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Where Are They Now? The Cast of “Liv and Maddie”

Where Are They Now? The Cast of “Liv and Maddie” March 3, 2020Leave a comment

Remember the adorable Disney sitcom “Liv and Maddie?” Dove Cameron played twins Liv and Maddie, who were living totally different lives. Liv was a big popular Hollywood star and Maddie was a straight-A student and school basketball star who was on her way to the top. But when Liv moved back home to Wisconsin and reentered Maddie’s life, things got a little complicated. Especially since the girls had to share a room!

Jordan Fisher, Then


Jordan Fisher played the recurring character Holden Dippledorf, a neighbor who had a huge crush on Liv. Sadly, his character’s mother didn’t get along with Liv’s mom, Karen. He and Liv eventually became a couple but later broke up as the series progressed.

Jordan Fisher, Now


Fisher was the host of “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors” and was recently seen playing John Ambrose on Netflix’s “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.” He’s currently starring in Broadway’s “Dear Evan” and he's also engaged to actress Ellie Woods.

Lucas Adams, Then


Lucas Adams played the recurring character Josh Willcox, an actor who co-starred with Liv in the fictional show, “Voltage.” He ended up dating her twin Maddie, but they underwent a painful breakup which left him in a depressed state for a while.

Lucas Adams, Now

Instagram / Lucas Adams

Adams left his role of Tripp Dalton behind on “Days of Our Lives” in 2019 because the storyline demanded it. But he hopes his character will return someday. And in 2020, fans were able to catch him in the Lifetime movie “Kidnapped by a Classmate.” You should definitely check it out!

Victoria Moroles, Then


Victoria Moroles played the recurring character Andie Bustamante, who was also Liv’s best friend. She often proved that she was loyal, but didn’t realize Liv had feelings for Holden when she started dating him. Eventually, she broke up with him and gave Liv permission to date him.

Victoria Moroles, Now

Instagram: @victoriamoroles

Moroles has been working on a film called “Snow Falls,” which is scheduled for release in 2020. She was previously attached to fellow “Teen Wolf” actor Dylan Sprayberry, but she’s pretty much single now. Who has time to date when they’re busy making a name for themselves in Hollywood, right?

Ryan McCartan, Then


Ryan McCartan played the recurring role of Diggie Smalls, who was Maddie’s handsome and athletic boyfriend. He was captain of the boys’ basketball team. And unlike a stereotypical jock, he was funny, charming, and had a softer side that Maddie loved.

Ryan McCartan, Now

Instagram: @mccarya

McCartan’s latest acting role was in the 2018 TV series short, “Princess Rap Battle,” where he played the Mad Hatter. He is currently playing Hans in the Broadway rendition of Disney’s “Frozen.” He also performed his original song “Walk Away” at 54 Below. So clearly, he's living and breathing his performances and he's not stopping anytime soon!

Joey Bragg, Then


Liv and Maddie had two brothers, Parker and Joey. Parker was the youngest, while Joey was a year younger than the twins. This made Joey the middle child. He was funny, quirky and the clown of the family. But he was often seen as naive and selfish.

Joey Bragg, Now

Instagram: @joeybragg

Bragg is currently dating “The Thundermans” actress Audrey Whitby. He’s also working on two film projects, “4/20,” where he will play Josh Kaleesian, and “Sid is Dead,” as Sid Sandagger. As you can see, he's an avid cat lover, too.

Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Then


Tenzing Norgay Trainor played Parker Rooney, the younger brother of Liv, Maddie and Joey. His tagline on the show was “challenge accepted!” Besides karate, he loved making fun of his big brother, Joey. His character later went to South America to live in a biodome.

Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Now

Instagram / Tenzing Norgay Trainor

Trainor voiced the character of Jin in the 2019 animated film “Abominable.” He also voiced the character Gun in the TV series “The Stranded.” In 2020, he played Trevor on ABC’s hit sitcom “American Housewife.” He’s also on cameo, a site that allows fans to request personalized videos from their favorite stars.

Dove Cameron, Then


Dove Cameron played identical sisters Liv and Maddie Rooney. Liv spent four years in Hollywood starring on a hit TV show while Maddie stayed behind and became Queen B of her high school... that is until Liv returned.

Dove Cameron, Now

Instagram: @dovecameron

Dove Cameron was engaged to her co-star Ryan McCartan, but the two called it quits. Now, the gorgeous actress is dating her “Descendants” co-star Thomas Doherty and is playing Cassi in the film “Issac” that’s scheduled for 2021. She’s also working on her music career, and most recently, she posted a music video for her song, “Baby I Hope That It’s You” that's seriously catchy.

Benjamin King, Then


Benjamin King is best known for playing Pete Rooney, who was Liv, Maddie, Joey and Parker’s lovable but overprotective father. He also happened to be the basketball coach and gym teacher at Ridgewood High, where his kids attended.

Benjamin King, Now

Instagram: @sirbenjamin213

King’s latest acting role was in the independent film, “You Are Here,” where he played Jared. The actor has also been fighting Crohn’s Disease, and currently mentors kids and adults to get rid of the stigma of his condition.

Kali Rocha, Then


Kali Rocha played Karen Rooney, the mother of Liv, Maddie, Joey and Parker. She was also Pete’s wife and vice principal at Ridgewood High. The character later started a modeling career and became a teacher for "Sing it Louder!" after the family moved to Los Angeles.

Kali Rocha, Now

CBS Television

Kali Rocha is credited in the short film “Gary Got Involved!” which is scheduled for release in 2020. She’s also divvying up her time between acting and being a wife to Michael Krikorian, being a mother, and being a treasure collector, according to her Twitter page.

Lauren Lindsey Donzis, Then


Lauren Lindsey Donzis played Ruby Smith, a main character in season four and also the cousin of Liv, Maddie, Joey and Parker Rooney. The Rooney's moved into her home after their house collapsed in the season three finale. Ruby shared a room with Liv and Maddie and considered them her sisters.

Lauren Lindsey Donzis, Now

Instagram: @laurendonzis

Donzis landed the lead role in the Netflix series, “No Good Nick,” in 2019. Unfortunately, the series was canceled. But she is set to play Hannah in the “Punky Brewster” sequel series on the Peacock network.

Jessica Marie Garcia, Then


Jessica Marie Garcia played Willow Cruz, Maddie’s best friend. She had a major crush on Joey and they eventually became a couple. She was also a member of the girls’ basketball team and she took the sport very seriously.

Jessica Marie Garcia, Now


In 2018, Garcia married her true love Adam Celorier. She’s currently starring in the Netflix series, “On My Block,” where she plays Jasmine Flores, a fellow classmate of the group. The series was renewed for a third season which will premiere in 2020.

Jimmy Bellinger, Then


Jimmy Bellinger played Artie Smalls, Joey’s part-time enemy who was always trying to prove that he was smarter than him. The egotistical, self-centered character was also the brother of Diggie Smalls. He was known for hanging with a group of students he called his 'minions.'

Jimmy Bellinger, Now

Instagram: @jimmybellinger

Bellinger has stayed pretty busy since playing Artie Smalls. He is currently filming “A Comedy of Horrors, Volume 1” scheduled for release in 2020, and is also working on “Sinkhole 2,” which is currently in pre-production. He’s also doing voiceover work for an unspecified project.

Kurt Long, Then


Kurt Long played the character Johnny Nimbus, an energetic guy who worked as a meteorologist for Channel 4 News. Although he wasn’t a regular on the show, he did make 16 appearances throughout the entire run of the series.

Kurt Long, Now

Instagram: @mrkurtlong

Long shares a podcast called “Dudes of Future Past” with fellow “Liv and Maddie” actor Joey Bragg. He has guest-starred on shows like “Riverdale” and “Nancy Drew” in 2019. He also appeared in the TV series, “The Healing Powers of Dude” and “A Million Little Things” in 2020.