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Genius Parenting Hacks to Help You Survive Life with Kids

Genius Parenting Hacks to Help You Survive Life with Kids June 10, 2024Leave a comment

It has been said many times over that being a parent is the world’s toughest job. To make it a little bit easier, we have compiled a list of the top parenting hacks to help you survive life with kids. Dive in and find a new time or mess-saving trick to make life just a little bit easier!

Turn Toilet Paper Rolls Into a Toy Car Garage

Facebook / FrugalFun4Boys

Transform empty toilet paper rolls into an imaginative garage for toy cars by stacking and gluing the rolls horizontally. Paint or decorate the rolls for added flair. This eco-friendly project provides a fun, creative way to repurpose waste while organizing toy cars, perfect for kids to enjoy hours of playful parking.

Just a Spoonful of Sugar

Reddit / bsurfn2day

Getting small kids to take their medicine can be hard, but there are easy ways to convince them to do so! Try what this mother is doing and conceal the medicine behind a sweet drink. This is also a clever way to make your kids dislike soda!

Water Painting Fence Fun 

Instagram / macshona

Entertain your toddler by giving them a brush and water to "paint" the fence. This simple, mess-free activity sparks creativity and motor skills development while keeping them engaged for hours. As they watch the water evaporate, they can repaint, delighting in the endless cycle of fun and learning in the outdoors.

Create an Endless "White Board" with Butcher Paper

Reddit / agnstdgrain

Transform any wall into a giant, reusable canvas by using butcher paper as an endless “white board.” Simply roll out the paper and affix it to the wall, offering a vast space for brainstorming, drawing, or teaching. This cost-effective solution encourages creativity and collaboration, making it perfect for classrooms and homes.

Annual Photos in Graduation Year T-Shirt

Facebook / [deleted]

Begin a heartwarming tradition by marking your child's graduation year on a large T-shirt when they start kindergarten. Capture an annual photo with this same shirt, creating a visual timeline of their growth. Over the years, these cherished snapshots will beautifully document your child’s journey from young learner to accomplished graduate.

Extend Your Faucet


Since kids are short, they often struggle to reach the faucet. They also frequently get their hands dirty, so washing is essential. Repurpose an empty shampoo bottle by cutting it to create a makeshift faucet extender, making it easier for them to reach while also reducing plastic waste.

Make Taking Medicine Easier


Most kids hate the taste of medicine. A quick trick is to hide the medicine behind something like a can of soda. Stick a straw in the medicine instead of the soda and trick your little one into drinking it. Of course, this will only work once or twice before kids figure it out and stop taking the bait.

Too Cute Cut-Offs


Cutting the legs off of jeans and other pants to make summer shorts is nothing new- but for a better twist on an old trend, decorate the newly made shorts by sewing on patches or bandanas to make them more fun and fashionable.

Take a Quick Nap


Parents rarely get downtime with kids around, and naps are nearly impossible. However, here's a way to rest while keeping the kids entertained: draw a track or design on your back for them to play with using toy cars. You'll get a massage and some relaxation while they stay occupied.

Headache Relief


Waking up with a throbbing headache, all you want is rest without resorting to the TV for childcare. Try this entertaining game: provide a cupcake pan and colored cotton balls, and have your kid sort the colors while you enjoy some much-needed R&R.

Band-Aid the Problem


Toddlers often disregard warnings, so cautioning them against sticking fingers in sockets may lead to injuries. In a pinch, cover sockets with bandaids to protect their little fingers. For a more discreet look, opt for transparent materials like cellophane tape.

D.I.Y. Shower


Bathtubs aren't always available in every home. While baths are more eco-friendly than long showers, parents sometimes need to improvise. A clever hack is to purchase an inexpensive pool from the dollar store that fits inside your shower, allowing your child to enjoy bath time fun without a traditional tub.

Keep the Door Closed


As kids become more curious and start exploring cabinets, drawers, and doors, parents often worry about their safety. While various babyproofing products are available, a quick temporary solution is to repurpose dog collars by strapping them around off-limits cabinets until a more permanent and aesthetically pleasing option can be found.

Add it to the Schedule


Try adding color to the clock to make schedules more engaging for kids. Assign different colors to specific activities, such as "purple o'clock" for bedtime. This fun visual cue can help younger children feel more excited about tasks they might otherwise resist, like homework or cleaning their rooms.

Have a Quiet Flight


Flying with kids can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare. To keep your children occupied and content during the flight, pack a bag with snacks, drinks, games, and their favorite toys. The photo shows a simple, affordable, and mess-free activity: tape crayons to a small cookie sheet, providing a portable drawing surface to entertain them for an extended period.

Let Your Toddler Paint


This sounds like a scary proposition, doesn’t it? It really isn’t if you replace the paint with water. From your fence to your sidewalk or porch, your toddler can get their Picasso on with a Mommy Painting kit with a plastic bucket filled with water and a fun paintbrush!

Reverse Sandbox

Blogspot/Team Johnson

At the beach, it’s all about keeping the sand out instead of letting it in. In this hack, you use a fitted sheet to create your own sand-free enclosure. Lay the sheet flat but upside down. Use your cooler and other beach items to stretch the corners, creating a sand-free box!

Create a Crib Play Area

Blogspot/A Little Learning for Two

Removing the bars from one side can easily transform an old crib into an arts and crafts desk. The bed area becomes the desk, and the remaining railing can be used to hang supplies. Add a couple of kid-sized chairs, and you are good to go.

Grown Up Snacks


Here's the perfect trick for that little one that won’t stay out of your candy. All you have to do is cut a slit in the back of an old bag of vegetables and replace the vegetables with your favorite snack-size candy bars. Your hiding place will never be discovered.

Box Them Up


If you have raised a child past the age of three, you have washed crayons off your wall at some point. Take advantage of this idea. Grab a supersized box and put your little one inside with a pack of crayons. They can draw on the box's walls to their heart’s content!

The Table Hammock


A child-sized hammock is easy to make. Take a large sheet and tie it around your table. The sheet will create a perfect hammock for your child beneath the table. Just be careful to use a solid and sturdy table for this one!

Drip Stopper


Summer is the perfect time for popsicles; they make fantastic kids' treats. The only problem is that they seem to go everywhere as they melt. To contain the mess, use a coffee cup lid. Turn the lid upside down and place the popsicle handle through the opening. It catches all those pesky drips.

Tangled Doll Hair?


We have a solution for one of life’s most pressing problems: tangled doll hair. Simply fill a large cup with lukewarm water and add a drop of hair conditioner and a drop of dish soap. Dip the doll’s hair into the solution before combing, and detangling is a breeze.

Butcher Paper for Endless Fun


Securing a roll of butcher paper to a wall, desk, or other surface creates an endless " whiteboard” for your child to color, draw, or create on. You can keep tearing away and eventually replace the roll without having ever had them draw on your walls or furniture.

Put Kids in Control


Can’t play a video game with your toddler trying to get in on the action? Turn this into an opportunity for play time together without ruining your game. Give them their own controller- just make sure that it isn’t plugged in or turned on. Now they can play, too, without wreaking havoc on your score.

Makeshift Bug Net


If you want to take your baby’s playpen outside for some fresh air, there is an easy way to make sure they don’t get bitten by any random outside insects. Take a fitted sheet and use it as a topper for the playpen. It not only keeps bugs out, but it also provides some protection from the sun and too much heat.

Treasure Hunt


Keep an ongoing list of the little things you can’t find like spare keys and that ever occurring lost piece of jewelry. Use the list to create a treasure hunt for your kids. They will have a blast and you will get at least a few of your lost items back.

Toy Car Garage


If you have a ton of toy cars at your house, make a garage for them. Find or cut down a shallow box. Fill it with empty toilet paper rolls. Each roll will make the perfect compartment for a single toy car.

Medicine Chart


It’s always rough when you have to give a little kid medicine. One way to stay on top of it is by noting or charting on the bottle in marker when you have given the medicine. This way you are never at risk of losing track of the doses.

Lollipop Cover


Unfinished lollipops can turn into a serious issue. Either they end up wrapped up in clothes or you end up with a crying child because paper got stuck to them. The easiest way to preserve an unfinished lollipop is by placing it inside a plastic egg- problem solved.

Sheet Fort

Blogspot/Princess Pinky Girl

Making blanket forts in the floor of bedrooms and living rooms is a tradition that probably dates back to the dawn of time. Try a sheet fort instead. You can make the sheet fort on top of a bed. Use a fan inside the sheet to give it extra lift. This fort style has many advantages, including keeping your floor spaces clear for foot traffic.

Pool Noodle Safety


Trampolines are awesome, but they do come with risks. One of the biggest risks is the springs. To alleviate this issue, use pool noodles to cover the springs, just like you would use insulation on pipes.

Bath Fun


Baths are a wonderful form of entertainment for your little ones. A super cool idea is to add plastic glow sticks to bath time. This can turn any bath into an adventure.

A Step Up


Most vanities and sinks are too high for small children. However, any of them with a kick plate can easily be made more accessible. A little bit of common carpentry can turn any kickplate into a pull-out platform that will create a step for your kids.

Stopping Automatic Locks


Automatic locks on doors can be a great feature, but on a bathroom door with small kids around, they can be a hazard. To prevent those locks from working temporarily, use box tape to cover the door plate to prevent the locks from latching. Once your kids are mature enough not to lock themselves inside, you can simply remove the tape.