Leopard Visits Cow Every Night Until Farmer Follows Him And Sees Why

Leopard Visits Cow Every Night Until Farmer Follows Him And Sees Why March 21, 2022Leave a comment

While slowly making his way around the corner, his hands began to shake. His beloved cow was in a pen with this beast. At last, he would see it for himself. However, he was not prepared for what he would see.

A farmer his entire life, his father taught him that carnivores were deadly and to scare them away. However, his doubts were sparked when he saw the animal in front of him with his cow.

Family Business


Abraham Amel was a regular guy. When his father retired, he received the responsibility of tending to the family farm. It was not a glamorous life, but it was all that he knew. He understood just how to care for all of the cattle and crops and ensure that everything worked properly.

He was proud of himself now that he owned the farm, and he maintained the high standards set by his father. But every now and again, he'd come upon something weird that his father had never encountered.



Raising livestock was one of Abraham's specialties. His father's farm was well-known for its dependable cattle. He knew his father would be pleased with how well he was running the farm. Though, there was one exceptional cow.

She was the prized possession of his herd. He gave her the name Abiba, which means "beloved" in Arabic. He even separated her from the other cows in a separate pen.

A Hard Life


Abiba had a troubled upbringing. Her mother discarded her when she was born because she was the tiniest cow in her litter. Abraham despised seeing an animal in agony and nurtured her to keep her alive.

She was frail, but thanks to Abraham's efforts, she recovered to an adequate level of health. He formed a bond with the little cow and ensured that she would survive. He also opted not to sell her and kept a careful check on her while she was staying at his farm. However, he had no idea that she would get an unexpected guest.

Odd Occurrences


At night, something unusual began to happen to Abiba's pen. When Abraham awoke in the morning, he would go around the farm feeding the animals. He'd get to Abiba's pen only to find that things were different.

The pen's fence had been busted open. As he ran inside the enclosure to ensure she was alright, his eyes got as big as ever. He was stunned. 

How Strange?


When he glanced inside the pen, he discovered that the straw had been shifted around and that the timber had scratches. He turned around to see his beloved cow sleeping in the pen, as content as ever. He looked at the markings and couldn't believe his eyes.

The marks appeared to be those of a predator. He was just relieved that his cow was in good health. He spent the entire day strengthening the pen. Nothing could get in, he was sure. He couldn't figure out why the animal came into the pen yet left Abiba alone.

It Happened Again


Abraham went to sleep feeling happy about his day's efforts. But when he awoke the next day, he was faced with an all-too-familiar image. Despite his efforts, the pen was yet again shattered.

He was perplexed. His cow was unharmed once more, but what was going on? He mended it again, but this time he decided to install a camera. He had to figure out what was happening.

Watching The Video

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Following morning, Abraham awoke to a shattered fence but a cheerful cow, as predicted. He chose to examine the footage this time since he was prepared. But he could not have anticipated what he would discover.

To check the film, he sat down and switched on his computer. He stood there watching a mysterious creature break into Abiba's pen with ease. Then it crept over to the cow and performed a feat he had never imagined possible.

They Knew Each Other


The creature approached the cow and sat down beside her. Abraham swallowed a knot in his throat as he saw a strange beast with his cow. However, nothing occurred. Abiba was cozying up to the creature.

They must have been familiar with each other as Abiba appeared to be quite content with the animal at her side, even delighted. They must have known each other before. The animal, however, was not from his farm. It was something far more deadly.

An Unusual Sight

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Abraham was still in amazement at what he had captured on film. His initial thought was to contact the proper authorities or to handle the situation himself. Because the animal had only been calm thus far, he decided to adopt a less harsh approach.

So he considered his next move, and when he had one, he knew he'd be labeled insane if anyone found out. But his inquisitiveness got the best of him.

Needed Physical Evidence

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Even though he had video evidence, his curiosity compelled him to take a closer look. He mentally prepared himself to do the unthinkable - to catch the animal when it was still there in the pen.

He knew it left at around 4 in the morning, an hour before he normally woke up. He decided to have an early night and try to catch it in the act. But as he approached the pen, he felt his nerves get the best of him.

The Animal

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He felt his hands shake as he slowly crept around the corner. He knew that the animal was in the pen with his beloved cow. He would finally see it with his own eyes. But he wasn’t ready for what he would see.

After being a farmer his whole life, he was taught by his father to scare off predators and that they were dangerous. But looking at the animal in front of him with his cow made him question everything.


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The animal that broke into his pen every night was a leopard. He was sure now that he saw it with his own two eyes. But there was something that the cameras didn’t quite capture - affection.

He could tell that the leopard was looking after the cow, making sure it was alright and checking in on it every night. Was it possible it could tell she was weak and needed protection?


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Abraham was somehow more confused than he had been before. It was clear that the leopard didn’t mean any harm, but it went against its nature to look after his cow. He knew he’d have to make some changes.

He decided rather than fight it. He could let things play out. It was clear there was no threat from the leopard, and to be honest. It would help scare off wolves and wild dogs.

Part Of The Family

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Abraham decided to induct the leopard as part of his strange animal family. His father would have hated the idea of there being a predator on the farm, but old traditions are meant to be replaced with new ones sometimes.

The leopard stuck around and would visit its friend every night like clockwork. He knew he no longer had to worry about his cow, especially predators.

A New Tradition


Over the next few months, the leopard started getting more comfortable with Abraham and started sleeping on the property. He decided to help it feel appreciated and started leaving meat out for it to eat.

He knew that his farm was a little unorthodox, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. He knew he’d teach his son one day to run the farm just as his father before