What Are the Weirdest Fan Traditions in Sports?

What Are the Weirdest Fan Traditions in Sports? July 18, 2018

    Fandom is responsible for so many acts that’d be insane otherwise. Throwing one’s body through an table that’s on fire? Just another Sunday for the brave/drunk members of Bills Mafia. TP’ing a basketball court to earn your team a technical foul on purpose? People do that too, in Arkansas. Risking a felony charge to burn upholstered furniture in the street? A common occurrence in Morgantown, West Virginia. And let’s not forget throwing seafood onto the ice at hockey games, which apparently happens everywhere with a rink. Here are the craziest fan traditions in the sports world, in no particular order because I don’t want any of these insane fans to hunt me down.

    Taylor University: Silent Night


    Every year, on the Friday before finals, students at the tiny Evangelical college in Indiana don all-out costumes and pack Odle Arena to watch a men’s basketball game. The crowd remains silent until the Trojans score their 10th point, at which point, the place goes mad, and students rush the court.