Soda-Loving Student Finds 500 Cans of Pepsi Max on Her Doorstep

Soda-Loving Student Finds 500 Cans of Pepsi Max on Her Doorstep February 3, 2022Leave a comment

A TikTok video recently posted by Ellie Thomas shows the 19-year-old university student in South Wales winning over 20 crates of her favorite fizzy drink. But she claims that she had no message from the company saying that she won and she only found out when 500 cans of Pepsi Max arrived at her door.

But it wasn’t all good news. Ellie and her friends had to lug all 22 crates of Pepsi Max up to their dorm. Thankfully, Ellie says that Pepsi Max is all she drinks, excluding even water. She and her friends often enjoy the drink during days studying and nights out. 

Tik Tok / Ellie Thomas

The sociology and education student explained the situation saying, "One morning my housemate woke me up and said ‘Ellie there’s a man at the door with 400 Pepsi Max cans for you!’. I'd actually forgotten about the competition. It was weird because I had no email to tell me that I'd won. A man just showed up at my university address with the cans.”

She continued, "It’s my all-time favorite drink and I always have at least one can a day. I don’t really like water or other drinks so all I drink is Pepsi Max. It's not the most healthy choice, I know. Winning the competition was probably the highlight of my year, given that I was spending a lot of money on Pepsi Max anyway and was already a big fan of the drink. I'm very grateful.”