Man Paid Nearly $12 For Avocado Toast that Looks Less Than Delicious

Man Paid Nearly $12 For Avocado Toast that Looks Less Than Delicious October 15, 2021Leave a comment

When most people order breakfast from a delivery app, they suspect that they will be getting a restaurant quality meal delivered directly to their door. Sometimes the biggest problem with ordering a meal you haven’t seen before is portion size, as many restaurants skimp on high price ingredients and give you a measly portion for your take out order. 


But the problem with this avocado toast meal wasn’t exactly its portion size, it was its presentation. When the customer, who goes by @alexterm on Reddit, posted a photo of their meal, for which they paid £8.50, or about $11.70, in central London, other food enthusiasts gawked at the poor presentation of a dish that anyone could make in a more pleasing fashion at home.

One person on Reddit argued that the price was justified, writing, "Think backwards on your supply chain people, from your doorstep back to harvest. That Avocado COST a lot more than £8.50 - and the waxed paper packaging and the delivery and 'toast' and petrol for delivery and the added fee from a delivery app.... just wow for a snack." But most other commenters thought that the photo itself was hilarious and still looked edible enough to make people plenty hungry.