Funny eBay Listing For Vintage Camper Van Goes Viral

Funny eBay Listing For Vintage Camper Van Goes Viral April 12, 2022Leave a comment

A listing for a vintage camper van recently went viral, and not because it was in perfect shape. The eBay listing posted by a seller named Michael who lives in Lancashire, England, and the entertaining post quickly drew in some attention because of Michael’s lovely mother.

The listing read, “This was our family caravan, it's in half decent nick considering its age. The skylight leaks but if you know what you're doing it'll be a quick fix and due to strategic bucket placement there is no other impacts to the overall well being of this slightly beige house on wheels.” Included with the listing was a photo of Michael’s mother enjoying her days out on the road with a drink in her hand, which undoubtedly caught the attention of more people.


"If you're lucky there might be 80% of a pack of Uno cards in there,” the listing continued. “There might even be an awning, I'll have to check, if there then it's included. If you get it home and there's a dotty 70-year-old locked in the bathroom let me know, we're quite fond of her when she's not making us sell stuff and take up racket sports.”

Thanks to the humorous listing, Michael was able to sell the used caravan for just over $2,000. But the winner of the auction shouldn’t get too excited for the included amenities, because as Michael wrote in his listing, "There was an exciting 3 minutes last night when I thought I'd be able to include a hammock but she's keeping that apparently.”