The Most Insane Meltdowns In The History Of Sports

The Most Insane Meltdowns In The History Of Sports April 18, 2018

sports meltdowns

    What are the worst sports meltdowns of all time?
    Every caliber of professional in the world of sports is susceptible to a hard-to-watch freakout. That means minor-league managers, independent-league infielders, career backup NBA point guards, NBA flameouts, and MLB umpires. But it also includes hall-of-fame pitchers, hall-of-fame hitters, hall-of-fame coaches, hall-of-fame quarterbacks, hall-of-fame tennis players and hall-of-fame heavyweight boxers.  Indeed, draft busts and legendary sports heros alike have caused chaos.  We’re talking all-out brawls with fansfalling apart under the brightest lights, and literally spitting in the face of an official. So here are the most notorious sports meltdowns of all time.

    25. Mets Collapse In September

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    The 2007 Mets had a comfy seven-game lead in the National League East with 17 games remaining on their schedule. It’d evaporate — the Mets needed a win agaist the division’s last-place Florida Marlins on the last day of the regular season and had ace Tom Glavine on the mound; he got just one out and surrendered seven runs to complete a 5-12 skid and miss the playoffs.