it looked like this tire had a serious case of the chicken pox or the mumps. But the mechanic knew what had caused this. A side wall bubble is caused by air leaking from the tire’s interior into the tire’s body. This is often the result of impact damage. And judging from the look of this tire, it had suffered some major impact either by another car or someone who took a bat and beat the heck out of it.

The Dumbest Problem Ever


Anyone working in customer service will tell you that most customer complaints are fairly easy to solve. They’re also some of the dumbest problems. If anyone knows this, it’s this mechanic. The customer complained that they couldn’t roll the passenger side’s front window up or down. When he the mechanic took a look, he noticed that the customer had the window lock on. The solution? Turning the window lock off.