Facebook Famous “Pirate Kitten” Steals Toys From Australian Neighborhood

Facebook Famous “Pirate Kitten” Steals Toys From Australian Neighborhood February 15, 2022Leave a comment

Kylo, a ginger kitten living in Brisbane, Australia, gave his new neighbors quite a scare when he started hopping their fence to stretch his legs in their yard. Kay McCall, who just moved to the neighborhood, remembers meeting the cat, who soon started sharing gifts with her household.

Kylo soon became known as the “Pirate Kitty” because of his love for stealing toys and gifting them to unsuspecting people. “Most days the presents kept coming, and some days there was quite a few, and some days there were none,” Kay said.

Facebook / Kay McCall

“He brought several odd socks (it’s fun to keep everyone guessing, you know), he brought a school T-shirt … he brought lots of toys,” McCall said. “He brought a beautiful little Peter Rabbit … I have a theory that he had a bit of a stash somewhere. After a while, we’d just accumulated a ridiculous number — literally an entire table full,” Kay added.

Thanks to a Facebook page detailing the whereabouts of the neighborhood cat, Kylo was able to find a new home and thanks to his new owners, he is now an indoor cat. But the neighborhood still loves hearing updates on the former pirate. “Everyone fell in love with him on the spot, and he sort of became … a community icon,” Kay said.