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Dirty Jokes Hidden in Kids’ Cartoon Shows

Dirty Jokes Hidden in Kids’ Cartoon Shows September 17, 2019Leave a comment

Ever go back to revisit your favorite children's shows and realize some things weren't what they seemed to be? Many of the shows snuck in a few silly adult jokes in between the kid stuff, some pretty subtly and some blatantly obvious. Here are a few classics that stood out for us.

Daffy Duck's Taste in Magazines

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In an episode of "Looney Tunes" Daffy Duck takes out a magazine to read while he's waiting with Bugs Bunny. The cover reads "Playduck" and has a sexy female duck on the cover, for sure a joke about him reading the duck version of Playboy magazine.

Rocko's New Job

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In the Nicktoon "Rocko's Modern Life" Rocko takes a job as a "Speciality Phone Operator" which we find out is definitely a phone sex operator. Note the notes on the side that say: "Remember: Be Hot, Be NAUGHTY, Be Courteous." He even speaks into the phone saying "Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby."

Powerpuff Girls' Little Accident

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In an episode of the "Powerpuff Girls" Bubbles befriends another girl and introduces her to the Professor. Bubbles explains how she and her sisters were created by saying it was an accident, the girl says she was an accident too which was definitely an accidental pregnancy joke.

Bugs Bunny is Packing Heat

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In an episode of "Looney Tunes" called "The Wabbit Who Came To Dinner" Bugs steps out of the shower with a towel around his waist. The tower is a little low, showing something else sticking out from it and it looks like it could be a bunny wiener. You can tell from the other guy's face that even he's surprised about Bugs' extra appendage.

Tommy's Alone Time in "The Fairly Oddparents"

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In an episode of "The Fairly Oddparents," Tommy tells his parents he's taking some paper towels upstairs to his room alone - clearly an allusion to him masturbating. Pretty sneaky, Nickelodeon, pretty sneaky.

Helga's too excited for Arnold

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In an episode of "Hey Arnold," Helga writes a love note to him in her diary. She says that he makes her "girlhood" tremble which is definitely a hidden message for her lady parts. We get it, she had a shrine of him, of course he's going to make her get all hot and bothered.

Rugrats' Dirty Grandpa


The beloved Nicktoons show "Rugrats" got a little sneaky, sometimes. Here Grandpa rents some Reptar movies for the kids but also "Lonely Space Vixens" for himself. Makes sense why he would always fall asleep on the recliner, he was up late watching weird sci-fi porns

Animaniac's Dirty Fingers

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Sure they're totally insaney but also sometimes surprisingly dirty. "The Animaniacs" had an episode to where Yakko tells Dot to search for fingerprints and instead she "fingers Prince" and finds him.

Dirty Reading Material on Rocko

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Similar to the "Looney Tunes" episode above, a slug character on "Rocko's Modern Life" was spotted reading Playslug magazine while he's working. Playslug had a lady slug with a bikini on the cover, definitely a dirty joke parodying Playboy.

Dexter's Expensive New Assistant

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In an episode of "Dexter's Laboratory" Dexter fires his sister Deedee and replaces her with a new girl. Dexter makes a comment asking to see her dance and she says she will for extra money, implying maybe she is also a stripper.

Flash is the Fastest Man Alive

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In an episode of "Justice League Unlimited" superhero The Flash makes a comment saying how fast he is. Hawk Girl is quick to respond saying maybe that's why he can't get a date - implying that maybe he's too quick in the bedroom too.

'Spongebob', The Krusty Krab

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Spongebob Squarepants holds the créme de la créme of innuendos right under our noses. The TV show has been on forever, it seems like. So, of course we know the Krusty Krab is in Bikini Bottom. But do we know the Krusty Krab is in Bikini Bottom? You get it.

Ed, Edd n Eddy's Reading Material

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It seems like dirty magazines are a common thing in cartoons, check out this scene from an episode of "Ed, Edd n Eddy." Eddy seems to be reading "Jiggy Jiggy," and there is another magazine called "Chix" in the scene. More importantly, all of the crumbled up tissues implying that he was masturbating to these magazines. You'd think he'd at least clean those up before Edd came by.

Teen Titans' Doll Sizes

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In an episode of "Teen Titans," the gang gets a bunch of dolls to look like them. Robin checks his out and says everything looks good while another character clearly looks down his doll's pants and responds back saying his is missing something.

Stimpy and Sven Need Some Privacy

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In an episode of "Ren and Stimpy," Ren introduces Stimpy to his cousin Sven and the pair hit it off. The two of them end up in Stimpy's litter box and are enjoying each other's company so much that they break the fourth wall and demand some privacy from the audience.

Tom and Jerry Commit Suicide


In an episode of "Tom and Jerry" the pair see their girlfriends cheating on them and instead of confronting the girls, they decide to sit on the train tracks and wait for a train to kill them. The episode, "Blue Cat Blues" rarely airs because of the weird content.

Cow and Chicken's Carpet Munchers

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In an episode of the Cartoon Network show "Cow and Chicken" they literally have carpet munchers attack their carpet. The term carpet munchers in real life means a lesbian that likes to go down on a woman. Pretty raunchy stuff for a cartoon.

Freakazoid's Gay Joke

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In an episode of the show "Freakazoid" the title character asks his cop friend why he's never been married. Cosgrove responds saying he likes meat too much, clearly implying that meat are dicks. Unfortunately, this aired before gay marriage was legal, so in a way, we guess he was right.

Arnold's Burned Out Grandpa

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In "Hey Arnold" Arnold's grandpa does subtly joke about his past experience doing drugs more often that you think. In one episode Arnold compliments him and says he's not too old and still has braincells, Gramps' response "No...not since Woodstock."

Rugrats' Male Bonding


In an episode of "Rugrats" Tommy's dad comments saying Howard is off male bonding but the motion he makes with his fingers is inappropriate. It alludes to maybe the male bonding group are touching junk together. It's quick and we're sure only adults noticed.

Gravity Falls' Browser History

Disney Television Animation

In an episode of "Gravity Falls" they gang walks into a creepy room filled with cobwebs. When one of the kids says the room is creepy, someone else comments back with, "Not as creepy as Dipper's internet history," implying that the kid Dipper has been looking at some very adult things on the internet.

Spongebob's French Tickler

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In an episode of "Spongebob Squarepants" they introduce a character called the Tickler who also happens to be French. French tickler is actually a sexual item. According to Urban Dictionary, a French tickler is "A sexual device in the form of a type of condom containig a massaging accessory at the tip. Used for sexual pleasure. Used by those who play guitar and suck toes, and do both incredibly."

Bugs Bunny's Deep Throat

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In "Looney Tunes," one of Bugs' enemies was Elmer Fudd, constantly trying to hunt him. One episode Elmer sticks his gun in Bugs' mouth and then Bugs' moves the gun back and forth as if he's sucking it. Wildly inappropriate for a cartoon for kids.

Rugrats' Dirty Magazine


Yet another dirty magazine joke happens in an episode of "Rugrats." One episode Lil is rummaging through her garage and we spot a magazine of a woman with bunny ears - clearly a joke implying it's a Playboy magazine. Pretty sneaky, "Rugrats," but we caught it.

'Hey Arnold!', Arnold's Threesome

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In season 5 of Hey Arnold!, Arnold gets caught up between breaking up with a girl he didn't mean to date and getting another girl he's liked for a while to like him back. Short of actual threesomes, being asked to be a part of one at all as a 9-year-old is pretty big—huge. Even if it's for one as platonic as going to his baseball game together.

'Recess', Miss. Finster's Joy Ride

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Between Hank the Janitor and Miss. Finster, innuendos were hidden all over the place in Recess. When Miss. Finster is laughing happily while riding Hank's vibrating floor scrubber, kids probably just took it as that— her having fun on a machine meant for cleaning. Adults, however, might get the sense that those vibrations might be doing a little more for Miss. Finster than we think.

'Rocko's Modern Life', No Tell Motel

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Plain and simple, this 'No Tell' motel in Rocko's Modern World is suggestive. There's no way of knowing if kids ever paid attention to the name of the motel, let alone what it could mean. Motels are notorious for sketchy, scandalous, and salacious exploits.

'Fairly OddParents', Squid Ink

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Fairly OddParents is not shy when it comes to bringing the heat when it comes to adult-jokes. In this particular episode, in order to make Timmy's wish a little safer for Poof, Wanda makes a toy-squid rather than the live-size one Timmy asked for. Poof loves this oddly-shaped squid immensely, enough to squeeze it until it "inks." At least that's what they're calling it.

'Powerpuff Girls', Girl Squirrels Eat What

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The 1990's cartoon Powerpuff Girls was intended for adults before Cartoon Network toned it down. Which is why as the girls argue about what to name the squirrel, Blossom and Bubbles get upset when Buttercup suggests "Bruce", claiming that the squirrel can't be given a boy name because it's a girl. How do they know? Squirrels eat nuts. Duh.

'Walt Disney Treasures', Donald's Bump In The Night

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What exactly is Donald Duck doing underneath the covers? Sure, the actual cartoon in The Chronological Duck depicts the rock he's sleeping on having enough impact to make this shape through his body and the covers. Okay but, no matter how you spin this particular animation, it comes off as Donald playing around with his duck-business.

'Rocko's Modern Life', Weird Eye Exam

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Rocko's Modern World is full of dirty-jokes. In a sea of dirty scenes, one that sticks out is the episode when Rocko goes to the eye-doctor, or what he thinks is an eye-doctor. The way this doc examines Rocko's eyes is… alarming. Oh, and he asks Rocko to cough. Remind you of any other type of exam?

'Angry Beavers', Norbert's Dad Calls Him Out

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In season 3 of The Angry Beavers, Norbert's dad implies that the sounds he heard during bath-time when Norb was younger were a little more than bath-sounds. Norbert claims that he was only washing his tail. But, it's pretty clear his dad is insinuating that Norbert spent that time masturbating.

'Doug', Stinky's Pregnancy

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Roger, the bully from Doug, bullies Doug Funnie into watching his cat, Stinky, while he goes off to some rally. Doug doesn't think to consider its gender when the cat starts acting strange because why would gender have anything to do with a cat being really hungry and gaining a lot of weight?It isn't until Stinky has the kittens that Doug asks why Roger didn't warn him. Roger didn't know. And it seems like Roger didn't know because he didn't know what to look for.

'Johnny Bravo', Like A Virgin

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In the first episode of Johnny Bravo, he ends up on an island full of nothing by Amazon women. Laying out his character completely, he appears to be in paradise. The women try to offer Bravo as a virgin sacrifice, stuffing him into a volcano. But the volcano erupts as if symbolically rejecting Bravo for lack of "virgin" qualities.

'Powerpuff Girls', Talk About Impotence

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Powerpuff Girls alludes to some pretty grown-up stuff. In this episode, the girls are having a tough time dealing with the Rowdyruff boys. All beaten up and defeated, Buttercup does something to one boy that makes the other boys laugh at him, which causes him to shrink in size. Blossom has an aha moment and comments, "whenever their masculinity is threatened, they shrink in size." Not bad for a couple of kindergarten kids, not too bad.

'Spectacular Spider-Man', Black Cat's Request

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In an episode of The Spectacular Spiderman, Spiderman and Black Cat are going around an abandoned warehouse trying to catch each other. As Spiderman is using his obvious defense, webs, Black Cat tells him he "better not get your goop in my hair." Goop is a strange way to refer to spiderwebs, Black Cat.

'Jimmy Timmy', When Parents Role-Play

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During the first Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, Timmy Turner accidentally hypnotizes Jimmy Neutron's mom and turns her into the Mighty Mom superhero. In this state of mind, Jimmy's mom thinks his dad is Lint Boy. Jimmy's dad is confused by her behavior before mistakenly chalking up her hypnotized state to her wanting to "play one of those special games." We see you, Mr. and Mrs. Neutron.

'Fairly OddParents', Mouth Full Of Nuts

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Timmy Turner's dad is notorious for supplying Fairly OddParents with some of its more inappropriate material. Lucky for us, he doesn't hold back. When Dinkleberg takes Mr. Turner's place as the leader of the Squirrely Scouts, Mr. Turner is devastated. Unfortunately, he chose to eat nuts before he's flooded with tears. He does manage to get out the bit about it "being hard to keep nuts in your mouth when you're crying", which is definitely something She said.

'Hey Arnold!', Suggestive Sausage

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Nothing like a good sexual innuendo to spice a kid's cartoon up, right? In season 2 of Hey Arnold!, the neighborhood has its annual food festival. As Arnold and Gene sit on the steps, there's a suggestive sign behind them that says "try my sausage" with an arrow underneath. Where it leads, who knows.

'Doug', Slip Of Dirty Paper

MTV Networks, Buena Vista Television

For the 90's cartoon, Doug, the real text for this slip of paper could absolutely be "I love headbands" or something of that nature, but come on. The angle is everything, especially when we consider the relationship between Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise. Then, the whole "I love head" kind of clicks— for adults anyway.

'Looney Tunes', What Kind Of Multiplication?

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In the Looney Tunes Easter Yeggs episode, the viewer follows Bugs Bunny around as he steps in for the Easter Rabbit, making the rounds. At some point, we find Bugs reading a book of sorts. Now, How to Multiply could be a book about the math operation itself, but from the way Bugs Bunny closed the book in panic and held it close to hide it might mean it was about a different type of multiplying.

'Batman', Harley Quinn's Pie

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In one of the last produced episodes of Batman: The Animated Series featuring the Joker and Harley Quinn, it made an impression. In an attempt to cheer the Joker up, Quinn pops out of a pie and starts singing the 'Happy Birthday' tune in her most seductive Marilyn Monroe voice. Unfortunately, the Joker doesn't "wanna try" any of Harley Quinn's pie. At least, not right now.

'Rocko's Modern Life', Heffer And The Milk-O-Matic

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In another yet racy episode of Rocko's Modern Life, Rocko takes on a side-job to help out on a ranch. And of course, Heffer follows. Heffer is introduced to the milk-o-matic and let's just say he takes it a little too far. There's no way of  knowing exactly what Heffer is doing with that machine behind that fence or why he has stars in his eyes when he's finished using it, but we know boy cows can't be milked.

'Spongebob', Patrick Star's Sixth Arm

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In the first season of Spongebob Squarepants, Spongebob tries to figure out how to ease Sandy's homesickness for Texas. When Patrick suggests they bring a little Texas down to Bikini Bottom, Spongebob commends him by saying his "genius" is showing. Immediately, Patrick reaches for his pants, right where his sixth arm would be. Mishearing Spongebob, maybe?

'Ed, Edd, and Eddy', Actual Sticky Notes

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The infamous sticky notes that edd's parents leave for him are incredible. In this particular episode of Ed, Edd, and Eddy, they are in the strangest places all over the house, including beside the bathroom door in the top left corner. Looks like his parents put the "don't touch yourself" in the right place considering what young boys tend to do in bathrooms.

'The Flintstones', Three-Headed Barney

Screen Gems

A popular kid's cartoon in the 60's, The Flintstones, doesn't have very many dirty-jokes per-se. But boy does Barney deliver with this one. While Fred and Barney are costume shopping, Barney says he wishes he were taller. Fred points out that Barney would need another head for that to happen to which Barney replies, "anotha one? What do I need three of them for"? The chuckling between the two after the comment means, yes, he meant what you think he meant.

'Jimmy Neutron', Hugh Neutron's Banana

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In Jimmy Neutron, Jimmy's dad, Hugh, is notorious for telling excessively long stories. During one of his bits about how he came to love pie, Jimmy and his mom fall asleep at the table. When they come back to, Hugh decides to tell it again… from the beginning. Only this time, he starts with a story about when he sat on a banana at 7-years-old and how it changed his life. If you're wondering how sitting on a banana could change his life— think about it.

Hey Arnold's Barnyard Romance

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In an episode of "Hey Arnold" Gramps starts describing a previous experience with a woman. He starts describing the barnyard experience and is just about to probably get dirty when his friend, Gerald's dad, cuts him off. Close call, Grampa Phil.

'Dexter's Laboratory', Twister: Adult Edition

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With the amount of dirty jokes Dexter's Laboratory has cycled through, there are a few that stick out more than others. Take the episode where Dexter's mom and dad are playing Twister. There are few things more traumatizing than being in a completely different room of the house and hearing your mom moan, "I don't think that's gonna fit." Come on, play Twister in your room, guys.

Spongebob Watching Porn

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In an episode of Spongebob, he's sitting down watching a sea creature move around - Spongebob gets very excited - until Gary comes over. Spongebob quickly changes the channel when Gary crawls over and tell hims "I was just looking for the sports channel," clearly implying he was watching porn.