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Secret Celebrity Weddings We Weren’t Supposed to Know About

Secret Celebrity Weddings We Weren’t Supposed to Know About July 9, 2018

secret celebrity weddings

    Most celebrities have a serious “feelin’ themselves” complex. From dodging paparazzi at every turn to getting mad love from their fan armies, tinseltown’s rich and famous learn to crave and expect the attention that we heap on them. And this often translates into an itch to share every event in their lives with their fans. And the press, of course. So from Kardashian wedding specials to BET-filmed nuptials, stars are often eager to share their weddings with the world. But some celebs don’t want the press at their romantic celebrations, looking for tabloid fodder. So peep this collection of secret celebrity weddings.¬†Which of your favorite stars chose privacy over publicity?

    Ilana Glazer And David Rooklin

    IMAGE BY: @dopequeenpheebs / Instagram

    For “Broad City” star Ilana Glazer, NY City Hall was an appropriate venue to wed her longtime boyfriend, scientist David Rooklin. Like many other low-key pairings, the press and fans alike only caught wind of the union after a close friend uploaded a congratulatory snap to Instagram.