He Found a Strange House in the Woods—The Discovery Changed His Life Forever

He Found a Strange House in the Woods—The Discovery Changed His Life Forever April 11, 2023Leave a comment

James went hiking in the woods one Saturday. That hike didn’t go how his usual hikes do. That day he found a strange building with no doors and looked in. What he found there was so unusual and terrifying, he had to call the cops.

The discovery of the building and its contents led James and the police down a very deep rabbit hole that brought homeland security to their doorsteps.

He Should Have Seen The Signs


The day started out like any other. James was walking up a hiking trail as he often did on Saturdays. He had always been someone who loves the outdoors and nature. There was just something about the open skies that made the air feel richer and life a bit more beautiful. Also, there had been nothing unusual about the hike for the most part. It wasn’t until much later that he noticed something off.

Having gone on several hiking expeditions before this one, he knew for a fact that nature was never quiet. Out in the woods, there are always sounds; rustling leaves, chipping insects, tweeting birds, and scuttling wildlife. There were no such sounds that day.

The Weird Building That Started It All


James didn’t get to ponder the unusual silence for long before he saw it; the weird building that started it all. It wasn’t a huge structure by any account. It was no larger than a simple bungalow. But there was just something imposing about it; some powerful aura that seemed to emanate from the structure, pervading the entire environment around it. This was what piqued his curiosity, inviting him to take a closer look. 

There’s Something Odd About This Building


James later told officers, "Knowing what I know now about the building, and worse still, its contents, I can say that the right thing to do was turn back the way I came. At the time though, I was ignorant. And so I did the opposite; I went to inspect the building. What I saw blew my mind."

There were no doors to be found anywhere in this building. Not a single one. The only opening was an archway at the top of the building, way too high up to reach.

Only One Entrance


He rounded the house again, more carefully this time, hoping to find something he missed. He didn’t. There were really no doors or any other openings that led into the unusual building except for the archway.

Making his way back to the part of the building that held the archway, he started thinking of ways to get up there and finally take a peak into the building.

A House Without Doors Never Means Anything Good


Somewhere in the deepest parts of his heart, he knew that constructing a building without any doors meant the building was meant to keep people out. Or worse, to keep something in. Either way, the smart thing was to stay away from such a building. James didn’t do the smart thing.

Planning to Get to the Archway


It took James some time to finally arrive at a plan he was comfortable with. "There were lots of trees around so I had an abundance of sticks I could prop myself up with. Braking off two large branches that looked like they could support my weight, I sharpened them on one end with the camping knife I always carried. Sticking the sharp end into the soft ground beneath the archway, I carefully stood on them so as to reach the base of the archway and pull myself up," he later recounted.

He Finally Made It Up There


Pulling himself onto the archway was really tough work, but being someone who frequently went to the gym, it wasn’t impossible to do. Sitting at the edge of the archway, he took a few breaths before turning to try to see the interior of the strange building. What awaited him was one of the most bizarre sights he had ever seen. Bizarre and terrifying. 

What Did I Get Myself Into?


The moment his eyes adjusted to the darkness within the building, he gasped at what lay within the mysterious building. It shouldn’t have been possible, but he was staring at it with his own two eyes. There was only one conclusion he could arrive at; what he was seeing was real. The moment he realized that was when the terror began.

Something Sinister Sleeps


James grunted as he tried to get away from the archway and escape back the way he came. The terror building in his heart began to grow into full-blown panic at the thought of being stuck up there. That thought was all the motivation he needed. Abandoning all attempts at climbing back down safely, he steeled his resolve and simply jumped.

I Hurt My Leg!


"The moment my body hit the ground, I knew it was a very bad landing. Everything ached. I had very little time to think about that, however. There was only one thing on my mind right now, and that was to get as far away from this building as possible."

Limping towards the backpack containing his hiking gear which he had left behind while trying to reach the archway, he picked it up and began making his way out of the vicinity as fast as his injured leg could take him.

A Call For Help


It wasn’t until I got a good distance away from the building that I allowed myself to take a break. Taking a look at my leg, it became obvious that the injury was a little severe. I had sprained my left leg and every time it touched the ground, it sent spasms of pain through me. 

But I had no time to think about that. What I saw in the building was too terrifying. Fishing out my phone from the backpack, I did the one thing anybody would have done in my shoes; called the police.

How Do I Get Their Attention?


I was no fool. I knew for a fact that telling the officers exactly what I saw in the building would be crazy. No one would have believed me. Hell, even I was having trouble believing what I saw. 

But I couldn’t tell them nothing. Someone had to know about what lay in that building. Someone had to deal with it. Who better to do that than the police? 

A Little White Lie


Instead of telling them what I saw and risking sounding like a madman, I told them there was a suspicious building in the woods and that I think it was being used for malicious activities, maybe even for occult rituals or human trafficking. I also added the fact that I had broken my leg trying to escape the scene and needed help.

That seemed to do the trick and I was assured that a team would be deployed immediately to investigate the building.

He Needs The Police To Come Prepared


Now you might be wondering why I had to make up a story so serious, well, there was a very simple reason for that. What I saw in that building was serious. Even worse. I needed the police to come as prepared as they could. The alternative would have been a complete disaster.

Praying They Get There Quick


There is also the fact that it took me hours of hiking to get to these parts of the woods. I wasn’t ready to spend that long waiting for the police to get here. With my injured leg, the police were my only real chance of getting out of these woods safely. And I wanted to get out of these woods, far away from that building, as soon as possible.

So I stayed and prayed, that the police took my call seriously and didn’t decide to come here on foot.

The Police Arrived!


Thankfully they did. It didn’t take too long after the call that I heard the sound of choppers close by. The police were on their way, and they didn’t seem to be messing around. 

I was elated. My ticket out of here had arrived. Soon enough, I thought, I’d be out of these woods and far away from the mysterious building and the thing it contained. The thought filled me with more joy than I have ever felt. Looking back now, it’s almost funny how wrong I was.

Something Was Wrong


When the officers landed, I was impressed by what I saw. The police had taken my call seriously, and these looked like men who were ready for a confrontation. Good.

It didn’t take long for me to realize something was wrong though. There was something about how the officers were looking at me. One of them walked over to me, seemingly accessing me as he came over. His eyes fell on my injured leg and he sighed.

They Couldn’t Find The Building!


“We searched the area while heading to your location”, he said without any introductions, the chopper that had brought the officers taking off to further scout the area. “There was no clearing. No buildings.” He gave me a bit of a dark look now. “Was this some prank call?”

I stared at him dumbly for a while, before realizing what he was implying. “No,” I said. “Of course not. It’s not a big building, but it's not something that can be missed either.” How was that even possible?

Bringing Them To It


The officer stared at me for a few more minutes. “Fine,” he finally said. “Since you’re sure about what you saw, then show us the way.”
Damn it, I thought. Returning to that place was the last thing I wanted to do, but I suspected these officers were only a wrong answer away from arresting me for wasting their time and a significant amount of taxpayers' money. Sighing to myself, I headed back the way I came. Back to the mysterious building and its unsettling content.

Pushing Through The Pain


My legs hurt every step of the way. But the pain I felt was nothing compared to the terror that was building up in my chest at the thought of returning to that place. 

Some of the officers offered to assist me, but knowing most of them still thought I was lying, my pride wouldn’t allow me to accept any assistance except for one of them helping out with my backpack.

The Building Was Still There!


It didn’t take long for the woods to start seeming familiar again. We were now close to where I had first spotted the mysterious building with no doors. 

The officers with me were starting to act differently. They seemed to be more alert. More focused. More than once I saw a few officers looking around suspiciously. More than a few hands had also moved closer to their pistols. Not long after this, we came to the spot where I had cut the branches I used to climb onto the archway and the building became visible.

Wait... How Is That Even Possible?


There was disbelief on the face of the officers upon seeing the building. The officer who had confronted me earlier made radioed the chopper which was still scouting the area if it could see the building. The answer came as another surprise.

No, they couldn’t. From the sky, there was nothing but more woods where the clearing and building should have been. If I was worried before, I was terrified now. What on earth was happening?

No Choice But To Enter


The officers didn’t waste time getting to work. They began investigating the building and the surrounding area for anything that could shed some light on what was going on. There was nothing.
With no other choice, it soon became obvious that the only way to find any answers was to get into the building. And so the moment of truth arrived, and I watched from a distance as one officer was lifted onto the same archway I had looked through.

Even The Police Were Baffled


“What on earth?!” I heard the officer exclaim. “What is it? What’s in there?” the officer who had first spoken to me asked. He seemed to be the one in charge here.

“I don’t know, what I’m seeing here,” the officer on the archway said. “You’d have to come see it for yourself.”

Preparing To Enter


It didn’t take long for the officer to make his way up there as well, and there was silence for a bit before both officers made their way back down.
Pulling the other officers aside, the cops had a bit of a private discussion. I stared at them a bit anxious. Not long after, the man was back on the move, but this time they all had their guns out. The leader looked my way, nodding a bit before he and his team made their way back to the archway.

Things Would Probably Not End Well


This time, the officers didn’t just stop on the archway but made their way into the building itself. More than half the team went in with the rest waiting as a backup.

My heart pounded in anticipation. Flashes of what I saw in there came back to me and I shivered a bit. There was going to be an altercation in there. And nothing good was going to come out of it. I doubted this mission would end with happy officers.

More Confusion


Things didn’t really go as expected. Not long after the officers went in, their leader came back out looking even more puzzled than earlier. 

He spoke on the radio for a while, his words not reaching me. Also, there was something about how he spoke that hinted at some confusion and maybe a bit of worry, however.

They Couldn't Figure It Out


After the conversation over the radio, the officer walked over to me. Before he even said a worried, I could already tell how disturbed he was by what he saw in there.

“What did you see when you looked into the building?” He finally asked. I swallowed for a bit. Even knowing they must have seen exactly what I saw, saying it out felt stupid. What I saw didn’t make any sense at all.

Just What He Was Scared Of


“I saw a… giant,” I finally said after a moment, spilling out the word that had been haunting me since I first peeked into the building. The one word that had been haunting me since I looked into the building.

The officer stared at me for a bit longer, then nodded his head. Also, he didn’t say a word after that; just held his gun a bit tighter and beckoned me over as he returned to the archway to make his way back into the building.

Entering The Building With No Doors


I knew he must have pieced two and two together, already figuring out that there was no human trafficking involved in this case. He didn’t seem to mind the white lie though.

My second time up the archway was much easier than the first, despite my injured leg. The officers helped me both up the archway and down the other side until my legs landed safely on the wooden floor that made up the inside of the building.

The Giant In Chains


The room was completely empty, except for the one thing I saw when I climbed the archway earlier that day. 

The giant was… well, gigantic. It was at least twelve feet tall and built like the incredible hulk. It was hairy too, thick tufts of hair covering its head, back, and some part of its limbs. The sight would have been absolutely terrifying to behold if the creature hadn’t been bound to the ground by massive chains and completely still.

Call For Backup


In the background, I could hear an officer calling for backup but I couldn’t make out what was being said exactly. 

Despite the chains keeping the giant bound, the fact that it was as still as a statue, and the fact that I was in the midst of heavily armed officers, I still retained a significant amount of my initial fear. If the giant suddenly came to life, I wasn’t sure the massive chains or any amount of backup would have been enough to save us.

They Found A Tunnel


I was broken out of my grim thought by a call from one of the officers. He had found something; a hidden tunnel. The other officers were beginning to get into a formation to go and check out what was in there.

The lead officers asked me if I would stay behind while they went over to investigate the tunnel. I believe the man was trying to make a little joke. There was obviously no way in hell I was going to be left behind with that thing. So on I went with the officers into the tunnel.

It Led to a Large Door


The tunnel was a really large one. Seeing it answered one of the many questions that came to mind upon seeing the giant; with such a large tunnel, it was definitely possible to bring the giant into the building without the need for any doors. 

It took about 30 minutes to get to the end of the tunnel, but finally, we got to a massive, old-looking door.

They Were Expecting a Confrontation


On getting to the door, the officers tensed up, hands gripping riffles firmly. It didn’t take long for me to realize why. Chances were, whatever lay behind that door wouldn’t be friendly. 

I watched the officers mentally prepare themselves, bile rising in my throat with every second of activity. The lead officer gave me a look just for a second before looking back at the door. He didn’t say a word, but the message was clear; don’t follow us. And then they burst in.

But They Found Something Else


Bursting into the room below, the lead officer called a halt. From where I was still in the tunnel, I could only see a little of what lay behind the door. From what I could see, the room beyond the door was empty.
It made little sense. Who creates a tunnel that leads from a building with no doors to an empty room underground. None of this made any sense at all. That was, at least before one of the officers found a switch and turned on the light.

A Massive Underground Base


My jaw dropped once the lights came up. What lay behind the door was no room. It was a massive underground base. 

I wasn’t the only one staring agape at the massive structure the light revealed. Several of the officers wore a similar expression to mine, staring at the underground facility with a mix of shock and amazement.

Too Large To Investigate


I can’t tell you how large the underground base was. Walking in to see the facility better, I noticed that it stretched as far as my eyes could see. The lead officer must have come to a similar conclusion as well; if we were to explore the facility, no one could predict how long we were going to spend down here. 

So instead of continuing back into the unknown, the officers decided it would be best to go back the way we came and wait for backup. I couldn’t have agreed more.

Returning To The Building


We made our way back to the building with the giant and climbed back out the archway the way we came. Just in time, someone radioed in. 

Apparently, backup had arrived at our location but couldn’t find the building, just as the officers were unable to earlier. The lead officer gave them directions to where the team had initially met me and promised to meet up there.

Finding The Strange Room


Before we could start heading over to the rendezvous point, however, one of the officers left behind while the rest climbed into the building and called that he had found something. Sending a squad to lead the backup to the building, the lead officer and a few others as well as myself followed the officer who had made the discovery.

Leading us to a small cabin hidden a few paces away from the building, he opened the door to reveal a room full of some sort of machinery.

What Was This Used For?


The officers puzzled around the many machines laying about wondering what they were and what purpose they served. Also, from the look on their faces though, they were just as clueless as I was.

The machines in that cabin were unlike anything I had ever seen before. Moreover, there were no markings anywhere or any files close by which could have given us any idea of what we were looking at.

The Big Reveal


Before the officers could investigate any further, however, the backup arrived. But it wasn’t the backup I expected. And from the way the lead officer reacted, it’s safe to say it wasn’t the backup he expected either.

The men who joined us in the cabin were men in tailored suits and dark glasses who identified themselves as homeland security. Apparently, we had stumbled on a secret government project. We had to come with them right away. That was how one hike changed my life forever.

The events of this story are entirely fictional and are products of the author’s imagination. Images included are meant for illustration purposes only. Any resemblance to actual events, places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.