Where Are They Now? The Cast Of ‘Hannah Montana’

Where Are They Now? The Cast Of ‘Hannah Montana’ July 23, 2018

    Unless you’re born into a family of A-listers, succeeding in the entertainment industry is a near-impossible mountain to summit. Every  celebrity has to start somewhere and for Miley Cyrus, that origin point dates back to her Disney Channel days. Transitioning from the lead of “Hannah Montana” to soon become a pop icon, Cyrus is undeniably the series’ breakout star. In addition to one-hit-wonder country star Billy Ray Cyrus, the cast of “Hannah Montana” counted numerous other B-list celebs in its ranks. Curious what series regulars like the seemingly ageless Jason Earles and one-time heartthrob Mitchel Musso are up to now? Peep this collection of “Hannah Montana” updates to see what your favorite former tween stars are up to day. I’m warning you though, present-day Moises Arias (aka Rico Suave) will creep you TF out.

    Billy Ray Cyrus, Then


    Back in 2009, Billy Ray Cyrus kept busy by serving up some serious frosted highlights while acting as Hannah Montana’s on-screen dad. Playing a role suspiciously close to his real life, (former country singer who is now the father of a pop star) Cyrus was clearly angling to exit the abyss of pop culture obscurity.