Woman Returns to Her Apartment to Find It Has Been Completely Cleared Out

Woman Returns to Her Apartment to Find It Has Been Completely Cleared Out November 2, 2021Leave a comment

A woman returned home to her apartment last Saturday to discover that it was completely empty. The mix-up was obvious and the woman soon discovered that her apartment complex’s management company simply cleaned out the wrong apartment. 

The woman, Myrohn Guthrie, who goes by @moodiamonds on Tik Tok, posted a video on the platform showing her empty apartment shortly after she discovered the problem. She lives in the apartment with her children and wrote in the caption of the video, “My apartment complex, cleaned out the wrong apartment. Me and my kids' stuff are literally gone. A fully furnished apartment EMPTY."

Tik Tok / @moodiamonds

Guthrie also posted a follow-up video explaining new details of the situation. In the video she told her viewers that she had not initially thought that she was robbed because her apartment had also been cleaned and there were no signs of forced entry. She told her followers that she argued with staff for about an hour before the building’s management office confirmed that they had indeed made an error. The apartment that they were supposed to clear out was just one number off from Guthrie’s address. 

She then said that the company didn’t offer her anything in return for their error, but did suggest that she “make a list of everything [she] lost and email it to them." Seldin Company, which owns Gateway Plaza Townhomes in Kansas City is responsible for the mix-up according to news outlet KDFW. It is also assumed that Guthrie lost up to $32,000 worth of belongings like furniture and personal items, which cannot be replaced. Seldin Company mentioned the incident in a Facebook comment, writing, “Seldin Company is aware of and saddened by this situation. We have reached out to the resident, and we are working diligently on a prompt resolution to assist the resident."