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Hilarious Beach Photos That Can’t Be Recreated

Hilarious Beach Photos That Can’t Be Recreated April 7, 2022Leave a comment

Everyone loves a day at the beach. It’s a place where incredible memories are made. Amid all the sun, sand, and surf, there are amazing opportunities for incredible photos and once-in-a-lifetime moments of adventure and discovery. Here are some fantastic beach moments that can’t ever be replicated.

Parents of the Year

Facebook/Liz Hansen Photography

Every parent has been there. You want to take an adorable family photo, perhaps strolling down the beach with your kids. You’ve got the baby held carefully in your arm – and then, suddenly, you don’t. In panic, you yank on the arm of your other kid, sending them flying through the air as well. The result is a beautiful mess that is endlessly memeable. While this photo could be replicated, it probably shouldn’t be.

Perfect Camouflage

Reddit | u/ageguess

Hitting the beach is a great opportunity to work on your tan. Unfortunately, some people have more than others to start with when it comes to skin pigmentation. This unfortunate woman has disappeared entirely into the sand around her, providing excellent camouflage, even if her goal was actually to stand out.


Reddit | u/dummystupid

Look, we all know that running on sand is difficult. The ground shifts underneath you, it’s easy to slide and slip over. This being the case, it’s probably best not to run full pelt across a hot beach – after all, if anything goes wrong, you’re going to end up with a lot of sand in your face and a painfully bruised ego. If you must take a tumble on the sand, just be sure that nobody has a camera nearby!

How'd They Do That?

Imgur / [deleted]

This fun beach pose looks downright painful! Maybe the girl on the left really is that flexible, or it's a trick of photography, but either way, it's one of the craziest beach photos out there! These two girls probably thought they were just showing off for the camera, and there's probably no way they expected to go viral for their beach photo.

“I Found Teeth!”

Reddit | u/ProbablyNotDrew

This family went hunting for shark teeth on the beach, so when the daughter called out “I found teeth!” her dad thought he knew what to expect. Turns out, the beach has a habit of delivering the unexpected – the family had indeed found teeth, but not shark’s teeth. It appears to be an old set of dentures – not quite as useful for making necklaces.

Now That’s a Barbecue!

Reddit | u/Yoko8th

It’s not every day that your beach trip also happens to coincide with an enormous fire that burns down a historical pier. What can be done in this situation? It’s not like the pier will stop burning just because you feel sad, so you might as well open another beer and watch the fireworks.

Fold-Out Beach Comfort

Reddit | u/Bruised_Bergina

What’s that? A deckchair, you say? Where’s the fun in that?! If you’re going to relax on fold-out furniture at the beach, you might as well do it in style. This family knows what they’re doing, as they enjoy the wonders of a fold-out couch right on the edge of the seafront.

Whole Lotta Nope

Reddit | u/bounie

Redditor u/bounie decided to take their pet cat on what turned out to be both their first and last trip to the beach. This little kitty was not particularly impressed, as can be seen from their expression upon discovering the world’s biggest bubblebath. Nope!

Watch Your Step

Reddit | u/irishwover

This young girl is the latest to learn the ever so important lesson of beach safety: no matter how certain you are of your footing, the beach will never be completely safe. That’s an absolutely amazing fall though, ten points for style!

Great White Shark

Reddit | u/tankerspanker

Watch out when you’re on the beach – you never know when a great white shark is going to appear! Or, in this case, a great white pup with a novelty fin on their back. Close enough, right? Perhaps there’s a low-budget "Jaws" reboot in the works…

Can't Dodge the Tide

Reddit | u/markesmongu

This beautiful photo is the aftermath of an attempt to film a commercial for a $60,000 Dodge truck on the beach. Turns out the truck wasn’t exactly Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and the film crew probably should have paid more attention to the tide.

Photobomb Gold

Reddit | u/reddiholix

Sometimes you have to seek out photobomb opportunities. Sometimes they just come to you. Here, one boy has been presented with the ultimate opportunity to ruin a photo, and there is absolutely no chance he’s going to let it pass him by. Well played, sir. Well played indeed.

This Should End Well

Reddit | u/Cblann

There’s nothing like a big warning sign to give you pause for thought before diving into the ocean. Of course, this photo was taken in Australia, where you’re always in danger of being bitten by something no matter where you are. At least sharks aren’t poisonous, and you’re okay if you stay in the shallows!


Reddit | u/Arbayest

Pro tip for surviving seagull territory: never let your guard down. Sure, you think you’ll have time to take an adorable gram-worthy photo of your delicious donut, but you don’t. The skies are filled with thieves, and they will not hesitate to make a grab for your food just because you’re on your phone.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Reddit | u/neigelthornberry

On the surface, this looks like an adorable couple’s photograph, as they show love across the waves. That’s not what’s actually going on, though – this girl was taking a cutesy photo, when a random guy in the background decided to join in. He then came over and asked her to send him a copy of the photo – well, that’s one way to get a woman’s contact information!

Beach Reading

Reddit | u/raymichel

When reading a book on the beach, it’s vitally important that you pick one with a good cover. On the one hand, you want people think you’re smart and sophisticated, and on the other hand, you never know what you look like with your nose stuck in a book while wearing a swimsuit.

Just Imagine How Much Cooler I’ll Be in Summer!

Reddit | u/Reliance376

So this one took some work. Apparently, a bunch of friends decided to fill their truck with snow, pack it in tight, then drive it all the way to Long Beach so they could make a sandcastle. It was a relatively cool day in the high 60s, so the snowman actually survived pretty well!

Taste the Rainbow

Reddit | u/TurtlesFuegoBacon

Wow, buddy. Maybe you should go easy on the Skittles. That’s not natural. Also, notice the double rainbow: somehow he’s also drinking it at the same time? That would be pretty impressive if it weren’t so disgusting. 

People Fishing

Reddit | u/lawyer_by_day

Disclaimer: do not attempt to catch tiny people in your sandcastle bucket on the beach. Tiny people can quickly become enraged and can do harm to themselves and to you. It’s best to just let tiny people continue to explore the beach unhindered, or, failing that, walk closer to them and discover that they are, in fact, regular-sized people.

Beer Belly

Reddit | u/greree

If you’re going to hit the bottle hard while on the beach, make sure you hit a bottle of sunscreen first. Otherwise you’ll end up with some less than attractive tan lines that announce to the whole world that you fell asleep without thinking things through.

Grandma’s Beach Bod

Reddit / user deleted

Okay, this one’s pretty clever. Grandma has the absolute best outfit for rolling up to the beach and getting people to double-take. All it takes in an ingeniously printed full body swimsuit in the exact color of her deckchair, even if it does make it look a little like she’s deflated.

Treasure Trove

Reddit | u/ShadyDingo

You can find all kinds of wonders on the beach. This kid was incredibly excited to discover a few perfectly preserved shells. He could only guess as to what kind of aquatic animals had lived in them. When he excitedly showed them off to his family, nobody had the heart to tell him that they were actually pistachio shells. To break his heart like that would have been very… shellfish.

A Ginger's Day at the Beach

Reddit | u/dmcneary

The beach is more fun for some people than others. If you’re incredibly pale then rather than getting a delightful tan, you could end up looking like a cooked ham. To avoid this fate, this particular beachgoer has decided to cover up entirely and keep herself safe. There are two questions worth asking here: firstly, why come to the beach at all if she’s that afraid of the sun? Secondly, if she’s that worried, why has she left her ankles uncovered?

Beware of Thieves

Reddit | u/wakefool

Beach thieves are a real problem. You pop into the water for a quick swim, only to discover that someone has stolen your phone or wallet. One enterprising beachgoer has found the perfect solution to prevent having their valuables stolen, but whether a pair of flip flops really needs to be secured with a bike lock is up for debate.

Sunbathing Beauties

Reddit | u/CharlieDarwin2

Considering how much humans enjoy sunbathing, is it any wonder that these ponies enjoy it too? There’s nothing better than a good lie down in the sand, but considering that humans are required to stay at least ten feet away from wild ponies at all time, this can be a hassle if they decide they want to sleep on your beach towel!

Subliminal Message

Reddit / user deleted

Here we have a normal day at the beach. Yes sir, a completely ordinary day, with nothing unusual going on. And yet for some reason I can’t shake the feeling that something is a little off about this picture. Something that’s hiding in plain sight…

Close Enough

Reddit | u/alkalineRock

This girl asked her boyfriend for a romantic horse ride on the beach and a photo to show her mother. Technically she got exactly what she asked for. The lesson here is a) to be specific when requesting things and b) to never get your hopes too high when dating a jokester.

Walking the Duck

Reddit | u/Fero_Zucks

Yes, that’s a family walking their duck on the beach. Never mind that ducks are freshwater animals. Never mind that they’re not typically kept as pets. These insignificant details didn’t get in the way of this duck-loving family’s trip to the beach.

Watch Your Step

Reddit | u/goblez

Presumably this sign is designed to warn people about sudden deep water, lest they assume that they’ve stuck to the shallows and suddenly discover that there’s nothing but water underneath them. Fair enough. It does seem like the sign really could have done with a second pair of eyes, though, because what must have been intended as an arm on the stick figure to the left doesn’t really look like an arm.

Personal Space

Reddit | u/BiggieBoiTroy

This guy has got life figured out. He’s not wasting time with crowds of people getting in his way while he’s on the beach. Nobody’s going to be walking too close to his face while he sunbathes. Not only does he have a foolproof system for protecting himself from intruders, he’s also really good at drawing circles!

Flexing Ponytail

Reddit | u/imnotajeep

Getting your body beach ready can take a lot of effort, so once you hit the sand, you’re entitled to show off a bit. No matter how ripped you might be, though, you can’t compete with this woman, who’s so beach ready that even her ponytail is flexing!


Reddit | u/Delusions0fGrandeur

Dads get a bad rap for being a bit useless when it comes to completing basic tasks. Spare a thought, though, for this dad who tried his absolute best when asked to pack sunscreen for the beach trip, and who managed to pack a bottle of Febreeze instead. At least everyone will smell delightful!

Get Rich Quick

Reddit | u/sarebot18

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When this woman’s son ran up to her on the beach shouting that he’d found $100, she was thrilled – until she saw that he’d actually found a LEGO $100 brick. Her son, though, remained incredibly excited – it’s not every day you find free LEGO!

Feathery Photobomber 

Reddit / user deleted

This happy couple just wanted a cute picture together on the beach. This seagull just wanted to be included in the special moment. The result is a truly amazing picture, and a rare story about a seagull that doesn’t involve someone getting their food stolen!

The Boyfriend Job

Reddit | u/Lewy-G

The first and only rule of being a boyfriend at the beach: you will Instagram the heck out of your girlfriend. You will take adorable photos of her sat in the water, gazing out at the horizon. This is your job. You and every single other boyfriend up and down the shore.

Speed Beer

Reddit | u/RancorNativity

Drinking beer on a speedboat? What could possibly go wrong? This guy learned the hard way that the beach is only relaxing when your friend isn’t in charge of the throttle. Meanwhile some fish are about to have the time of their lives once they get a taste of what just flew overboard.

It Takes Three to Tango

Reddit | u/hyperTROPHYYYYYY

When taking engagement photos on the beach, it’s important to include everybody. The future bride? Check. The future groom? Check. The adopted sea lion? Double check! After all, what’s a wedding without a sea lion?!

No Surfboard? No Problem!


Did you get all the way to the beach before realizing you’d left your surfboard back at home? Not to worry – so long as you’ve got a willing friend who can fill in for you. Sure, it may not actually be all that easy to surf on another human being, but at least the pictures will look great.

Fruity Photo

Facebook/Sunset Beach Studio

Does anyone else kind of want a watermelon dress after seeing this picture? It’s pretty perfect for the beach. The peach beach butt is perhaps less of a fashion win, but it’s definitely an adorable inclusion to the picture.

Making a New Friend

Facebook / Fixthephoto

These women have made a brand new friend – an exciting ray that just wants to say hi! It’s a shame that they don’t seem particularly happy to see him, and their response is, all things considered, a bit rude. Hopefully the ray can find some more polite humans next time.

Cameras are Hard

Reddit | u/Tyguy462

A very sweet old man offered to take this couple’s photo while on the beach. The result wasn’t quite what they were expecting, but they are technically in the photo, reflected in his sunglasses. Selfie cameras have resulted in worse fails in the past – this picture is at the very least a nice reminder that it’s the thought that counts when trying to help someone.

Deckchair Thief

Reddit | u/vivienne178

You’ve got to keep a close watch on your deckchair when you’re at the beach. You never know when someone might try to steal it, and just putting a towel down won’t necessarily be enough to keep them away. This seal might be encroaching on human turf, but with a face like that, who can really blame them?

Behold the Sand Couch 

Reddit |u/yudoit

Who wants to build a pointless sandcastle when you could build yourself something that you can take a nap on? While it’s a lot more work than simply bringing a chair with you to the beach, there’s no denying that the results are very impressive.

Everyone Gets a Ride

Reddit | u/sizertl

The story goes that a cute young couple was taking a photo on the beach, with the boyfriend carrying his girlfriend on his back. The picture looked so appealing at a random biker approached the couple and asked if he could take a photo like that as well. The result is a true work of art, and it’s hard to deny, the boyfriend actually looks a lot happier with the biker…

The World’s Largest Beach Towel

Reddit | u/JiveMonkey

Now here’s a good idea! Why settle for a tiny sliver of the beach when you can claim an enormous chunk?! The biggest benefit of all? You can keep all the sand on the edges, meaning that your food is completely safe and grit free in the center (so long as a seagull doesn’t come along, of course).

Gold Digger at Work

Reddit | u/mhinkleberry

Okay, this guy’s shirt is pretty awesome. Apparently, knowing that he loves beach combing with his metal detector, his grandkids bought him a shirt that reads, “Beach better have my money.” That’s some good stuff right there. Fingers crossed he finds his fortune!

Cookie Monster’s Tough Day

Reddit | u/czarcaztic

There will never be enough cookies to satisfy Cookie Monster. No matter how hard he tries, this addiction will always be too great for him to overcome. At least he can find some solace sitting on a bench by the beach, trying not to think too hard about how his life is falling apart around him. Or maybe it’s just a guy in a costume.

A Very Wealthy Crab

Reddit | u/capecoddaveb

Here’s a crab that’s going places in life. Admittedly, the crab is going there sideways, but what matters is that they’re slowly earning their fortune. Sure, it’s just a dollar today, but who knows how much this crab has stashed away over the years by raiding the wallets of unsuspecting tourists?

Training the Raccoon Army

Reddit / user deleted

Any good raccoon army needs to be prepared for all environments– and that means that this man needs to teach his trash pandas to swim. Obviously, Fritos make the perfect snack for his tiny army, and it’s impressive that they’re so well trained that they form an orderly line while waiting for treats.

My Hat Now!


Sure, a seagull might steal your food when you’re on the beach, but who expects a bird to make a grab for your hat? The man doesn’t seem too bothered by this development just yet, but then, it’s not as if he was expecting a flying rat to swoop down out of the sky and make off with his baseball cap.

A Very Patient Doggo

Reddit | u/GallowBoob

This pup is certainly well trained, having stayed still for long enough for their human not only to bury them in sand, but also decorate their new monster form with seashell claws and tail ridges. Here’s hoping this very good dog got some nice treats as a rewards when all this was finished.