Pessimistic and Optimistic Traits Can Be Determined Just By Looking At these Photos

Many people determine their pessimistic or optimistic qualities by using the age old trick of “is the glass half full or half empty,” but what these strange and unique photos show will really determine which people have more gloomy traits and who has more upbeat qualities. Whichever image is seen first will determine the personality type of any person.

Which animal did you see first?

  • A majestic lion
  • A bunch of zebras

Is this kitty going upstairs or downstairs?

  • He’s going down, clearly.
  • He’s going upstairs, of course.

What image did you see first? Be honest!

  • A woman staring at something in the horizon
  • A grumpy old man with a moustache

Take a look at this photo for a few seconds. What kind of people did you see first?

  • There are three people in the room. One is drinking and laughing. One of them is playing the guitar, and another one is entering the room.
  • And old couple staring into each other’s eyes.

When you saw this photo for the first time, what did you really notice first?

  • A tiger making intense eye contact. Yikes.
  • A bunch of trees.

Don’t think about it for too long and answer fast. What did you see at first glance?

  • The beautiful lips of a seductive woman.
  • A burgundy leaf that looks like lips. But c’mon. It’s clearly a leaf.

Art can be appreciated for its visual appeal and emotional power. What do you think the two people in this Rodin painting are doing?

  • Two lovers are wrapping their bodies in a sweet embrace. They’re clearly very much in love.
  • Two lovers are crying and embracing after an emotional fight. They’re clearly saying goodbye.

What shape did you see first?

  • The black silhouette of a bunch of men in suits.
  • Just plain old pillars. What men?

What does this optical illusion remind you of?

  • A mysterious eye.
  • A regular old sink with some detergent soap on the edges.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

  • It’s clearly half full. I can see the water. Can’t you?
  • It’s half empty and half full. Whatever.

You’re stuck in this guy’s shoes. How do you think it ends?

  • You become human mashed potatoes. There’s literally no way out. C’mon!
  • You wait it out. Someone must be looking for you. Sooner or later a rescue team will come.

Do you think the Mona Lisa is smiling or is she faking a smile?

  • She looks like a shy lady, but she’s clearly smiling.
  • She’s pretending to smile. Look at the way she’s making eye contact. She doesn’t look that comfortable to me.

What is the first thing that caught your eye?

  • The beautiful sky and clouds and THEN the hand that’s holding a can of spray.
  • A hand holding a can of spray and THEN the sky.

Look at this image for 3 seconds. What is the first thing you saw?

  • A young woman that's enthralled by a book she's reading.
  • An old man facing the right.

What do you think this is?

  • The insides of someone’s cheeks. Gross.
  • Just a decorative object.

You’re out exploring the city when suddenly, it starts to rain heavily. What do you do?

  • Walk a few blocks to the nearest café and wait it out.
  • Get an Uber immediately. The day is cancelled.

What did you notice first?

  • A beautiful flower that’s almost dead.
  • A skull made out of flower petals.

What did you notice first on this woman’s legs?

  • Just a bunch of white paint streaks. Why would anyone want to paint their legs?
  • Oil. She looks like she’s getting a relaxing oil massage. Ugh, I need one!

This man is leaning on a tree. But where is he standing?

  • Near a cliff. He could fall down!
  • By the edge of a lake.

Take a look at this image. How many dots do you think there are?

  • Yeah, I’m not counting them. One too many.
  • 12 or so.

What do you think of this animal?

  • He’s a predator and you’re just a human McNugget to him.
  • He’s a majestic animal. He kills other animals to feed himself, unlike humans who destroy and hurt others for no reason.

If you walked into this store, what is the first thing your eyes would focus on?

  • The wobbly floor that seems to be sinking in. Is that safe?
  • A very cool carpet design.

Take a look at this zoomed in image. What do you think it is?

  • Some sort of laser or device. Wouldn’t want it anywhere near my face.
  • It looks like a ballpoint pen.

Look at this image for a few seconds and tell us what the first thing you saw was.

  • A seductive woman covered in body paint.
  • A parrot.

What is the first thing your eyes noticed in this eerie vintage optical illusion?

  • Two little girls playing with a puppy.
  • A creepy skull that looks like the stuff of nightmares.