Mom Hands Son To Man, Not Noticing Who He Really Is

Mom Hands Son To Man, Not Noticing Who He Really Is December 15, 2022Leave a comment


Initially, nothing seemed out of place. But as she observed the odd man take the child from her arms, her eyes filled with tears.

She couldn't process what was happening. Her first reaction was to pull out her phone and take a picture. She needed to share this with the world.

Tough Times

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Lisa Endrich knew stress all too well. Being a single mother was already enough to make most crazy, but being a single mother to twins was not for the faint-hearted.

She spends her days taking care of her children while trying to put food on the table. Things were already difficult, but recent events made matters much worse.

An Accident

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The event that changed it all was a hit-and-run. The driver skipped the red light, impacted the front of Lisa's vehicle, and drove away. This act of negligence resulted in Lisa's car being undrivable.

Luckily, her children were safe at home when the events transpired, but now she had no means to get around, which was a necessity in her life. There was just one unpleasant choice left. 

Her Only Option

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The only option available to her was something that would cost so much money she couldn't help but debate its necessity.

Her boys were restless in her arms due to the scorching summer heat. They had been crying for hours, and she was readying herself to join in. She walked into the car rental store, struggling to keep her keep herself together.

Pushing Through

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One of the twins was screaming at the top of his lungs while the other was squirming to get out of her arms. Not only was she carrying her boys, but the baby bag and her purse. But Lisa had to persevere.

She managed to get to the counter, where an employee was standing by and already appeared sympathetic. Then, a miraculous occurrence took place.


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She didn't even ask the employee for help, but he offered to take one of the screaming babies.

An act like this may seem trivial to some, but it lifted a massive weight off Lisa's shoulders. His act of kindness caused Lisa's eyes to fill with tears. But there was more.

Helping Out

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Lisa observed the man helping her organize the rental while he talked to the youngster and swayed the baby in his arms.

The employee sang the child a simple song to help and soothe him. Eventually, all of his efforts paid off, and the baby quieted down. It turns out that his heightened awareness of the situation wasn't caused by a fatherly gene.

Sharing Online

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It was a small act of kindness, but it touched Lisa so deeply she needed to take a picture of it to share on social media. A very tense day was made a little bit easier to handle thanks to John Goodlook and his invaluable generosity.

Naturally, the post made its rounds on social media and went viral. However, how did John respond?

His Story

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Lisa was in awe as John described how much his mother had battled with being a single parent and how he recalled it. He also shared that he was well aware that he and his brother were no angels.

The astonishing element that shocked Lisa, though, wasn't the fact that he had a brother.

Another Twin

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John was a twin as well! In addition to his kindness, he possessed a remarkable capacity for empathy that most people are unable to comprehend.

Because of this, picking up one of the boys so Lisa wouldn't have to struggle as much for a little while was so instinctive and natural. However, his deed of goodwill wasn't ignored.

Blow Up On Social Media

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Lisa’s post about John went viral on social media. She had over 224,800 reactions and 24,600 shares in no time, but things didn’t end there. 

People were so astonished by John’s kindness that the post kept circling the internet, picking up far more attention than Lisa ever imagined.

Inspirational Act

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The internet exploded with the hashtag #belikejohn. People commended him for his help. Others commented that this is what people should automatically do, even though that’s not always the case. 

The overwhelming support got the attention of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, where John worked, and they decided to take charge of the situation by doing something no one expected.

A Heartwarming Surprise

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To show their appreciation for their new employee's actions, Enterprise Rent-A-Car offered John a gift card to be used at their company, but John refused it, stating that he’d rather donate the money to charity.

It was yet another act of kindness from a man who didn’t seem to have enough of it. But Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s generosity didn’t end there.

Donation Reward

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car said they would donate to whatever charity John wanted! 

It was even more touching when Lisa found out that John chose to give it to the Boys and Girls Club of America – an afterschool sports program that had some famous former members, including Denzel Washington and Shaquille O'Neal. But there was more.

A Gift For Lisa

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s generosity didn’t just end with John. They reached out to Lisa and gifted her with something she really needed.

The company gave Lisa a double stroller so she’d never have to go through the same thing again. It was one of the best things Lisa could’ve gotten as a gift since it was something she didn’t have.

Worldwide Love

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Lisa watched with a huge smile as the video kept climbing, eventually reaching over 3 million views and tens of thousands of likes. She was so happy that John’s act of simple kindness was so inspirational to others. 

The hit and run had still made her life exponentially more complex and expensive, but there was something new to counter the negatives.

The Damage

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Her car was badly damaged in the crash, and she’d have to keep her rental for a little while longer, but her encounter with John seems to have turned such a tragic situation into something that left an impact on millions of people.

But was it really such a big deal?

Helping Others

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It was a precious memory that Lisa could carry with her for years to come. However, John’s point of view differed from hers – he couldn’t understand why people were so amazed by something that came naturally to him. 

He saw it as something everyone should be doing. People should automatically help others.

In His Own Words

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When questioned about his opinion on the way his kindness blew up, John simply said that he’s “still blown away” and that “it just makes you wonder: What did I do so special?”

For him, it was nothing more than acting on instinct. He felt that he was just doing his job and was shocked to see that the world made such a big deal out of it.

Is He Right?

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John also added that he hopes that the post will help to get the message out there and that “this is the way people are supposed to treat each other every day.”

That’s a statement to live by. A little bit of help here and a smile there could turn someone’s world upside down, even if we don’t know it.

What Does Enterprise Rent-A-Car Have To Say?

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Even though John’s manager wasn’t there at the time, he was told about the way John acted. He stated that some of the other employees came up to him and told him the whole story.

In an interview, he praised John for his performance at work and for jumping into the work without hesitation.

Lisa’s Experience

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Even though Lisa’s story touched hearts around the world, it was the impact John had on her that day that will stay with her. 

At the time, her mind was bogged down with stress, and even though he didn’t do much, the small gesture of kindness changed everything for her.

A Mission In Disguise

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She had two bawling toddlers who couldn’t sit still, a broken car, and a pile of paperwork to juggle, and to her, it was all just a mission.

Lisa needed a break but couldn’t afford it until she met John. He gave her an opportunity to get the breather she needed, and he did it in style.


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With a baby on one hip and a phone in his hand, he did everything he could to process her information as quickly as possible so she could have a car and get on her way.

He wasn’t bothered by the constant babbling or the amazed stares he got from the twins. Instead, he seemed to be in his element, and that’s what made her encounter so memorable.

A Good Ol’ Time

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And it seems like John wasn’t the only one who was enjoying himself. The twins were having a ball in the Rent-A-Car office.

They were exploring and learning new things. They even got a chance to play with the phone. What was supposed to be a difficult task turned into a fun-filled day, thanks to John.

Wonderful Memory

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Aside from the hashtag, the phrase “Be a John” has started to catch on, and Lisa couldn’t be happier. Any time she goes past one of those rental places, she will have that excellent memory of how she met John and how he helped her that day. 

To top it all off, John’s beautiful soul got the recognition it deserved. 

The Twins

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Anyone who has twins knows it’s not easy to cope. It is made worse if the parent is having a rough day as Lisa did. When moments like these happen, people on the outside often get irritated by the crying child or the parent's desperate attempts to calm them.

It’s rare for someone to step in and help with the situation. They often just roll their eyes and try to get away.

Life With Two Babies

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Not everyone can see what it actually does to the parent. In many cases, the parent feels helpless, and that is often accompanied by the feeling that they are not doing a good enough job at parenting or that they’re doing something wrong.

Those feelings are amplified when the parent is struggling with two crying babies and inadequate equipment to help them take charge of the situation.

A True Hero

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So when John stepped in to help Lisa, he was a true hero in her eyes. Instead of rolling his eyes and mumbling something incohesive as he walked away, he saw her struggles. He took charge and turned something that was bogging her down into a happy, memorable experience.

Proving that kindness and a simple helping hand don’t just still exist in this world but that they genuinely leave an impact on the other person.

Extend A Hand

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The hashtag “Be a John” is meant to show us that we should still care about one another. Instead of getting irritated by seeing a parent's struggles, we should act in a way that could help that person- even if it is just for a split second.

Being a John doesn’t cost anything. It doesn’t hurt to offer someone a smile or a helping hand. Who knows, it might even make their day.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.