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Where Are They Now? Child Stars of the ’00s

Where Are They Now? Child Stars of the ’00s September 3, 2019Leave a comment

It felt like they were going to be young forever, but they're all grown up now. It kind of makes you feel old, doesn't it? Check out what these celebrity kids look like now.

Cole Sprouse Then

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Cole Sprouse started off on "Friends". Along with his twin brother, he played Ross's son. The two shared the singular role, as twins occasionally do. There are rules for child actors about how long they can be on set. Splitting the role between twins prevents gruelling hours.

Cole Sprouse Now

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

From there, Cole went on to have a role on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody". Now, he's taking on much more mature roles. Recently, he played Jughead on "Riverdale". No more sharing with his brother!

Jason Dolley Then

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This Disney channel star played Newt on "Cory in the House". Newt was lead Cory's best friend. He loved rock 'n roll, despite having a parent who was a Chief Justice. By the time Jason took on the role, he was already a teen.

Jason Dolley Now

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He's looking much more dapper now. He's made an appearance on "American Housewife". He's also slated to be in "Secret Agent Dingledorf and his Trusty Dog Splat". Plus he's grown some facial hair!

Bradley Steven Perry Then

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Get a load of Bradley Steven Perry! He played the lovable Gabe Duncan on "Good Luck Charlie" for four seasons. He played the middle child, who was a bit of a troublemaker. It's tough being a middle child, when your younger and older siblings seemingly always have the spotlight.

Bradley Steven Perry Now

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Luckily grown-up Bradley is worthy of a spotlight all on his own. He's been in several series since "Good Luck Charlie". He played Kaz for two seasons on "Mighty Med". Since then, he's been on "Descendants: Wicked World" and "Schooled", among others.

Bella Thorne Then

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Bella is another former Disney star. She played CeCe Jones in "Shake it Up". She played the role alongside superstar Zendaya. It was a breakout role for them both.

Bella Thorne Now

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

But now Bella's moving on to more...grown up things. Most recently, she directed a movie of the "adult" kind, and by adult, we don't mean age. The movie is innocuously titled, "Her & Him". Bella called it, "a beautiful, ethereal film".

Shane Harper Then

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Shane is yet another "Good Luck Charlie" star. Along with Bradley Steven Perry and Jason Dolley, Shane had a role in the Disney show. He played Spencer Walsh. The show was a breeding ground for future stars.

Shane Harper Now

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He's made the transition to music now. Shane has released his debut album, which was self-titled. He signed a deal with Capitol. He's traded in his acting for singing and a guitar.

Brenda Song Then

Buena Vista Television

Before she got her start in television, Brenda was a child fashion model. Then she was a movie star, starring in "Get a Clue." Then she got a starring role in "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody". That was all by the time she was seventeen!

Brenda Song Now

Rich Fury/Getty Images

She's past her teenage years now, and is all grown up. She played Christy in the critically-acclaimed movie, "The Social Network". That already felt like a grown-up role, and that was almost a decade ago! It's hard to believe the actress is in her 30s.

Raven Goodwin Then

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This is yet another "Good Luck Charlie" cast member. That isn't where she got her start, though. She played Tangie on "Just Jordan". She rocked the Nickelodeon show.

Raven Goodwin Now

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She's now moving on to more mature roles. She's appeared in shows for ABC, BET, and Showtime. She played Eliza on "SMILF". She played Niecy in "Being Mary Jane". From the titles alone, you can see she's grown a lot since Disney and Nickelodeon!

Dylan Sprouse Then

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Here's the other half to the Sprouse twins! As the two have grown up, they've started to look less alike. Though they seemed to be identical on "Friends", the older they've gotten, the more they've each forged their own identity. If you remember what Cole looks like, get ready for a big surprise.

Dylan Sprouse Now

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for HugoBoss

What a difference! While Cole sports dark hair, Dylan has stuck with his natural fair hair. They're both heartthrobs in their own right. Dylan is playing Trevor in "After we Collided".

Davis Cleveland Then

Disney Channel

Disney sure knows how to churn out stars! Davis was the star of "Shake It Up". Before that, he made appearances on "Hannah Montanna". He was a cute kid. It's easy to see how he got roles.

Davis Cleveland Now


His brown eyes are no less adorable now than they were then! He's spent a life in front of the camera. With appearances on "Rufus" and "Rufus 2", there's no sign he's stopping anytime soon. Though he's only 17, he's done a lot of growing up in front of our eyes.

Kyle Massey Then


What's the best-case scenario if you have a supporting role in a sitcom? Kyle played Cory Baxter on "That's so Raven". But then, he got his own spinoff! He reprised the role for, "Cory in the House", where he was the lead.

Kyle Massey Now

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He transitioned into music. For his musical career, he goes by simply Massey. He's a rapper and singer. You can check out his work on SoundCloud. Warning: lyrics are NSFW.

Jake Thomas Then

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Jake Thomas played alongside Kyle Massey in "Cory in the House". He played Jason Stickler, Cory's rival. That wasn't Jake's only kids' show. He also played Lizzie McGuire's younger brother Matt in "Lizzie McGuire".

Jake Thomas Now


Thomas has other talents. Not only can he act, but he does work as a commercial entertainment photographer. He hasn't given up on acting, though! He's appeared in "Without a Trace", as well as YouTube series "Storytellers".

Mitchel Musso Then

Buena Vista Television

This Disney star made his way through several Disney shows. He played Oliver/Mike on "Hannah Montanna". He played Jeremy on "Phineas and Ferb". He played King Brady on "Pair of Kings".

Mitchel Musso Now

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This is another multi-talented star. Mitchel sings! He's released an album. Unfortunately, he's also gotten a DUI. Doesn't get more grown-up than that. Hopefully he's learned his lesson.

Bobb'e J. Thompson Then


You may not have known, but this "That's So Raven" actor also appeared on "30 Rock" where he played one of Tracy Morgan's sons, Tracy Jr. Bobb'e has been turning heads since he was only 5 years old. He performed Bow Wow's "Bow Wow (That's My Name)" on YouTube, which got millions of views.

Bobb'e J. Thompson Now

Instagram / The Shade Room

He hasn't given up the performing that catapulted his career. He performs as a rapper. You can check out his video for "OMG (On my Grind)". It's off of his debut mixtape.

Rowan Blanchard Then

Getty Images

Rowans' been acting since she was only five. She started by playing a handful of small parts. Eventually, she landed a role on "Girl Meets World". She played the daughter of Cory and Topanga from "Boy Meets World".

Rowan Blanchard Now

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She's not a kid anymore! She played a part on "The Goldbergs". She had a co-star role in "A Wrinkle in Time". Most recently she appeared in "A World Away".

David Henrie Then

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Have you ever watched "How I Met Your Mother"? David plays the son to whom a grown Ted Mosby recounts the story of how he met his mother. That wasn't his only prominent role as a child actor, however. He had roles in "Method & Red" and "That's So Raven".

David Henrie Now

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He looks so grown up it's almost hard to believe it's the same guy! Though he's acted in many things since then, he has other talents. He's a director as well. David also welcomed a daughter into the world with wife Maria Cahill Henrie.

Ross Lynch Then


Recognize this face? It's Austin from the show "Austin & Ally". Ross also had a chance to act alongside another star in this list. Still playing Austin Moon, he appeared on "Girl Meets World" with Rowan Blanchard.

Ross Lynch Now

Ana Rivas / Wikimedia Commons / CC 2.0

Did you know he was the lead vocalist in pop rock band R5? Or that he and his brother are in the band The Driver Era? Looks like his rock persona on "Austin & Ally" wasn't totally fiction! Ross landed his role on "Austin & Ally" thanks to his talents as a singer, and he's continued to perform as one.

Debby Ryan Then


Debby was in "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" spinoff "The Suite Life on Deck". That wasn't the beginning of her acting career. She first appeared in theatres at the age of seven. Plus she appeared on "Barney & Friends".

Debby Ryan Now

Getty Images

Seems like she's growing out of kid roles, and her baby face! Now she's rocking a nose piercing. Plus she's appeared in "Insatiable". This actress and singer shows no signs of slowing down.

Camilla Belle Then

Universal Pictures

Camilla also got her start at the age of 7. Her first role was in a television movie. You might recognize her, though, from getting attacked by dinosaurs in "The Lost World: Jurassic Park". Yes, that's her.

Camilla Belle Now

Getty Images

She's barely recognizable now! She's all grown up. So grown up, in fact, that she even dated a Jonas brother. Think they're kids? Nope, two of them are in their thirties!

Freddie Higmore Then

Warner Bros Pictures

Recognize the golden ticket? It's Charlie, in "Charlie in the Chocolate Factory", discovering that his life has forever changed. Freddie Highmore played Charlie in the Tim Burton re-make. He played alongside Johnny Depp, who played "Willie Wonka".

Freddie Highmore Now

Getty Images

Some kids look exactly like they do as grown-ups. Freddie Highmore is one of them. But he's taken on way more grown-up roles since then. He played Norman Bates in "Bates Motel".

Emily Osment Then


Yes, if you were wondering, her brother is that of "I see dead people" fame, Haley Joel Osment. The two both got their start when they were young. Emily was in "Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams". She was also in "Hannah Montana".

Emily Osment Now

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Now, she's a singer/songwriter. Grown-up, she bears a striking resemblance to Carrie Underwood. But don't get the two confused. Emily doesn't do country music - she's purely a pop star.

Taylor Momsen Then


Cindy who? Cindy Lou Who, that's who! Taylor stole our hearts in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". She played the lovable Cindy Lou Who.

Taylor Momsen Now

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Taylor, however, does not have fond memories of her years as a child actress. Speaking of her goth look, she said, "Everyone's like, 'Wow, why is she upset and why is she so miserable about things?' My parents signed me up with Ford [modeling agency] at the age of two. No 2-year-old wants to be working, but I had no choice." She continued to explain why it was such a miserable time, saying, "My whole life, I was in and out of school. I didn't have friends. I was working constantly and I didn't have a real life."

Peyton Elizabeth Lee Then


Peyton began acting at the age of 10. Not long after, she landed the lead role on "Andi Mack". Inspired by her actor father, Andrew Tinpo Lee, Peyton got the titular role. Though before that, she'd had some small roles, it was a huge break.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee Now

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This "Andi Mack" actress sure has changed! Okay, okay, so she's not technically an adult, since she's only 15. But since her first role on "Scandal", audiences have really been watching her grow up on screen, in front of their eyes. Blink and she'll be an adult before you know it.

Jenette McCurdy Then

Getty Images

Jenette appeared on a number of shows for kids. She's appeared in "Malcolm in the Middle" and "Lincoln Heights". She also did some shows for adults as well, appearing on "MADtv" and "Law and Order SVU". This was all when she was just a kid herself, though, and before she landed a starring role playing Sam on "iCarly", at the age of 15.

Jenette McCurdy Now

Instagram / Jeanette McCurdy

This "iCarly" star has come a long way! It's hard to believe that the girl we saw in "iCarly" is now a woman who's almost 30. Time sure does fly. McCurdy has opened up about some of the less-than-pleasant aspects of her stardom, including a battle with anorexia and bulimia that started at age 11.

Kiernan Shipka Then

Lionsgate Television

Even though she started acting as a child, it was not on a show for children. Kiernan's breakout role was in critically-acclaimed "Mad Men". She played Don Draper's (Jon Hamm) daughter, Sally. Her character matured, and went from a loving innocent to someone aware of her father's various indiscretions.

Kiernan Shipka Now


Given that kind of acting chops, it's no wonder they let her star in her own show. Kiernan has the lead role as Sabrina in "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" reboot "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina". The Netflix show was highly anticipated. It's in no small part due to Kiernan's star power.

Skai Jackson Then

Getty Images / David Livingston

Look at those pigtails! This Disney star has been in front of the camera for a long time, having appeared in commercials for Coca-Cola and Old Navy. Her first Disney show was "Jessie". But before that, she'd been on a Nickelodeon animated series.

Skai Jackson Now

Getty Images

Nothing says "grown up" like growing out of pigtails. She's another actress we've seen grow up onscreen in front of our eyes. Jackson's rocking this red-carpet pose. It's no wonder - given all her roles, she's had a lot of practice in front of the camera. No doubt she'll continue to dazzle.