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Anime Shows Every American Fan Grew Up Watching

Anime Shows Every American Fan Grew Up Watching January 8, 2018

anime shows americans love

    What cartoons did you watch growing up? Were they primarily homegrown affairs? Or did you get into some anime shows Americans love? Because in our increasingly global world, you may not even realize the Kids’ WB or Toonami shows you were into were actually anime classic. And in fact your childhood pop-culture nostalgia likely draws a lot from Japanese pop culture. So here are several anime shows Americans love. See you, Space Cowboy.

    Astro Boy

    anime shows americans love
    IMAGE BY: Retrotvmemories

    Set in the future, the year 2000, Astro Boy is an allegorical meditation on grief, life after death, and the atrocities committed to the Japanese during World War II. It’s also wildly stylized, bursting at the seams with imaginatory imagery, and served as many Americans’ introduction to anime.