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The 20 Best Crime Series On Netflix

The 20 Best Crime Series On Netflix April 23, 2018

Netflix murder shows

    Crime shows on Netflix
    I, for one, am so thankful that American culture has finally embraced its own love of murder. All hail crime shows on Netflix! Television about death and mystery is an unstoppable source of entertainment for all kinds of audiences. Whether it’s a basic network procedural or a British miniseries, folks can’t get enough of a good murder. A good portion of the content out there happens to be British – I’m not really sure what that says about the Brits – but the rest of the world has stepped up in recent years and put out some pretty decent shit. Perfect for a weekend binge, some familiar comfort, or simply a good scare, these are the best Netflix murder shows to keep your roommate on good behavior. After all, you clearly have experience in matters involving arsenic and knifeplay.

    The Fall

    Netflix murder shows
    IMAGE BY: What’s On TV

    The Gillian Anderson star vehicle The Fall is dark af, y’all. I mean, unless you’re capable of handling some very heavy and sadistic rape-torture-murder shit, steer clear. But if you can handle it, then you’re in for a treat. Anderson’s Stella Gibson is a multifaceted queer icon, and I dare you to show me anyone at all who looks hotter than Stella in a silk blouse.