Couple Who Bought And Renovated Haunted Mansion Make Millions

Couple Who Bought And Renovated Haunted Mansion Make Millions August 17, 2022Leave a comment

Ignoring The Warnings

There was a belief that the count and his wife haunted the mansion. A full moon would bring the count to the study of the mansion, while summer nights would find his wife in the overgrown garden.   

Wendy and Michael acquired the property in spite of numerous cautionary statements from family, friends, and even their agent. They would later regret their choice after what they discovered.

Their New Home

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Taking on the project of buying an abandoned house in Northern France was no easy task for Wendy and Michael Tremblay, but they knew exactly what they were walking into.   

They were aware of the terrifying rumors surrounding the property they intended to occupy in the future and believed it would be a wonderful place to raise their family. The terror stories that made the La Valette mansion legendary, however, were entirely factual, unlike many other myths about old houses.

Hard Workers

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Wendy and Michael are history buffs originally from Laon, France. By the time they were in their thirties, they had worked arduously in their specialized fields and had saved up enough money to purchase a place they could call home. 

"It was one of those places you just feel connected with the first time you visit," Wendy said. She was the one who scouted out the property and encouraged Michael to go with her. They would develop an enduring passion for the La Valette mansion as a result of their visit.

In Bad Condition

YouTube - Escape To The Dream, Restoring The Château

The La Valette had a long history, much like many other historic châteaux and castles in France. However, it had not experienced the same level of affection and care that many of these buildings had.

As a result, the estate was in the direst state it had ever been in during its 150-year existence. But given the spooky past of the building, such a destiny was justified.

The Story

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According to legend, a local count and his wife lived in the La Valette home in the late 1800s. One by one, they all met a horrible end by falling in the exact spot they considered home.

You might have expected it to be straightforward, but it wasn't. As a result of its complicated nature and mysterious surroundings, no one wanted to live near, much less remodel the mansion.

They Were Exciting

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The La Valette mansion's first owners had been a fascinating couple. Both of them were from wealthy backgrounds and had all the political leverage that persons in their position were accustomed to having.

But after being married, the couple appeared to withdraw from politics, with the count deciding to put his family first. This would signal the start of the end.

What Happened?

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People in the count felt abandoned as their area's economy deteriorated in the absence of their leader. They went after him and his family after learning that he was diverting resources from their community to enlarge his land.

Their first victim was the count, after which they moved on to the rest of his family. The haunting aftermath would linger for years in the mansion, making anyone unwilling to take the mansion on. Despite that, it wasn't the saddest thing that happened.

He Forgot About It

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The La Valette mansion has not undergone any renovations over the past century, unlike the majority of other old castles and palaces in France, whether or not they are cursed.

In spite of the fact that it was abandoned, a local owned it after receiving it from one of his great uncles. Apparently, he forgot that it existed since he didn't think to renovate it.

The Legend

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According to local legend, the mansion was haunted by the count and his wife. There was a legend that the former would visit the study in the mansion every full moon, hunting down those who approached too close. It was his wife who danced alone while crying during summer nights in the overgrown garden. 

Although friends, family, and even their realtor warned them against purchasing the property, Wendy and Michael decided to do it anyway. Their decision would be regrettable once they discovered what they found.  

Getting Started

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As soon as feasible, Wendy and Michael started their improvements. To make sure they could fund the operation, they consolidated their assets and took out the required loans.

However, as they labored, everyone made sure to make fun of them."They talked about the count and his wife constantly," Wendy shared. "I'll be lying if I say the stories weren't slowly getting to me."

Her Worry

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Many castles and mansions across France have one or two haunting stories. Wendy had grown up with these tales, loving the mystic around them but praying that whatever inspired such stories wasn't real. 

She'd hoped to one day live in such majestic places, and this was her chance to do that. But she and Michael would make a harrowing discovery while renovating the mansion's garden. 

In The Garden

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Wendy and Michael, alongside their renovation team, were redoing the garden when they dug further than intended. Their equipment struck against cold metal, prompting them to stop everything they were doing. 

Michael instructed the team to step back, taking the responsibility to uncover the large metal surface himself. He'd jump back when he realized what it was. 

A Disturbing Find  

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Michael leaped back, realizing he'd been digging up a massive metal coffer. His stomach knotted, and he held back a gag as he fetched his phone to call the authorities. "I regretted buying the place at that moment," he shared. "But I'm glad we did."

Together with Wendy and their team, they pried the large box open. They remembered the stories surrounding La Valette. Most of the family members were never found. Did Wendy and Michael solve the mystery?

Open it 

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The rust-ridden box creaked open, offering its contents to the curious eyes that stared down at it. But there weren't any human bones inside, only perfectly wrapped books, vases, and jewelry in excellent condition. 

The local police flocked to the scene, and Michael and Wendy handed everything over. They were still shaken from their find, so what happened next caught them off guard. 

The Biggest Sacrifices 

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Since Wendy and Michael owned everything in the La Valette estate, the police handed the box's contents back to them. The two displayed almost everything after concluding their renovations.

Most of what they found was extremely expensive on the historical market, helping the family recover all the money they pumped into the renovations. "Sometimes the biggest sacrifices yield the most results," said Wendy.   

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.