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25 Restaurants With Secret Menu Items for Dogs

25 Restaurants With Secret Menu Items for Dogs October 28, 2019Leave a comment

    Restaurants are far safer for your furry friends than you might believe! Even if you can’t bring your pup with you inside, restaurants are working hard to make themselves pet-friendly in other ways to get around that Health Department curve. We love a good outdoor patio and we also enjoy these secret and not-so-secret menu-items for our pups.

    Starbucks, ‘Puppucino’


    One of the more popular “secret” puppy menu-items is the Puppuccino at Starbucks. No, it isn’t coffee for your pup (which you should never do). A Puppuccino is a little whipped cream in a small cup that you may or may not be able to add your pup’s name to, just for fun. It is a secret, so you do have to ask for it by name.