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Book Scenes That Were Way Too Dark to Be in the Movie

Book Scenes That Were Way Too Dark to Be in the Movie August 30, 2019Leave a comment

    While most film and television adaptations try to stay true to their source materials’ origins, some aren’t afraid to take creative liberties. Especially when certain events depicted in an original novel are just too, well, f—ed up for the screen. Even some of the more violent movies on this list are, it turns out, sanitized…

    ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’

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    Despite boasting an amazing soundtrack, Disney’s efforts to tone down the adult themes in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” weren’t the most successful (“Hellfire” anyone?). However, they did manage to present a more acceptable version of the events from the original tale. Published in 1831, the book killed off Esmerelda, who was only 16, after subjecting her to lustful advances from both Frollo and Phoebus. After her death, Quasimodo- who had been harboring a secret crush on her- maintains a vigil over her body and dies of starvation.