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Stuff Hipsters Like (And Have Made Too Cool For The Rest Of Us)

Stuff Hipsters Like (And Have Made Too Cool For The Rest Of Us) March 19, 2018
stuff hipsters like

    The hipster uprising isn’t exactly a recent occurrence. Let’s be real here. Hipsters as we recognize them in the 21st century have been taking over major metropolitan areas for more than a decade. What’s the deal with their sustainability causes, their environmentally friendly transportation, and their lumberjack fashion choices? It’s hard to find an escape. And it’s also hard to watch hipsters make everything you used to love gross and trendy. But like it or not, hipsters are here to stay. So you may as well learn what they’re all about. Here’s all the stuff hipsters like and have made too cool for us regular folks.

    Organic Produce

    IMAGE BY: Flickr

    Sure, you could always make a stop at Whole Foods on your way home from your weekly knitting club meeting, but even Whole Foods involves dealing with a middleman. Why not skip the whole grocery store vibe and head straight to your city’s local farmers market instead? In fact, we’re pretty sure your city has multiple farmers markets during the week, so you can definitely get the freshest brussels sprouts for that fried dish you’ve been dying to try.