T.J. Holmes Says He And Amy Robach Not Allowed Inside Disney Parks After ABC Firing

T.J. Holmes Says He And Amy Robach Not Allowed Inside Disney Parks After ABC Firing February 12, 2024Leave a comment

T.J. Holmes and Amy Roback on Good Morning America

T.J. Holmes said that he and Amy Robach may not be allowed inside Disney theme parks following their ouster from "Good Morning America" in 2022.

In Thursday's episode of their podcast "Amy & T.J.," former "Bachelor" star Matt James talked about his plans to run the London Marathon, and said he wants his girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell to run in the Disney 5K.

“She loves Disney, so any way to entice her into not being mad about me buying so many running shoes,” James told the couple, who are known to love running and ran in the last New York City Marathon.

“We would love to run with you down at that 5K,” Holmes said. “I don’t think we’re allowed on the park’s grounds anymore."

ABC, Robach and Holmes' former network, is owned by the Walt Disney Company.

“We’ll check. Last we checked, we weren’t," Holmes said.

Photos of Robach, 50, and Holmes, 46, were published in November 2022, publicly linking the "GMA 3: What You Need to Know" co-anchors romantically for the first time — while they were still married to their former spouses. They were suspended while ABC conducted an investigation, and later lost their jobs.


The pair launched their podcast almost exactly a year later, in December 2023. Since then, they shared the challenges they faced during that year of unemployment, including heavy drinking.

"You were one of those who wouldn't give up on me, who wouldn't let me crawl under a rock," Holmes told James on Thursday. "And, bro, while you know this, that handful of guys that meant everything to me." Robach agreed.

"Matt, you may not realize, and it sounds like you don't, just how much you meant to T.J. during this past year,” she said. “It was a huge source of comfort to know that someone cared and someone got it.”

She noted his experience with the public pressures of being on TV.

"It's actually amplified in a lot of ways," Robach said, "because everyone going through something private, whether it be a divorce or any sort of breakup or any sort of controversy is painful enough. But to have it amplified and the pressure of that is even more so."

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