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These Awesome YA Sci-Fi Flicks Are A Teenage Dream

These Awesome YA Sci-Fi Flicks Are A Teenage Dream March 26, 2018

best teen sci-fi movies

    Are you the type of person who writes off teen movies and YA science fiction as junk? Well, to that we say: Get the heck out of here! Because great teen sci-fi movies have been gracing our screens for many years now. And it’s time to recognize their power. So do you feel like getting in touch with your angsty adolescent? Then these are the best teen sci-fi movies to scratch your itch.

    Back To The Future Series

    great teen sci-fi movies
    IMAGE BY: Futurepedia

    Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. But we do need the adolescent hijinks of Marty McFly and, thanks to a customized, time-traveling DeLorean, his teenaged parents. The beauty of these films lies in their duality: they’re high-octane sci-fi adventures, sure, but they’re also emotionally effective coming-of-age stories.