Teacher Forces Girl To Use Male Pronouns, Regrets It When She Returns With Dad

Teacher Forces Girl To Use Male Pronouns, Regrets It When She Returns With Dad May 10, 2023Leave a comment

A Lady In Need

One thing was on the determined Kimberley Jones' mind that fateful morning: speaking up to her daughter's teacher.

During a conversation with Kimberley about Kayla's, her daughter’s, discomfort, Kayla burst into tears when she told her what was wrong. After initially suspecting she was being bullied at school, she investigated further and discovered something else entirely.

Best Pals

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Kayla Jones, 9, had a devoted mother, Kimberley Jones. It was an extremely close bond between the mother and daughter: they were completely inseparable.

One day, Kimberley could see Kayla's swollen and reddish eyes. They were a sign that she had been crying. Kim and Kayla normally talked about everything, but when Kayla froze, Kim instantly knew that there was something terribly off.

A Team

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A strong woman, Kimberley knew herself to be. As a recently divorced mother of a young daughter, she had to be a superheroine to keep Kayla and herself safe, fed, and happy.

Kayla, their pride and joy, was in caring hands even though Kim and James were separated.

Extreme Frustration

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Generally, Kimberley and Kayla would settle their disputes calmly and diplomatically, but Kayla's entire persona had suddenly flipped.

Despite Kimberley's best efforts, Kayla was always irritable and short-off as of late. She thought Kayla began showing early signs of puberty, but she had cause for concern. Kayla started exhibiting symptoms of something else entirely.

No Talk Zone

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Rather than greeting her mother, Kayla marched into the house and headed directly to her bedroom.

In an attempt to calm Kayla down, Kimberley tried to calmly talk things out with her. Her immediate response was a stern “No!” barely heard from the other side of her locked door. It was harder than she expected to deal with Kayla’s issues and outbursts.

Many Tries

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Kimberley missed her daughter, and she hadn't spoken to her for days. Despite being in the same house, they felt strangely alone.

In an attempt to reconcile with Kayla, she gave trying to talk another shot but was met with stony silence, followed by a blood-curdling scream, “I hate my life! ”

Barging In

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When Kayla did not open the door, Kimberley made her first demand. It was unbearable for her to hear her daughter speak so abrasively. She seemed to be going through something. What could it have possibly been?

Upon hearing the distinctive click of the lock opening, she stepped into the dark and depressing cave-like bedroom. “I can’t do this anymore,” Kayla replied, her voice breaking, holding back a stream of tears.

Strange Happenings

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It was Kimberley who rushed to the side of her grieving daughter. This was the first time Kim had seen her in such an emotional state; it was totally obvious that she had been crying for hours.

Asked what was happening, Kayla solemnly replied that school had become agonizing and she couldn’t continue on. A look of disbelief quickly spread across Kimberley's face. A detailed explanation was urgently needed. There was something serious going on.

A Full Account

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It was a heartbreaking moment for Kayla. Her appearance was defeated. In spite of Kimberley's efforts, she was not able to obtain any further answers. It wasn't a good day for Kayla to confide.

In the midst of giving up, Kayla interjected. “I don’t know who I am anymore. It's so confusing." Kimberley looked perplexed. Her mind was blown by what she had heard.

Different Feeling

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In an instant, Kimberley dropped down beside Kayla on the floor. It was important that she understood what she was saying. Until the issue was resolved, she wouldn’t budge. 

It took Kayla many hours to open up. It was confusing for her to figure out who she should be, and she was being called a different name. There was a pause in Kimberley's breathing.

Digging Deeper

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What prompted Kayla to think these thoughts? In spite of Kayla's tomboy nature, she had never noticed that she felt "different." Had Kimberley missed something?

She felt so awful. Kayla, however, said that other kids were calling her by a different name at school. Is that where it all began? Despite her concerns, Kimberley knew she had to investigate further.

Making Things Better

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The possibilities and thoughts in Kimberley's head were endless. Who started this whole thing, and why did they call Kayla another name?

In order to improve things for her daughter, she needed to find a solution. It was just a matter of knowing where to begin. She never expected to be dealing with something like this.

Feeling Helpless

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Despite Kimberley's efforts, she was no closer to finding a solution, and Kayla was in a bad place. It was the same every day. Her first move when she got home was to go straight to her room and cry.

It was a big deal for Kimberley. Her daughter was in serious need of help, and she had to act quickly. As a parent, she was determined not to let her daughter be a victim of crimes like this.

She Needed Professional Help

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In order to resolve the issue, Kimberley needed to confront the teachers and principal at school.

It was first necessary to provide Kayla with psychological support. In her mind, she had a lot of unhealthy thoughts, and she needed to talk to someone about them. Kimberley arranged to meet with the school psychologist.

The Appointment

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When Kimberley and her husband arrived at the psychologist's office, she was surprised to learn he wanted to speak to her first. Kimberley became increasingly worried as she listened to what she was saying.

Kayla had visited the psychologist almost every day, and while she was happy to listen and help, the real issue was at school. 

Being Direct

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It wasn't until the psychologist revealed something else that Kimberley knew what she had to do. The doctor told the truth without sparing any feelings.

Having not confronted the school sooner, she reprimanded Kim. It was hard for Kimberley to believe the doctor's audacity. In a flash, she grabbed Kayla's hand and marched out. A school psychologist would not scold her.


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While Kimberley knew the doctor was right to some extent, she wasn't aware of Kayla's situation until about a week ago.

She had managed to hide her hurt feelings so well. Despite feeling guilty about not confronting the problem sooner, she vowed to save her daughter, and she would hold everyone responsible.  

Another Conversation

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As a result of Kimberley's conversation with Kayla, she obtained another piece of information. During her conversation with her mother, she mentioned that her teacher should be contacted.

In spite of the fact that she understood it to be a good idea, her main concern was to get the principal to talk to him about what her daughter was experiencing with the other kids. Hopefully, she will get some answers soon.

Waiting Impatiently

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As she waited outside the principal's office, she grew impatient. Though things were busy, she knew she was next in line since she had made an appointment. As parents filed into the school foyer, they seemed to be angry.

After finally getting inside, the principal was sweating profusely, trying to diffuse what seemed like an explosive situation.

She Needed To Do Something

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In telling him what was happening with Kayla, the principal didn't bat an eye. His face seemed to show a "heard it all before" attitude.

It didn't matter to Kimberley. There was no way she could let her daughter down. Unless she resolved the issue, she could lose her for good. She was sinking into a deeper depression every day.

Not Wanting To Get Involved


In the hallway, she heard other parents' raised voices as they exited the office. Their shouts sounded as if they were baying for blood. The situation was exacerbated by shouts and chants heard throughout the school.

It didn't seem like a good idea for Kimberley to get involved in what was happening, so she turned on her heels and left. She then heard something that roused her interest.


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It was clearly audible that they were chanting a familiar name as she got closer. What was happening? As she navigated the crowd, she tried to make sense of what she was seeing.

An angry group of parents were protesting, accusing someone of hurting their children. What is the connection between this and Kayla's case? Did someone at this school physically harm her daughter?

Sticking Around


Kimberley stopped dead in her tracks after hearing what they were chanting. “Down with Miss Pridmore, down!” Kim stayed to hear more about the commotion.

She soon found out more than she bargained for when she spoke up to Miss Pridmore about why the other parents wanted Kayla to go "down."


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As each chant continued, the parents became more and more rowdy. In frustration, the father of one child threw a trashcan in the hallway.

A knife could easily cut through the tension in the air. However, the madness wasn't over yet. The situation would worsen before it got better.

A Worsening Situation


As if that weren't enough, one parent threatened to light the foyer on fire if the principal and Miss Pridmore didn't appear right away.

Their goal was to resolve the issue, and they wouldn't give up until they achieved it. It felt like Kimberley had stepped into World War 3 for a moment.

Doing Her Best

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As Kimberley tried to figure out what was going on, she was still confused. It didn't help that she was trying her best to diffuse the situation despite being unfamiliar with the situation. 

Besides trying to find out what was happening, she tried to calm down the parents as well. Despite her best efforts, she was always pushed to the back of the protest.

What Was The Reason?


It was Kimberley's job to determine what was causing the other parents to be unhappy. For the parents to threaten violence, it must have been very serious. 

Unless their children are in serious danger, no parent would go to that extent. Why did the uproar occur? Her attention was drawn to something disturbing just then.

She Needed Answers


Miss Pridmore was accused of harming their children as they hurled disturbing words at her. Miss Pridmore stood a distance away from her classroom door, and Kim knew there was something wrong.

Shaking her head, the woman claimed all the accusations were false. Then Kimberley realized she had to uncover the truth.

The Truth


A parent pulled Kimberley back just as she was about to approach the teacher. It would be useless to speak to the teacher, according to the parent. 

It is her responsibility to teach our children about transgender people and to encourage them to "try being gay" or to "try it out," the parent said. Kimberley's blood ran cold as soon as she heard those words.

She Couldn't Believe It

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Her jaw dropped as she heard what she was hearing. She knew Miss Pridmore was progressive, but she never imagined she would go so far.

Her duty as a mother and her loyalty to the school were at odds. Keeping her child safe is her duty. Despite this, she knew that she needed to find out the truth before making any judgments.

Outside Of The Curriculum


It is important to note that Kimberley was not a bigot in any sense, but when it came to her nine-year-old, she opposed certain teachings. There was no justification for Miss Pridmore teaching something other than what was on the school's curriculum.

In addition, transgenderism and its exploration did not appear in the curriculum being taught at that age.

Was This The Reason?


Could this be the reason Kayla questioned herself? Could this be the cause of her confusion and sadness? That isn't something Kimberley would stand for if it were the case.

The situation outraged Kim. Seeing her child suffer like this was beyond her comprehension. Kimberley marched to Miss Pridmore's class, threatening to burst into tears with her seething anger. Her questions needed to be answered.



She decided to ask Miss Pridmore directly about the allegations. Kimberley needed to discover the truth, no matter how risky it was.

Whether or not these parents were correct was of utmost importance to her. In addition, she needed to find out if her child was forced into something she didn't want.


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After taking a deep breath and knocking on Miss Pridmore's classroom door, Kimberley stepped forward. She opened the door. 

To Kimberley's amazement, the teacher was remarkably calm. There was almost an air of complete ignorance about what was happening outside her door. Did the protest even bother her? Was she at all concerned about the children?

Speaking With Miss Pridmore


As Kimberley stepped into the classroom, she noticed Miss Pridmore seated at the desk. There was almost an expectation that her parents would come to her soon.

The result was exactly what Kim wanted, but she still had a lot of questions. In the first place, what was she teaching? In the midst of her thoughts, Miss Pridmore spoke up.

In Defense Of Kayla

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Miss Pridmore said, "Oh, you must be Kyle's mother." Kimberley was in a state of shock. "No, I'm Kayla's mother," she said in defense of Kayla. 

While smirking, Miss Pridmore strolled through the aisles of the classroom, running her fingers across the desks. Her understanding of the other parents' concerns grew at that moment.

False Accusations


In response to Kimberley's question, Miss Pridmore denied the accusations, claiming that the parents spread lies. According to her, she taught tolerance and acceptance in line with the school's curriculum.

Although the words seemed logical, they could be twisted however a person wished. Indeed, that was the case.



Kimberley wasn't convinced that she could trust her, but she decided to look into it further. Instinctively, she knew that something was off, and she was determined to discover the truth.

Despite Kimberley's ignorance, she found herself in for a wild ride. In her view, there was no easy, quick solution to this problem. It would end in war.

Waste Of Time


"Nevertheless, I know your child wants to be a boy, so I gave her that name," the teacher said matter-of-factly. Kimberley was shocked by what she heard. 

It was evident from her face that she was furious. Was she being serious? Does she realize what she is doing to the children in her class? Kimberley wasn't in the mood to argue with this woman. It was clear to her what she had to do.

She Understood


Kimberley walked back into the foyer to reunite with the other seething parents. There was beet redness on her face as she felt her head about to explode.

It was now clear to her why the parents were angry. She immediately joined in with their protest. She then came up with an idea that might be of assistance to them.

What Was The Truth?

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Kimberley started talking with other parents, and even students got involved. What was happening was a mystery to everyone. 

In addition, Kimberley discovered that some parents were spreading rumors about Miss Pridmore due to her opposition to the school's curriculum. Did those rumors hold any truth?

She Needed To Stop It


In addition, Kimberley learned that some students felt pushed to accept things that they did not understand by the lessons.

However, she didn't have to take their word for it. Her own child had been through it, and she knew how harmful it could be. Time was running out for this to end.

The Right To Protest

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This is such a betrayal of trust on the part of a teacher, how can they? Children were sent to school every day and their parents hoped they would get the best education possible. Now, it was clear that wasn't the case.

All the parents were fuming, including Kimberley. They had every right to protest. Children were not sent to school for this purpose.

Not Being Cooperative

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Miss Pridmore's refusal to cooperate and her refusal to come out and address the issue made the parents even more enraged. 

It would be up to the police to handle the situation if Kimberley waited until violence escalated. Upon involving the police, she knew things would get really ugly.

Taking Action

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Taking matters into her own hands was the best course of action for Kimberley. Several of the parents were consulted, and a plan was devised.

The group would demand an investigation into Miss Pridmore's teaching methods from the principal. Additionally, they would demand that she be removed from the school while the investigation is underway.

Acting Fast

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Kimberley knew it would be a difficult task. However, she was determined to complete the task. It was clear that tension was in the air, and she was aware that if they did not act immediately, things might escalate rapidly.

The protest was gaining momentum, and soon there would be a sea of furious protesters overrunning the school.


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There was a meeting between Kimberley and the principal attended by a group of level-headed parents. Their case was presented, and an investigation into Miss Pridmore's teaching methods was demanded.

In light of how many children in her class were feeling, they believed their request was only fair. Is the school board's view the same as the principal's?

Don't Interfere


After carefully listening to the issue, the principal promised to investigate it further. He cautioned, however, that parents should not take matters into their own hands, and should let the school handle them.

Parents who interfere with the investigation will be punished by the school board. Parents stopped the protest in its tracks after hearing that. Would they be able to stop the rest?


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Kimberley understood the principal's point of view. She knew, however, that they could not afford to wait much longer. As tensions mounted, they needed a resolution as soon as possible.

In addition to helping the parents, Kimberley also acted as a mediator between Miss Pridmore, the principal, and the parents. For the situation to be handled effectively, someone calm and level-headed was needed.

Doing Her Best

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Kimberley wasn't happy with what Miss Pridmore was doing, but she was open to hearing the other side.

In these very challenging circumstances, Kimberley was just trying to be the best parent she could for Kayla. 

Ready To Talk

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In order to calm everyone else down, the parents stepped outside after reaching an agreement with the principal. After that, Miss Pridmore finally left the classroom.

She parted the hallway as if it were the Red Sea, and all the parents turned to look at her. A sense of arrogance pervaded her as she walked to the principal's office. She looked ready to talk.

What She Said


The relief Kimberley felt was palpable. Perhaps now all this raucous will come to an end. To everyone's dismay, Miss Pridmore immediately shouted, "I will not stop teaching my beliefs, and your children will become better people for it."

In that moment, that was the worst thing the woman could've said. The consequences of her actions would quickly become evident to her.

Calling James


It outraged Kimberley. Her daughter's misery was caused by Miss Pridmore. Having been called a boy's name, Kayla was self-conscious. It was all due to the woman in front of her.

Kim immediately called James. She was confident that he would help them out if they did this. Ultimately, it involved his daughter.



After hearing the whole story, James was outraged. It had become increasingly clear to him over the last few months what his daughter had been going through. However, he did not suspect that her teacher was responsible for it.

In full agreement with Kimberley, he expressed his gratitude. Their daughter needed to enroll somewhere else if the school wouldn't do it.



Miss Pridmore barricaded herself in her classroom as protests and chants grew louder and rowdier in the hallways.

It had all but disappeared from her arrogant smirk. However, it appeared that she was still standing firm. Despite their fury, she said nothing else, which infuriated them even more. The only thing she needs to do is admit what she's doing is wrong.

He Arrives


In a desperate attempt to get her to face them, her parents pounded on the door of her room. In handing a crowbar, one parent tried to force open the door. 

The good news is that James arrived just in time. Seeing James introduce himself to Miss Pridmore, the parents stepped away. In relief, she opened the door. She should have known how wrong she was.



As Miss Pridmore enjoyed her "saving" from the "illogical mob" outside her door, she went about her business as usual. 

There was a lot she didn't know about the police chief. He told her how he felt about the way she dealt with the children in her class after she hurt his daughter.



As soon as Miss Pridmore heard about the situation, she protested and expressed her opinion. When Principal Evans emerged from his office clutching a suspension letter, the room fell silent. 

Immediately, Miss Pridmore was suspended. While it was something she hadn't anticipated, it was the least of her worries.

They Won


Kim, James, and other parents had to pick up pieces of their children's hearts even though they were pleased with the outcome.

Certain children were negatively affected by Miss Pridmore's actions. There was no doubt about it in those who were happy with themselves as they were. There wasn't an easy fix for this problem.



Kim and James came together to be the family their daughter needed. A proper explanation of the situation was given and everything was discussed.

Having the freedom to be herself was a great relief to Kayla. Ultimately, she wanted to be herself.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.