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Parenting Fails That Prove That Raising Children Is The Hardest Job Out There

Parenting Fails That Prove That Raising Children Is The Hardest Job Out There June 23, 2021Leave a comment

Most parents will straight up tell you that parenting is a tough job. But most of us don’t realize just how hard it can be until we have kids of our own. We can feed them, change them, hug them, and tend to every need they may have and they will still cry, complain, and mess up the whole house.

And nothing proves that better than these parenting fails that are so epic, they’ll make even the most enthusiastic couple think twice about having kids. These hilarious mishaps really showcase the true determination it takes to raise wild and rambunctious children.

Dad Joins Daughter for a Nap

Imgur / gmlgp9868

This poor dad was so burnt out that after putting his one-year-old to bed, he decided to fall asleep on the comfortable carpeted floor. But given that kids that age cry a lot, it’s only a matter of time before the ear-piercing wailing of his child wakes him up.

Daughter Creates Tape Mask


Mom left her 7-year-old daughter alone for 10 minutes while she went to the kitchen to start preparing dinner. This proved to be a major mistake because when she returned she saw that her daughter had created a full-face mask using tape. Creepy but cute!

Dad Sends Kid Flying

Instagram / texasfitmama

This dad flung his kid up in the air while he was in the pool because he thought his son would love it. But judging from the child’s face, he either wasn’t ready or dad threw him towards the edge of the pool and he was only moments away from true disaster.

Potty Training Needs Some Work

Twitter / AnnaKFaris

Most kids are so used to doing their business in their diapers that it’s a hard adjustment learning how to hold it until they can make it to the toilet. But one mom, actress Anna Faris, had the genius idea to let her son wear swim trunks while he learns the process of using the big boy bathroom. And judging from the puddle under his legs, this kid still has a long way to go before he graduates from potty training.

Mom and Dad Take an Impromptu Nap

imgur / aaavril

These parents took their baby out for a walk, but they were so tired that they took a break on this bench. Then mom placed her head on her husband’s lap and fell asleep while he rested his head on the rails of their son’s stroller and took a nap, too.

Dad Fails at Dressing Kid for Bed

Imgur / CaitlinnDeanne

She asked her husband to do one thing. Just one. Get the baby ready for bed. That doesn’t sound so hard, does it? Well apparently it was, since dear old dad pulled the baby’s pants so high up that they went up all the way to his chest and trapped his tiny arms.

Kids in the Background Hit a Forcefield

Imgur / regalbeard

This guy’s girlfriend took a few photos of him at the supermarket. But when they reviewed the images together, they noticed what appeared to be the kids behind them being repelled by a forcefield. But what really happened is that the little girl fell back and tried to stabilize herself by grabbing on to her kid sister’s stroller. Unfortunately, that didn’t work and she dragged her sister down, too.

Baby Got A Spray Tan From Mommy

Instagram / realmrsus

Mom had gotten spray tanned, but the paint was still fresh on her skin. So, when she allowed her baby boy to fall asleep on her, she had no idea until the following morning that some of the tan had transferred onto him. So now she has a kid with a half-tanned face.

She Trusted Her Kids With Markers and Regretted It

Instagram / jaxmurman

She bought her kids some scented markers for them to draw with. But when she turned her back on them, they used the markers to paint their faces. To make things worse, the marker ink wouldn’t come off right away. So, she hid the markers until the kids were old enough to use them responsibly.

They Turned a Dresser Into a Crib

Instagram / ceo_dad

These parents love their baby, but they also love playing video games. So, they turned one of their drawers into a makeshift crib, left the baby with a bottle of milk, and played video games. But one sudden kick to that dresser could send the flatscreen crashing down on the baby below.

Video Gamer Is Too Obsessed to Parent

Instagram / daddysbabies

This dad might have a child, but his inner child isn’t allowing him to be a good parent. Instead, he’s using his chin to keep the baby bottle steady. And while his son feeds, dad is busy playing Mario Kart on his GameCube.

Son Takes Quite a Tumble From the Couch

Instagram / mumsofanarchy

Dad was on his laptop while his son was sitting next to him on the couch. But his kid was clearly needy for attention, so he got a little too close to the edge, flipped, and fell head first on the ground. Luckily dad was able to catch him from his heel just in time.

Kids Get Traumatized at the Car Wash

Instagram / courtneystasko

The boy on the left looks almost catatonic while the girl on the right looks like she has just seen the most terrifying horror movie ever. In reality, they’ve both experienced a living nightmare, or rather, their first car wash, and they both hated it.

She Just Wanted to Show Off Her Boo-Boo

Instagram / the_disaster_mummy_that_is_me

It might look like this girl was flipping her parents the bird, but she wasn’t. She had gotten a boo-boo on her middle finger and decided to show it off. It’s her mom and dad’s fault for not teaching her what this gesture really means.

When Taking a Selfie Becomes Traumatic

Instagram / embracing.the.madness

Like most parents, mom and dad tried taking a photo of their precious little girl sleeping peacefully in her crib. But a second before the camera snapped the photo, the baby woke up and got the poop scared out of her.

When the Potty Gets Stuck to Their Head

Instagram / mumlifenofilter

This little pottyhead was in quite a jam when she decided to wear the potty instead of sitting on it. Unfortunately, it was a lot easier to get her head through the potty than it was getting her head out of it. She ended up stuck and crying for mommy to help her get free.

The Unhappiest Little Pumpkin Ever

Instagram / brittanyd_trautman

This mom thought it would be cute to carve a diaper out of a pumpkin and getting her baby to wear it. But it’s painfully obvious by the sad baby’s face that they don’t really like this fashion fail which also subs as an epic parenting fail.

This Kid Landed Face First

Instagram / rabbirfb

These parents allowed their son to slide down face first, but the kid ended up landing face first, too. And judging from this photo, he landed hard. But hopefully, this didn’t leave a physical mark or a traumatic fear of slides.

This Kid Without Any Shoes in 30 Degree Weather

Instagram / sarah_mcginnity

Oh sure! No one needs shoes if it’s 30 degrees Celsius, which is very hot. But this kid is living in an area where it’s 30 degrees Fahrenheit, which means the weather outside is very snippy. And yet, their parents forgot to fit their child with shoes. We sure hope the little one didn’t lose any toes.

Someone Messed Up This Kid’s Hair

Instagram / fijones369

No need to take him to a barbershop, he said. But one slip up later and this kid ended up with a major haircut fail after dad’s hand slipped and the electric razor shaved too much hair. Good luck finding a way to cover this up.

This Toddler Applied Some Cupcake Makeup

Instagram / XplodingUnicorn

This little diva decided to combine the best of both worlds, or in this case, food and makeup, by applying a chocolate cupcake over half of her face. At least, we all hope that it was a chocolate cupcake and not something else that could have been in her reach.

Baby’s First Sand Mask

Instagram / chicadclovers

Looks like someone wasn’t paying attention to their kid. These parents took their baby to the beach for a little relaxation and some family bonding. But the sand got everywhere, including their child’s face, after he seemingly face planted on the sand. 

Daughter Didn’t Like Her Clown Makeup


This little girl wanted to dress up as a clown, but she needed her parents’ help to put on some clown makeup. Unfortunately, having her entire face covered in purple makeup wasn’t up to her standards, which is evident from her crying face.

Dad Places Daughter’s Swimsuit Backward

Instagram / stephnbrooks

This is the reason why dads should never be allowed to dress their daughters for the beach. He tried putting her swimsuit on, but he put it on her backwards, which undoubtedly attracted a lot of attention from worried parents.

Dad Catches Ball Using Son’s Head

Reddit / h1lleard

Sorry Dad! This isn’t a beach volleyball game. There was no need to use your kid’s head to hit the ball. Alright, so maybe this was just an accident, but the kid looks like he’s going to need a trip to the E.R. and a raise in his allowance.

Their Daughter Flipped Over Her Meal

Reddit / thegreatbarcia

Some kids flip out for no reason at all when they’re out and about. But this little girl literally flipped in her booth when her chicken tenders with fries arrived. It’s safe to say that she’s not that hungry judging from the way her feet are dangling and her head is below the table.

Failing Dad Ignores His Falling Kid


It’s okay dad. Clearly, you’ve chosen who your favorite kid is. Otherwise you wouldn’t be ignoring the other kid who just fell out of a swing and is only moments away from crashing and burning on the ground.

This Kid’s Not a Dumbo Fan

Instagram / noellemaki

This kid is going to grow up with anxiety whenever he sees Dumbo, and he has his parents to blame for that. In fairness, he had been bugging them about getting on the Dumbo ride. But clearly, the reality was not as much fun as the boy’s initial expectations of the ride.

Eva’s Parents Can’t Follow Directions

Instagram / cheekyjenng

When Eva’s all grown up and looks at her baby book, she’s going to find that her parents didn’t really know how to follow directions. This page was supposed to be for the baby’s handprints, but they added Eva’s footprints instead.

Daughter Uses Webcam to Flip Everyone Off

Reddit / hmistry

When the adults in the house turned their backs for a moment, their daughter crept up to the computer and decided to show the world what she really thought of them. So, she aimed her hand towards the webcam and flipped everyone off.

They Bought Their Daughter a Creepy Minnie Mouse Lamp

Imgur / kesade

When the light isn’t on, this Minnie Mouse lamp looks absolutely adorable. And that’s what the parents who bought this for their daughter thought. But when they turned the light on, Minnie’s face went dark except for a sinister smile that undoubtedly ruined their girl's sleeping habits for life.

Kid Calls Out Mom for Being a Slacker

Instagram / bronlines

When the teacher asked the Kindergarten class to draw their moms and write down what they do best, this kid called their mom out for being a couch potato who loves to text all day long.

Daddy Caught Napping on the Job


They say that being a parent is exhausting. Well, that’s an understatement judging from this photo. Usually, it’s the dad that’s supposed to take care of the baby, but when daddy decided to take a nap inside his son’s crib, it was his boy who took care of him.

Mom Uses Questionable Object for Daughter’s Nosebleed

Reddit / MyUsernamesBetter

When her daughter’s nose started bleeding, mom stuck a tampon up the little girl’s nostril. This made perfect sense since they are designed to absorb blood. But was it really necessary for mom to take this photo?

Meet the Boss’s Kid

Reddit / kaleidospiral

This person’s boss decided to bring their kid to work. And judging from this photo of the kid smearing his face against the glass, it’s safe to say that they’re as much of a nightmare as the boss is.

Dad Licks Ketchup From Son’s Face


Unlike animals, licking a baby is not something human parents usually do when they need to clean them up. But this didn’t stop this dad from cleaning a glop of ketchup he accidentally dropped on his baby boy using his tongue.

Mommy Dropped a Kid at the Beach

Instagram / lizhansenphoto

The kid in the middle was swinging by both parents’ hands. Unfortunately, the kid on the far left slipped from his mom’s arms and fell head first on the sandy shores of this beach. At least he’ll have something to hold over his mom’s head for years and years to come.

He Peed in a Store Display Toilet

Instagram / philyeh

That toilet is the epitome of dual-flush efficiency, and this kid had to pee badly. So, he decided to run up to it, pull his pants down, and aim. Hopefully mom and dad were able to get to him in time because that toilet is a non-functional store display only.

Son Built a Lego Bar with a Drunk Patron

Reddit / smarshyboy

Most kids build Lego helicopters, steam trains, a house, or even a robot. But this Lego bar with a drunk patron inside was built by an 8-year-old boy who has either seen too many westerns or has been in way too many bars.

Mom Just Wanted to Spell Love

Twitter / Sydney King

All mom wanted to do in this photo was spell the word love, but her kids didn't get the memo. Instead of sticking their arms out to spell the letters L, V, and E, they spelled out C, C, K. So, with mom being the O, it spelled out a word that’s the synonym for rooster.

Naked Child on the Loose

Reddit / couchsittingbum

This toddler stripped off his clothes and ran loose in the restaurant while his father watched in the background. He doesn’t look too concerned and he certainly doesn't seem interested in chasing his son down, which probably means that this has happened a few times before.

Dad Buys Daughter Questionable Silver Outfit


This little girl’s mom sent her husband to buy their daughter new clothes. Big mistake! The kid wound up with an old man’s gray hat, a silver jacket and silver satin pants that made her look like she just stepped out of a flying saucer.

This Kid’s SpongeBob Pajamas Ruined Picture Day

Reddit / KillerKenyan

There’s a reason this boy looks so displeased in his school photo. It turns out that his parents sent him to school in his SpongeBob SquarePants pajamas on Picture Day. And his pursed lips as he tried to smile reveals how he really felt about the mix up.

Dad Goes Swinging and Drops His Daughter


This dad thought it would be fun to have his daughter sit on his shoulders while he swung on a rope. Unfortunately, his daughter’s grip wasn’t strong enough and she fell backwards. But at least the blue foam blocks below them broke her fall.

Parent Spit Sunflower Seeds on Their Daughter

Twitter / MiaSimper101

When this parent checked up on her daughter who was sleeping in the backseat, they realized they had made a big mistake. They thought that they had been spitting sunflower seeds out the window on the ride home. But somehow, the wind blew the seeds back into the car and onto their daughter’s face.

Kid Nearly Drowns Herself With Water Bottle

Instagram / kristinsday

This kid wanted a sip of water and to prove that she was a tiny adult, she picked the water bottle up without anyone’s help. Unfortunately, she squeezed too hard and splashed water all over herself. And the horrified look on her father’s face was priceless.

This Kid’s Not Safe for School Sweater

Imgur / angryhamzter

This boy’s parents sent him to school wearing a recently bought ugly Christmas sweater. But then they got a call from the Kindergarten teacher, who noticed that the Santa on the sweater was peeing the words “Merry Christmas” in the snow.

Girlie Takes a Tumble

Reddit / WakaFlockhart

This photo captures the “holy crap” expression on mom and dad’s face moments before their daughter crashed and burned on the ground. Judging from the way her parents’ arms are up in the air, it seems that they were holding her up when the little girl slipped from their grip.

There’s a Lemur on the Baby’s Head

Reddit / Musicats78

This baby girl had one wild encounter when her parents took her to the zoo. Fortunately, she was asleep and wasn’t aware of anything. But her parents undoubtedly got quite a shock when they noticed that a lemur was sitting on the baby’s head.