Horror Movies That Are Way Better Than ‘Hereditary’ At Being Scary

Horror Movies That Are Way Better Than ‘Hereditary’ At Being Scary July 12, 2018

horror movies that are better than hereditary

    Critics and horror fans are touting Hereditary as the best horror film in years. But is it really? The answer is no. I’m not saying it isn’t a good horror film. It is. Toni Collette is absolutely phenomenal as Annie Graham, the daughter of a recently deceased demon cult member who’s forced to deal with a dual tragedy and her own spiraling mental health. The story is creepy. It’s beautifully shot. But the hype surrounding it is a little unwarranted. There are plenty of other horror films that have come before it that have done the same thing, only better. Here’s a breakdown of horror movies that are better than Hereditary at everything it does. (Spoilers, obviously.)

    The Possession Sequence

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    Hereditary actually has a few sequences to choose from, but we’re going to go with the one deemed to be the most disturbing. That is, the one in which Annie is chasing her son, Peter, through the house and climbs the walls like a goddam spider monkey. It’s startling, but by its end is mostly laughable.